Hidden Gems #40 Star Fox Adventures

htoutlaws2012 Background: The Star Fox series is most remembered for its flying shooter run and gun style gameplay from the previous two installments, but in 2002 in the 21st century Nintendo deiced to go in a different direction, and have an 3rd person adventure experience be something of the first or the series. What is interesting is that Nintendo had a late N64 game called Dinosaur Planet that never went through, and instead was planted in this game in terms of the overall atmosphere of what Fox was off to do.

General Story/Gamplay: You start off playing as not McCloud, but instead introduced to Krystal a ''Blue Vixen'' new character in the series as she is manipulated into doing the antagonists work General Scales is the secondary villain leading the way of the main bad guy hiding in the shadows. Krystal is than trap as we are than greeted to our protagonists base ship. Fox is sent to go down on the planet to investigate, and saving the planet ordered by General Pepper. Granted a staff right from the start the gameplay now really comes into play and strangely Krystal has the power to communicate to you the button mechanics yeah no kidding. Oh and you may have to keep going back to the Scarabs if you want to get certain items. If you choose not to come with much I always found this line memorable in the sickest of all ways. ''PUT THAT DOWN! YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SCARABS!'' Which for some reason I always laughed at the shopkeepers way of delivery. It gets pretty repetitive when you endlessly take out waves of different army of SharpClaw tribe. Upgrading constantly is also a bit of a chore itself, but it does payoff in the end especially in some of the later enemies you face its needed greatly. After defeating General Scales you than now know who the real antagonist was and of course if you played the previous games its known other than Andross the giant head who masterminded this whole thing all along. Now the game feels more like the Star Fox we all know and love right? Even sweeter is Falco finally comes into play helping you out fight off Andross, and win, and now also rescued Krystal successfully as now apart of the Star team.

Verdict: Wow do I remember how ridiculously repetitive this game was for 2002 standards, and I can see why people didn't think its was all that sure, but it did introduce some new ideas that weren't of the story premise aside a cool twist in the end that feels more like that part of the game felt 10 percent on the back burner. For its time it was a breath of fresh air, but at the same time for an open world feel of this kind the graphics were in its early stages of the system, and a lot of people like Assault over this, and I cant see why not nearly as repetitive overall, but for having some neat ideas, and good supporting cast it ain't all that bad as it seems to be.

Score: 7/10


Love the game but the gameplay gets very repititive very fast. - egnomac

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