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1 Phantom Orion

How can phantom orion ever be in 17th position. It can beat the number 1 on this page with ease. It is said that fireblaze can spin for 4-5 minutes. While phantom orion can spin for around 7-8 minutes. How good is that?


Dude, you're getting too eager about Phantom Orion. If you lash out at people for criticizing it, you're likely to make yourself unlikable and seen as an annoying nuisance! - AlexTopTens

Phantom orion spins for 5minuites and a half it beats up basalt horogium, rock leone, and even variares. I have it and beat all of my friends' beys, even hell kerbecs

It's the best stamina by far I know what some people say about Fireblaze spinning longer but they are wrong because Orion can spin over 7 minutes and 30 seconds but Fireblaze can only spin up to 5 minutes and my phantom Orion once spun for 7 minutes 24 seconds and it beats all my other Beyblades except for like twisted Horuseus SW145 EWD but that was really close and this Beyblade beat meteo l Drago and still spun for like a minute but that was only because I trained it to increase defense and if I hadn't it probably only would have against meteo l Drago by like 3 seconds and the secret to Orion's power is in the bd tip with is my best tip except maybe DF145 RSF and once you train the phantom fusion wheel then it has really good defense almost as good as twisted but phantom still has the stamina so once you train it then it is better than twisted. My current best Beyblade it phantom nemesis DF145 RSF. I trained my phantom fusion wheel by making phantom nemesis (or Gil) X D in ultimate ...more

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2 Burn Fireblaze

Ok lets get this straight, Burn Fireblaze should be number 1 because it beats like all the beys.

It spun so long that I had to kick it to stop it - Hhgbgbbg

I have got the best bey ever and that is BURN FIRE BLAZE. It can spin for 4.37

It always beats meto l drago

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3 Earth Eagle

Earth eagle is the best bey I have him and he is THE BEST BEYBLADE IN THE UNIVERSE!

Eagle is the best, it should be #2 because it beats fireblaze all the time.

You has made a mistake, earth eagle is a balence type, not a stamina type

Earth Eagle is so good! He is so good at stamina, defense, and balance! He is the best ever! I love him.

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4 Hell Kerbecs

This bey is the best because it has the biggest metal wheel, its track can change to boost mode and this bey defeated all of my other beys

I have this bey and it made me the best balder in my school it should be number 1 on this list it totally destroyed my friends beys

My favrite beyblade that is not burst

Hell kerbecs is a beastly stamina type in battle. Mine defeated more than 40 Beyblades IN A ROW! I've never seen it lose. It's beaten a meteo l-drago, galaxy pegases, earth eagle, flame bixes, and even the mighty basalt horogium.

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5 Scythe Kronos

This bey's stamina is the second best, next to Phantom Orion B. It defeated all of my friend's beys, which are Fang Leone 130W2D, Burn Phoenix 135MS, and Earth Eagle 145WD. It has the second longest solo spin-time, at almost 5 minutes. Only one bey can beat Scythe Kronos T125EDS, which is Phantom Orion B. It's free spinning PC Frame in Stamina mode causes it to have increased Stamina power. This bey will come in my mail tomorrow and I can't wait to get it, since the Hasbro version will have only one piece for the 4D Fusion Wheel. If you want to get this bey, then you should get the Takara-Tomy or SonoKong version instead of the Hasbro version when it comes out, due to the 4D Fusion Wheel being only one piece. This bey should be Number 1 instead of Burn Phoenix 135MS. I recommend everyone to vote for this bey or Phantom Orion B.

This bey is definitely the best its stamina is awesome and it doesn't lose balance that easily. It beat burn fireblaze very easily. Please vote for this beyblade.

super cool

Just love this bey it has defeated all my beyblades the only bey he hasWas nemmiis x

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6 Flame Libra

Libra is so awesome is stamina is amazing and most of the time when a bey touches him he gives a powerful blow that totally dominates almost any bey most of the time I win with it I rarely ever lose Flame Libra even beats my friends meteo l drago by far on the box it says libra has a low attack but when you use him he's really powerful you should get him and this is not a lie he really rocks if you don't believe me get him and use him now I use him all the time

My flame Libra does such long spin and has also defeated many beys. This bey is cool and has a long stamina. It has a free rotating tip that lets bey reach the ground without any resistance and also keeps long spin. This bey should be at the top because it is awesome.

This Beyblade should totally be on top it can spin longer than any other Beyblade in the world I don't know if there is a bey that can as spin long

Flame libra is a great bey, it has defensive power and stamina and if you switch to and attack types driver it destroys everything. I have beaten every one of my beys with Libra and is a great bey all round

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7 Earth Virgo

Earthl virgo is very good if you have hyper aquarios performance tip then it kills everything. It beat 4 beys at once but you must have hyper aquarios performance tip

Best bey blade ever I just got it today and tested it out with my sisters new burn fire blaze and it beat it because it is more stamina and is really tough and awesome vote for it

The earth fusion wheel just takes any attack! I beat my friends Quetzalcoatl with it using two hits. This bey dominates the stadium.

OK. Earth eagle MIGHT be 1 of the best beys, but wd is crappy. It can only last for 3 minutes, while virgo (bs) can out run it. Virgo lasts 6 minutes on its own. Even though it's not 1 of the best, it's the best at stamina. Also, ARE YOU GUYS STUPID?!?!? Libra can out run burn fireblaze, virgo can out-run eagle, and rock leone is defense! Its not stamina!

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8 Flame Sagittario

YEAH! I just tested my sagittario(! ) with my brother and he used earth eagle no customizes. You know how sagittario is 4th and eagle is 1st and guess what... One min. Into the fight and eagle starts wobbling and then... He stops.

Flame sagittario is awesome the only bad part about is when the flame claws come off but anything else he is awesome

it stays up longer because it has spinners under it

It is Good

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9 Flash Sagittario

My FAVORITE bey is top ten!

This beyblade is one of the few star fragment beyblades, plus it can beat the powerful diablo nemesis meaning it is one of the best ever beyblade. It also is one of the highest beyblade meaning low beyblade re not as effective which leads it to being even tougher to beat.

Flash sagittario is way better than phantom Orion and flame sagittario really I tested it flash sagittario won!

Best Beyblade ever great defense very good attack power and the best stamina I have seen

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10 Thermal Pisces

Thermal Pisces is a good bey It spins for about 5 minutes it can defeat any bey even the forbidden bey, earth eagle, sagittario, libra, and all the other beys
BUy it its awesome more than
Any other bey

I was amazed to see its tip, it got victory over rock leone, earth eagle, and all the other beys of beyblade metal fusion...

Pisces is my zodiac sign

Thermal Pisces has very good stamina and defense it spins up to 5 minutes and 30 seconds but it got slammed into a wall by my cyber pegasus.

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The Contenders

11 Duo Uranus

Good performance, meh colors

This thing is awesome you can't lose with this thing

Not as good as the others like phantom orion but still good

So far he has beat scythe kronos and phantom orion more than he has lost! Best beyblade to me so far!

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12 Hades Kerbecs

What hades Kerbecs is even number 18 what's that BS right there it could beat all my beys in my collection. Even won in a tournament. Hell Kerbecks rocks!

Hades kerbecs is AWESOME

Really good bet my money in the tournament and I won!

This is the same as hell kerbecs

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13 Flame Byxis

Flame byxis is an amazing Beyblade he has fantastic stamina he knocked burn fire blaze out my window I had to get my coat and go outside in the rain.

I'm going to get flame byxis tuesday in the mail from ebay and I wanted it cause of 230 spin track and I can't wait to get it just 2 more just 2 more days

It rules I have it and never exchanging it to any one oh I'm$@!

Can defeat earth eagle, fireblaze, libra and sagitario its the yoyoest of them all if you wanna make it stronger put a rubber ring in the spin track and it's undefeatable

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14 Evil Befall

Whis beyblade is the best

The awesomest Beyblade ever. They did cheating it should be at the first position

Killer beafowl should at least be one of the top 10 since he's got EWD plus he got UW145.


15 Infinity Libra

It is the worst Beyblade in the world

It's poformance tip makes it a good stamina


16 Twisted Bull
17 Basalt Horogium

A lot of people don't realize how strong this bey is, it as amazing stamina and can withstand hits from other beys

For sure in my top 5s

18 Beat Lynx

Go beat lynx he is the best should be in first ahead of all the beys by a mile LLLYNNXXX

Beat lynx has really good stamina when it comes straight from the box.
I have beat lynx and it's really good and whopped orions stamina butt!
note: should be best stamina beyblade.

19 Rock Zurafa

Iiiss the best

20 Phantom Kronos B:D

Bearing drive is the best stamina performance tip there is

Phantom Orion B has a bearing drive which is the best in stamina.

21 Legend Thunder Libra

Wicked bey looses sometimes, but can defeat most beys
It also has a down forcing spin track which leaves attack beys in the dust.
A bey I would recommend you to buy.

Thunder libra, his parts all have a ton of stamina

Thunder libra should be first. I beated all the fith graders that have beys. It should be replaced with burn fireblaze. I beat fire blaze

22 Cosmic Lynx

It is a great stamina type bey... I also tried it spun for 3 minutes! And when I tried it with my friends and when my friends attacked it their beys flew... It is a great stamina type bey...

Nice bey better than burn fireblaze

This bey is one of the best customized stamina type bey ever!... I tested it with my three friends. We battled together. Their customized Beyblades were storm aries, evil leone and thermal orion. All the beybldes were powerful than my bey, but my bey did not hit any bey but it win because my bey keeps spinning at the middle of the stadiu and other beys were bumping onto each other!...

23 Gravity Destroyer

Hi gravity destroyer is a defense type

It is the best

24 Grand Cetus
25 Death Quetzcoatl


I love! Death quetzcoatl even though it has poor stanima it has great deffence and attack

26 Wolborg MS

It is one of the survival beys of the old age. Hard to beat. Only skilled bladers with good attacking blades can hope to defeat it consistently.

Wolborg is awesome but we cannot get it now the old original Beyblades should come again

Who is wolborg MS?

this is a good stamina bey but it does not have the strenghth!

27 Earth Pegasus

All I cold say is awsom

I have no words to say this awesome

I bought earth pegasus it is awesome it beat all 200 of my friends beyblades vote it rocks out dj beyblades

Awesome beyblade it beat all of my beyblades, flash saggittario, hyperblade phantom orion, earth virgo and other beyblades it especially beat sucky BLITZ STRIKER.

28 Fang Leone

Rock leone is much better but fang leone is still a boss

Deserves to be first or second

Stamina? Good, but stamina? I think he has much better defense

Fang leone is my best bey it should be number 1 I mean my friend
Jacob has galaxy pegusus and fang leone sent it flying and made a
Hole in the wall take that jacob

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29 Variares

It has 3 modes. they are best!

It has attack and defense mode plus 3 performance tip types in one perfrormance. AWESOME!

I like varisrise because it has 3 modes

The best bey

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30 Flame Eagle

I made a bey with the parts of eagle and the metal wheel of sagittario, IT BEAT EVERY BEY! It beat Orion, fireplace, eagle, nemesis and even attack and defense byes didn't stand a chance, their attacks didn't even make it budge! I recommend it to all.

31 Storm Aquario

Storm aquario is the best in stamina and attack

Storm aquario is sick

Aquairo is awesome
Can spin 6and
1/2 mins

It's the best

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32 Galaxy Pegasus

It is the best

You are the best person in the world keep it up

I like this Beyblade

Don't spin that much saddly

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33 Tornado Leone
34 Dark Wolf
35 Big Bang Pegasus

IT rules, even if it's not number 1




36 Spiral Fox
37 Thermal Gemios
38 Meteo Ldrago

It beat phantom orion.It broke it with still full stamina.

Best beyblade

My meteo spun for9mins

I handspun it against most of these beys on the list, and it outlasted them all! Again, I HANDSPUN it!

39 Lightning L Drago

Ultimate stamina with ne attack he throw my rock leon 18 metres far! I m not jocing or telling a lie trust me

40 Ray Striker

Ray striker is cool Beyblade for this position - ahaz

41 Blitz Lacerta
42 Legend Counter Leone 145D

it was gay

Can somehow beat my Burn Fireblaze 2 times in a row but it can beat Earth Pegasus and Legend Cyber Pegasus 105F!

43 Phantom Byxis
44 Diablo Nemesis

Diablo nemesis is awesome and I saw it on you tube and I saw it spin for at least four minutes

Diablo nemesis is awesome and it spun for almost ten minutes

Diablo was defeted with flame libra HOW?

45 Twisted Tempo

This bey is awesome I have 1bey that can't beat it thunder libra

46 Pirate Orochi

Its a tank in normal battle arena can last way longer than the fire blaze anyway and can beat it whilst doing that

Its so good for a modern one

I have won almost every time with mine

47 Burn Sagittario

It is awesome he beat my fang Leon

Burn sagittario I like it

48 Cyber Pegasus
49 Night Virgo

Is A Awesome Beyblade I Beat Inferno Sagitario And Earth Virgo 3 Mins Spin Time

50 Legend Night Virgo

Better than earth virgo

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