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1 Ocean Adventure (165)

He goes in his submarine and battles hit the target it's just epic

Thrill filled action adventure! Loves it

Got to be ocean adventure great editing and also I found out something netherrake can burn underwater and he also finds mittens and he chases his archive (LOUD drumroll for the next name) HIT THE TARGET

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2 Flower Power (118)

Battling his friends it feels new every time you watch it!

3 Welcome to Stampy's Lovely World (1)

Its just lovley to see a YouTubers first video on Minecraft

I don't like it because stampy sweared - venomouskillingmachine


4 Sinking Feeling (124)

I love stampys hit the target videos but this is the second best YET!

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5 Fight In Flight (212)

Love this episode never gets old!

It had Flippy in it, so it's good!

Bow shooting needs work...

A fight in ballons

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6 Gregory the dog (6)

I like this video because it show the life of the best Minecraft dog and I wish I could have met him

7 Christmas Day (45) V 1 Comment
8 Trip to the Moon (85)

I love this one never gets old when I watched it it made me interested in YouTube never ever gets old! Even know its old its still super cool even know the moon is really the end but he killed the ender dragon got rid of the portal and all the ender crystals still love it!

He goes to the moon and sees lunar friends with a heck of a lot of editing

I loved how adventures he was and so thrilled I even feel enthusiastic.

This episode is my favorite

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9 Animal Farm (50)

One the classic stampy videos with him saying purple baby sheep

10 Cat to the Future (100)

He goes back in time and sees dinosaurs amazing editing in this video!

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The Contenders

11 Lunar Friends (110)

This video is really cool and epic

12 All Play and No Work (99)

This episode is very fun!

13 Clone Calamity (184)

Stampy battles with like 5 hit the targets and creepers this battle was awesome

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14 Quest for a Cow Contest (30)
15 Unexpected Drama (42)

IT was hit the targets first attack!

16 Fun and Games (210) V 1 Comment
17 Chubby Kitty (101)
18 Home Away from Home V 1 Comment
19 What goes up (150)
20 The First Cake (92)

Meeting your self in a big battle is just cool!

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