Best Stands from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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1 Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo

This man can stop time, this man can throw thousands of punches at you. This man has the abilities to ruin you. Earn this man first.

Pretty much the ultimate stand. Can stop time, move in the frozen time of other stands, punch at the peer of light (supposedly), and is pretty much indestructible.

Can stop time and has almost perfect stats. Also the stand itself is as smart as the user

The fact that it can stop time and that it has superb vision and reflexes is just the best

2 The World (Za Warudo) - Dio Brando

Dio was proven to be able to be strong, with his charisma having stand users kill half the team. Dio himself killed the K A K Y O I N and forced jotaro to go all out and almost killed him like 5 times. Deserves a spot, but not too high for that death in only like 5 episodes. Rest In P E A C E

Do we even need to say dio sucks? He brought together the crusaders and then killed then killed like half of them RIP iggy abdul and kakyoin

The world over heaven is imorrtol and can re right reality to whatever he feels like and normal the world is better becase he freezes time twice as long part 3 and 6 star platinum has better stats than part 6 star platinum and part 4 star platinum has only 3 second time stop

The stand can basically stop time much longer than star platinum and have similar power and speed, joutaro only won because he played his card better

3 Golden Experience/Requiem - Giorno Gionova

GER, the ultimate stand, can nullifies any attack that affects the user, reversing any attack to zero, like Time Skips, Time Stops, Infinite Rotation and probably D4C Love Train. There's no canon stand that can beat this stand.

Bruh why is this not first. Also, it could fight against over heaven stands since they only activate through their fists. Giorno just has to punch the enemy anywhere else. Also if the heaven stand does anything, GER can just be like "nope that never happened lmao"

It has the strength to match star platinum, it can protect you from any attack by literally rewinding time, and once you kill your opponent you can force them to die over and over nonstop. Also, it has the coolest looking design in the series

His stats are beyond Infinite, so he is stronger than SP and TW, can create life, and can literally nullify any action. How is this third?

4 King Crimson - Diavolo

This stand is just OP, erases 10 seconds of time and skips it, while King Crimson is erasing time, he can't touch anything but he can use Epitaph to see what the enemy will do in the next 10 seconds, using Epitaph while Time Erase is a deadly combo for practically any stand, except GER or Tusk Act 4 that will go through his time erase.

King Crimson is a stand about fate. Most people are confused about his power, but I find it simple: while GER removes effects, Crimson removes causes of actions. Very few stand user can defeat Diavolo, making me place him at 5th.

Some dumbass said that Star Platinum is the only stand that can beat the world, but this stand could easily do it, as long as it used its ability first

Imagine if it was able to requiem: being able to see and delete anything, infinitely, in the future.

5 Killer Queen - Yoshikage Kira

it looks cute and intimidating sometimes and weird at the same times those are the adjectives of me so I LOVE IT it is also menacing, badass, creepy, powerful and cool

Honestly the best stand once anything touches him. He can just say "Killer Queen has already touched himself" do a cheap shot and boom. Honestly the most menacing stand in my op. So sick

Killer Queen is definitely a super powerful stand. It also has 3 distinct abilities, one that can rewind time. I would put him higher, but he doesn’t retain memories while Bite za Dusto is in affect. Nevertheless, the ability to turn anything into a bomb is a extremely powerful ability, placing him at 7th.

Killer Queen never bites the dust. He's the demo-expert that can kill everyone. Deserves a top spot.

6 GER / Gold Experience Requiem - Giorno Giovanna

Gold Experience is just plain OP. Especially GER I mean come on. He can cancel things like time stop, and can put people trough infinite death loops. He should definitely be put higher on this list (at least top five).

I personally think GER would totally take the win over all of these stands. First of all he can cancel things like Time Erasure, Time Stop, and probably much more. Second of all, he is extremely powerful, not just OP moves-wise. Just powerful in general. His barrage and his fists are very strong. And if that's not enough. He can make you die an infinite amount of times. But yeah, I think GER should definitely take the cake.

Godlike stand that beats people down and throws them into never-ending death loops

It can literally cancels out almost any ability

7 Crazy Diamond - Josuke Higashikata

Uh, why isn't this top 5? This stand can heal, build things, and has the same strength as star platinum in terms of speed and strength

Stopping time may be powerful, but the strategic prospects of ‘fixing’ things in a fight is powerful. Especially if it means you can fuse certain things into your foe. Imagine punching someone with an explosive in your hand. Fuse it into your foe and done.

Basically Star Platinum except he can heal people, bring back people from the dead and give back their virginity.

Can stick you in a rock for eternity, can heal extreme wounds. Obviously deserves at least some credit

8 Silver Chariot - Jean Pierre Polnareff

Silver Chariot is just such a fun stand, despite his abilities being slightly basic. His design is fantastic, and the anime really brings his swordsmanship to life. That, and Kid Chariot is too adorable for words.

Able to go toe to toe with according to araki, the strongest stand, star platinum(polnareff was only defeated due to anubis' weakness). Can move so fast it can create afterimages, and while it's wearing it's armor, is completely invulnerable to all attacks. Not to mention it's ability to surprise the enemy and shoot it's rapier, killing them near instantly unless they're expecting it.

Honestly this stand is so op, oof that knight can obliterate anyone in it's path. Glad it's in top five.

Stabby stabby, I saved Jotaro for half a second. Silver chariot is a good stand for speed and precision, earns a spot.

9 Made In Heaven - Enrico Pucci

Infinite speed, dodges everything. Can slice you in two with its hand and can then reset the entire universe allowing it to change or alter the people it kills making it essentially God.

Can literally speed up both time and the duration of stand abilities such as the world. If he were to have shot a gun it would be an instant kill

Jesus Christ this is powerful. Time so fast the sky is dark at noon. Infinite speed for you, so even better than splat. Also even just a tap from you becomes a death sentence. Also shortens time stop.

Made in Heaven is a very unique stand in my opinion. Its design is not like the other stands to be honest and the speed of the stand is absolutely crazy, it has the speed to reset the UNIVERSE. The music reference is perfect because of the stand user and to be honest, I find that this stand could have done a lot bigger things if this stand was with another user. Yet still, Made in Heaven is one of my favorite stands in JoJo.

10 Magician's Red - Mohammed Abdul

Well well, the stand so OP araki had to randomly kill it off. Deserves a top 10, however very low because he has fought death multiple times. Only one time did he fail and cause a tear to roll down everyone's cheek. This man is incredible.


The Contenders

11 Hierophant Green - Mr. Kakyoin

No one can just deflect the emerald splash

Is cherry boys stand

Milf Hunter Kakyoin approves!

The brain of Group rerorero

12 Heaven's Door - Rohan Kishibe

Mangaka/Comic Book Artist? Detective or Private Investigator? Lonely anti social loner who can't talk to anyone due to not knowing the other person?

Have no fear, Heaven's Door is just the stand for you!

Literally can rewrite someone's ability to think for something or concentrate like, Kakyoin would get hella merked from Heaven's door. Js

Can literally write "is Rohan kishibe's ally" and gets them as their new ally. What

Bruh, this guy can turn you into a book and read and expose all of your weaknesses.

13 Gun (The Emperor) - Hol Horse

The stand is pretty cool but the user can use Josephs special ability so its pretty cool

It lost to a sneeze by the way...twice actually

Legit a gun that appears from air

OP so Araki made Hol Horse and idiot

14 Golden Wind - Giorno Giovanna

Has literally the ability to give life to anything, user can snap his fingers too

Why do they use Gold Experience's localized name, but not Sticky Fingers'?

Gives life to anything broken if you use it creativly

Wind of gold

15 Hermit Purple - Joseph Joestar

Legit the manliest colored stand plus it can use joseph hamon so how is it one of the weakest stand?

His real stand is called "the speed wagon foundation"

He's Spiderman and the best Jojo

Literally Joeseph Joestar, no more needs to be said.

16 Tusk - Johnny Joestar

A very powerful stand, Johnny Joestar, his user can use any of his acts, all acts are very useful and powerful but Tusk ACT 4 is the best, have the ability to make an infinite rotation that can go through anything, Time Stop, Universes, probably Time Skip and maybe Bite Za Dusto. The Only stand that could beat Tusk Act 4 infinite rotation is GER.

I suspect Tusk is so low due to the fact that not much people read the manga parts. Tusk is definitely an extremely powerful stand. The only stand I can see beating Infinite Rotation is GER, placing Tusk at 2nd for me.

It's attacks go through anything, timestop, universes, 20m of concrete, has ranged attacks and an epic ora, if it hits you once you're screwed.

Perhaps the most powerful stand in the entire universe, 2nd only to GER. Most opponents would get easily ripped to shreds by Tusk.

17 Battleship (Strength) - Orangutan

Monkey child molester/rapist is litteraly the ship ayylmao

18 The Hanged Man - J. Geil

Ability is cool and appearance is dope as well as how it was portrayed as invincible

I hate his user but the stando is really cool

19 D4c - Funny Valentine

User has infinte lives, can kill someone in a beautiful elegant fashion by waving a flag(or any other object) dojyaan all gone. If combined with love train is unkillable on top of the infinte lives. Can hide in or go to alternate universes where they can also bring back whatever they want.

Incredibly strong stand, has the ability to alter reality and dimensions, what more is there to say! Napkin TIME

Basically the same stats as star platinum with 2 op stand abilities, what is there not to love

How is d4c this low with love train it should be in the top five it also has amazing stats?

20 Sticky Fingers - Bruno Bucciariti

So powerful that he lived even after her DIED! I'm also getting his body pillow

Someone comes at one of Bruno's kids he will sticky finger them to hell

Just zips but incredibily well used


21 Chariot Requiem - Jean Pierre Polnareff

Chariot Requiem is definitely one of the most underrated stands. It has the ability to swap the souls of literally everyone AND control other’s stands! And that isn’t the craziest: even Polnareff doesn’t know the true power of Chariot. We know for a fact we only saw a fraction of Chariot’s power. Since we don’t know exactly what, I will put him in 6th place.

We have only seen ONE fraction of this dudes power, like he can switch stands, swap souls, and force whoever’s stand to kill their own owner (of whoever touches his arrow)

A stand that requires someone to die to beat it, may I say more?

he can live foever

22 Sword - Anubis

Unique and cool

23 Scary Monsters - Diego Brando

Actually its Dr. Ferdinand's stand

Jurassic park

I love Jurassic Park

24 Weather Report/Heavy Weather - Weather Report

Can quite literally turn people into snails and then kill them, and could end ALL LIFE ON EARTH by eradicating the ozone layer. NTM freak storms and hurricanes

This stand can kill all life on earth in an instant by destroying the planets ozone layer so no other stand user would even survive if Weather Report activated that effect.

This isn’t gonna be recognized until Part 5 anime comes out. Only reason Star Platinum is #1 and Gold Experience is now #2 (except GE beats Star Platinum hands down lol.)

But frfr, dis muh is too strong.

Op stand, Lots of Possibilities and Attack Combo. Can kill you in seconds think about it

25 Soft & Wet - Josuke Higashikata

Arguably the best if it could steal anything, it could possibly steal time/space, almost like a combination of The Hand and King Crimson, It could also stop special abilities of stands if Josuke worked on his abilities. (for example, he could take the friction out of SP's punches, leading to Jotaro doing basically nothing even with SP: The World.)

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