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21 Fizzy Elephant

Hello physiology and not being asked to be in the web garden but I made a cat drawing at my school it's a vertical and you can move into legs and it's still please tell stamp be

Fizzy elephant is awe some because he loves cookies and cookies are great

Fizzy is ver funny and can be a great helper. I remember when he was first showing stampy to his house and left a trail of cookies. He very funny with William beaver

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22 Daisy
23 AshDubh

Nice friend to stampy, squid and others.
And loves cheese like me.

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24 Stampy V 2 Comments
25 WeeWee V 3 Comments
26 Archie Hall
27 SnakeDoctor

Don't really watch videos with him in them but watched a few and. Great friend to stampy and squid

He is funny, so he would make Stampy laugh a bit
But sometimes he just is always working & Stampy would have to be ready for that.

28 Bellabear88

Only 8 and started Minecraft in January anyway she can build pretty cool stuff.

29 The Diamond Minecart

Stamp can I become your helper get me on Twitter I diamond mine

He makes really good videos

I watch his videos and there awesome plzplzplzplzplzplpz

So good best youtuber

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30 Lion Maker

He is very funny and the maps he shows are awesome!

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31 Toxic Fox V 1 Comment
32 Sqaisay V 1 Comment
33 Popularmmos

I think it will have better helpers because popularmmos has two people

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34 Polly Reindeer

Poorly Reinder is funny and very good friends with William beaver and fizzy elephant to and most episodes she sneaks up and throws some snowballs

35 Long shot
36 OJ the G

Was he In a video?

37 Frogangel
38 Mr. Chicken

He's been in all of stamps's videos since video 1

39 JakeOnDaXbox

Jake has been in a couple of videos

He plays a lot of hunger games with stampy

40 GunShot

Teamed with stamps in hunger games

In 1 video

Comments on all of his videos

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