Best Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


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1 Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo

Strongest physical stand because yes

Can stop time and has almost perfect stats. Also the stand itself is as smart as the user

It's the olni stand that can beat the world

My favourite stand

2 The World (Za Warudo) - Dio Brando

Its like star platinum but gone overboard

Best stand

It's a better Star Platinum. enough said

Time-stopping Stand is most likely the best stand in the entire JJBA franchise

3 Golden Experience/Requiem - Giorno Gionova

It has the strength to match star platinum, it can protect you from any attack by literally rewinding time, and once you kill your opponent you can force them to die over and over nonstop. Also, it has the coolest looking design in the series

This is literally the strongest stand ever

Has perfect stats

He can change moose. He can do anything to change for his favor.

4 Silver Chariot - Jean Pierre Polnareff

Chariot require is op despite its weakness

Able to go toe to toe with according to araki, the strongest stand, star platinum(polnareff was only defeated due to anubis' weakness). Can move so fast it can create afterimages, and while it's wearing it's armor, is completely invulnerable to all attacks. Not to mention it's ability to surprise the enemy and shoot it's rapier, killing them near instantly unless they're expecting it.

Honestly this stand is so op, oof that knight can obliterate anyone in it's path. Glad it's in top five.

Epic stand

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5 Magician's Red - Mohammed Abdul

Yes, I WAS*


6 Hierophant Green - Mr. Kakyoin

Milf Hunter Kakyoin - RaidenRain

No one can just deflect the emerald splash

The brain of Group rerorero

Milf hunter kakyoin

7 Gun (The Emperor) - Hol Horse

pew pew

The stand is pretty cool but the user can use Josephs special ability so its pretty cool


It lost to a sneeze by the way...twice actually

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8 Crazy Diamond - Josuke Higashikata

Uh, why isn't this top 5? This stand can heal, build things, and has the same strength as star platinum in terms of speed and strength

Very similar to Star platinum but fix things. definitely stronger than Emperor, for goodness sake

User fights blow up guy 9/2

Get this mf to top 5

9 Battleship (Strength) - Orangutan


Monkey child molester/rapist is litteraly the ship ayylmao

10 Hermit Purple - Joseph Joestar

His real stand is called "the speed wagon foundation"

Literally Joeseph Joestar, no more needs to be said.

God's stand

best jojo


The Contenders

11 The Hanged Man - J. Geil
12 Killer Queen - Yoshikage Kira

He deserves to be top 5

I like cats.

The strong

Reset time OP

13 King Crimson - Diavolo

Gonna doodoo under you

It just works.

Best stand hands down

Ultimate donut machine

14 Sword - Anubis
15 Heaven's Door - Rohan Kishibe



Can do anything

Literally one of the most broken stands

16 Tusk - Johnny Joestar

Tusk act 4 is the best stand

Tusk 4 is great

Tuck ACT 4 is one easily one of the most powerful stands. If it hits you with infinite spin, you're done for.

Great stand, but Johnny is such a loser

17 D4c - Funny Valentine

Filthy acts at a reasonable price

Favorite stand, should definitely be #1

Basically the same stats as star platinum with 2 op stand abilities, what is there not to love

Dati dids dan dato chipu

18 Scary Monsters - Diego Brando

Actually its Dr. Ferdinand's stand - Kuro

Jurassic park



19 Stone Free - Jolyne Kujo

Way better than heavens gateway and has a attack that does over 400 dmg with no lvls

20 Soft & Wet - Josuke Higashikata


Arguably the best if it could steal anything, it could possibly steal time/space, almost like a combination of The Hand and King Crimson, It could also stop special abilities of stands if Josuke worked on his abilities. (for example, he could take the friction out of SP's punches, leading to Jotaro doing basically nothing even with SP: The World.)

iss lit

21 Golden Wind - Giorno Giovanna

Has literally the ability to give life to anything, user can snap his fingers too

Why do they use Gold Experience's localized name, but not Sticky Fingers'?

22 Made In Heaven - Enrico Pucci

Made in Heaven is a very unique stand in my opinion. Its design is not like the other stands to be honest and the speed of the stand is absolutely crazy, it has the speed to reset the UNIVERSE. The music reference is perfect because of the stand user and to be honest, I find that this stand could have done a lot bigger things if this stand was with another user. Yet still, Made in Heaven is one of my favorite stands in JoJo.

It killed jotaro and it can just reset the universe

-Iss fast
-Resets universes
-Makes new ones
-creative design
-Perfectly fitting music reference

>Infinite speed, kills Jotaro and Jolyne
>beat by a kid with baseball clothes
>Worst stand 0/10

23 Weather Report/Heavy Weather - Weather Report

My dude can wipe out all of mankind in 2 dam seconds if he wanted

Snails > literally anything else

Can quite literally turn people into snails and then kill them, and could end ALL LIFE ON EARTH by eradicating the ozone layer. NTM freak storms and hurricanes

Literally could end all life on earth

24 Sticky Fingers - Bruno Bucciariti

Just zips but incredibily well used

sticky boy - oscarcarman123

25 Purple Haze - Pannacotta Fugo

One of the more unique and powerful stands, even though we don't get to see it more than once. If you get touched by Purple Haze, it sends a virus into your body, signalling your imminent death, killing you from the inside out

Can one shot anyone

Virus is great

My favourite stand. The cape, the visor and the ability are just badass. A shame. I just want to see that stand one more time, it was so short lived

26 The Hand - Okuyasu Nijimura

I love Okuyasu but he honestly holds back the potential of this stand. This stand is so strong if utilized properly and is really one of my favorites due to its design and ability.

The ability to erase literally anything is insane

27 Metalica - Risotto Nero

It can steal your irons in your body and make you suffocate

In my opinion it's the strongest stand that doesn't involve space-time manipulation( Ger,The world,killer queen etc.)

28 GER / Gold Experience Requiem - Giorno Giovanna

This thing is terrifying ok this should be top 4

It can literally cancels out almost any ability

It should be top five

Erm, basicly GER should replace GE on top, since those was switched :/

29 White Snake - Enrico Pucci

Should be at least top 20
-Steal Stands
-Steal memories
-Control things by giving memories
-Creates illusions with its white liquidy stuff

The ability to steal stands is just illegal

Did everyone forget about whitesnake. I mean I dunno stealing people’s stands and memories sound a bit better than the stand of some guy that got pissed on by a rat. If anybody honestly thinks Star Platinum is the strongest stand, they should go to a psychiatrist.

30 Echoes - Koichi Hirose

Lets kill da Hoeee Biieeetch

It can do anything you want! and it evolves!

GER stomps

Have you seen Act 3? ECHOES ACTO THREE, THREE FREEZO *a billion punches* I HAVE FINISHED PROTECTING US *sheer heart attack dies* Plus he has so many iconic lines: ¨Okay master let’s kill da ho, beetchu¨ I mean come on he’s amazing, he could beat anyone. all he has to do is make them heavy and they won’t even be able to move and koichi could just bring a gun and shoot them

31 Sex Pistols - Guido Mista

So powerful that almost every time its used mista nearly dies

The embodiment of luck

32 Stag Beetle (The Tower) - Old Man

Should be number 1

Best stand in jojo

33 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / D4C - Funny Valentine
34 Hey Ya! - Pocoloco

I love its concept and really cool ability to basically predit the future.

Can't die or something, pocoloco is also best stand user


35 Death 13 - The Baby

If you sleep you are dead you can't wake up by yourself and most likely someone won't wake you up that quickly plus you forget about it when you wake up. Broken as hell and I don't think anyone sleeps with their stand out

36 The Fool - Iggy
37 Yellow Temperance - Rubber Soul
38 Osiris - D'arby the Gambler
39 The Sun - ???

His name is Arabia Fats, by the way - Kuro

40 C-Moon - Enrico Pucci
41 Paisley Park - Yasuho Hirose
42 Future Prediction Comic Book - Oingo & Boingo
43 Geb - N'Doul
44 Wheel Of Fortune Wheel Of Fortune
45 Judgement - Cameo
46 Horus - Pet Shop

Heritage for the future

47 Aerosmith - Narancia Ghirga

Small plane

48 Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters

Not only are they best girl but they can regenerate!

49 Dark Blue Moon - Imposter
50 Moody Blues - Leone Abbacchio
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