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1 Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo

Pretty much the ultimate stand. Can stop time, move in the frozen time of other stands, punch at the peer of light (supposedly), and is pretty much indestructible. - Jackamalio

The fact that it can stop time and that it has superb vision and reflexes is just the best

I'd say this is the most popular not the most powerful.

Dio got rekt by this stand so it's the best ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORAA!

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2 The World (Za Warudo) - Dio Brando

Basically an even more badass version of Star Platinum. - xandermartin98


3 Killer Queen - Yoshikage Kira

Killer Queen has already touched this list

Pretty op to be honest

Okay, This is epic

love it

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4 Golden Experience/Requiem - Giorno Gionova

Considering how extremely OP this thing is, I'd say it's at least deserving of top 5.

Why is this stand not at #1? With its Reset to Zero ability, it can easily beat the stands above it.

The most Overpowered stand in the saga, he can reach reality - FrancescoBertini

Coolest stand ever!

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5 Silver Chariot - Jean Pierre Polnareff

Honestly this stand is so op, oof that knight can obliterate anyone in it's path. Glad it's in top five.

Epic stand

6 Scary Monsters - Diego Brando

Jurassic park

7 Hierophant Green - Mr. Kakyoin

The best for all MILF hunters.

8 Magician's Red - Mohammed Abdul
9 Heaven's Door - Rohan Kishibe

If I could pick a stand, this would be the one to use, but if I were fighting, I'd want Worst Company

Mangaka/Comic Book Artist? Detective or Private Investigator? Lonely anti social loner who can't talk to anyone due to not knowing the other person?

Have no fear, Heaven's Door is just the stand for you!

What fetishes do you have? Wait I already know because I can SEE YOUR SOUL


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10 King Crimson - Diavolo

One of the top 5 most op canon stands and it isn't in the top 10?

he strong

If it wasn't for GER he would have won. The closest a JoJo (or in this case GioGio since Italian language has no J) come to killing the main villain pre Pucci's timeline mess up

Johnathan failed
Joseph didn't really do anything but let Kars kill himself
Jotaro left DIO for the sun since he couldn't to anything with no hamon/ripple
Josuke didn't do anything, Kira just screwed over by an heroic ambulence and got messed with by Reimi (While Jotaro did something Kira wasn't his main villain)
Jolyne followed in her great great great great grandfather's footsteps by getting killed by Pucci

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11 Weather Report/Heavy Weather - Weather Report

This stand can kill all life on earth in an instant by destroying the planets ozone layer so no other stand user would even survive if Weather Report activated that effect.

12 Gun (The Emperor) - Hol Horse
13 Hermit Purple - Joseph Joestar

He's Spiderman and the best Jojo

Its 20/10 by far the best stand

Get info about anything, anywhere. swing like tarzan. use vine whip on your enemies. tie them up like wonder woman. need anything else?

14 Crazy Diamond - Josuke Higashikata

Not the coolest-looking, but with the coolest sound effects, stand cry, and abilities in my opinion.

Can restore your hope against GER...


15 Battleship (Strength) - Orangutan
16 The Hanged Man - J. Geil
17 D4c - Funny Valentine

Incredibly strong stand, has the ability to alter reality and dimensions, what more is there to say! Napkin TIME

How is d4c this low with love train it should be in the top five it also has amazing stats?

What this is the best stand there is

18 Sword - Anubis
19 Purple Haze - Pannacotta Fugo

Best stand ability and design

20 Tusk - Johnny Joestar

Infinite spin can destroy anyone

I love Tusk re

21 Made In Heaven - Enrico Pucci

LITERALLY kills everyone and resets the universe

Literally ended the universe


E X A C T L Y, he destroyed the universe

22 Sticky Fingers - Bruno Bucciariti
23 Golden Wind - Giorno Giovanna
24 Stone Free - Jolyne Kujo
25 Soft & Wet - Josuke Higashikata
26 Echoes - Koichi Hirose

It can do anything you want! and it evolves!

Have you seen Act 3? ECHOES ACTO THREE, THREE FREEZO *a billion punches* I HAVE FINISHED PROTECTING US *sheer heart attack dies* Plus he has so many iconic lines: ¨Okay master let’s kill da ho, beetchu¨ I mean come on he’s amazing, he could beat anyone. all he has to do is make them heavy and they won’t even be able to move and koichi could just bring a gun and shoot them

27 White Snake - Enrico Pucci

Did everyone forget about whitesnake. I mean I dunno stealing people’s stands and memories sound a bit better than the stand of some guy that got pissed on by a rat. If anybody honestly thinks Star Platinum is the strongest stand, they should go to a psychiatrist.

28 Stag Beetle (The Tower) - Old Man

Best stand in jojo

29 The Sun - ???
30 The Fool - Iggy
31 Yellow Temperance - Rubber Soul
32 Osiris - D'arby the Gambler
33 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap / D4C - Funny Valentine
34 Sex Pistols - Guido Mista
35 Death 13 - The Baby
36 Justice - Enya Gail
37 GER / Gold Experience Requiem - Giorno Giovanna


38 Diver Down - Narciso Anasui
39 C-Moon - Enrico Pucci
40 The Lovers - Steely Dan
41 Future Prediction Comic Book - Oingo & Boingo
42 Geb - N'Doul
43 Wheel Of Fortune Wheel Of Fortune
44 Magnetism (Bast) - Mariah
45 Shadow (Sethan) - Alessi
46 Judgement - Cameo
47 Ebony Devil - Devo
48 Dark Blue Moon - Imposter
49 Empress - Nana
50 High Priestess - Midler
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1. Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo
2. Hermit Purple - Joseph Joestar
3. Crazy Diamond - Josuke Higashikata
1. The World (Za Warudo) - Dio Brando
2. Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo
3. Silver Chariot - Jean Pierre Polnareff
1. Killer Queen - Yoshikage Kira
2. Scary Monsters - Diego Brando
3. Star Platinum - Jotaro Kujo


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