Best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episodes

Star Trek: The Next Generation is the first spin-off series of the original Star Trek from the 1960's. It aired in syndication from 1987 to 1994. It featured Patrick Stewart (as Captain Picard) and Brent Spinner (Lt. Commander Data).

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1 The Inner Light

Hands down the best. Love both "The Best of Both Worlds" but one of the few episodes of ANY show that still makes me cry. And YES, I am a man!

Patrick Stewart at his absolute best, simply the best Star Trek has produced since The City On The Edge Of Forever.

Purely touching episode, great music!

Seize the time, Meribor. Live now. Make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again.

2 The Best of Both Worlds (parts 1 & 2)

The greatest cliffhanger in Star Trek history. Picard gets brainwashed by the Borg and forced to be their leader. Riker meanwhile prepares to fire on the cube...

An awesome climax and good storyline.

Mr. Worf... Fire.

3 Tapestry

Q allows Picard to travel back in time and undo some regretfully impulsive decisions. The resulting future Picard is more cautious but less successful.

4 Yesterday's Enterprise

Explores an alternate timeline in which the Federation is still at war with the Klingons.

5 Parallels
6 All Good Things

An awesome series finale that shows all the series events culminating in this moment. The characters go out with a bang.

7 Chain of Command (Parts 1 & 2)

Part 1 has the authoritarian, traditionalist Jellico lampshade the disparity between fictional and real military decorum. Part 2 is a well-acted story exploring torture and reinvention of reality, with homages to 1984.

We see what a great man Picard is even when not save and comfortable on his bridge, but under pressure and in distress. It really showed more of his "real" self and his humanity, including his limits.

8 The Measure of a Man

Data asserts his human right to not get dismantled. Starfleet puts him on trial to determine whether androids are free humans or mere property.

9 Datalore
10 I, Borg

Does the impossible task of humanizing the coldhearted mindless Borg. When one Borg demonstrates individuality, the protagonists reevaluate their flawed worldviews.

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? Hide and Q
? Symbiosis

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11 Darmok
12 The Most Toys
13 The Perfect Mate
14 Q Who

Debut of the Borg

15 Data's Day
16 Cause and Effect

The Enterprise gets stuck in a time loop that repeatedly ends in its destruction. The teaser with the Enterprise exploding is the best ever.

17 Conundrum
18 Time's Arrow (Parts 1 & 2)
19 Conspiracy

Easily the best episode of Star Trek - Always wished they had followed up on the plotline...

20 Lower Decks
21 The Next Phase
22 The Drumhead
23 Reunion
24 Family
25 Sins of the Father
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