Best Star Trek Starship Classes


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1 Galaxy Class

Most well known Galaxy class being the Enterprise D. Of course, the Enterprise has sister ships too. - EvilAngel

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2 Sovereign Class

Gets my vote. The Sovereign class is absolutely beautiful and awesome.
Remember there's a separate list for individual ships. - EvilAngel

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3 Intrepid Class

Small, but well able to defend itself, the Intrepid class possesses outstanding maneuverability and an extensive sensor array that truly allow it to 'boldly go'.

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4 Ambassador Class
5 Odyssey Class
6 Scimitar

One off ship in Nemesis. - EvilAngel

7 Excelsior Refit Class
8 Neghvar Class
9 Constitution Class Refit
10 Excelsior Class

The Contenders

11 Nebula Class
12 D'Deridex Class
13 Constitution Class

Most famous obviously being the classic Enterprise - EvilAngel

14 Akira Class
15 Nova Class
16 NX Class
17 Defiant Class

Let's be frank. It's an escort ship. But a very powerful very nimble escort ship. Limited luxarys and equipment. However put a few against many and its game over for the many. Make its four times the size and everybody in trouble. Sleek and slender she gets my vote.

Well armed and armored, small, fast and maneuverable. Only Starfleet ship dedicated for combat.

18 Borg Cube 3
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1. Galaxy Class
2. Sovereign Class
3. Odyssey Class
1. Galaxy Class
2. Excelsior Class
3. Ambassador Class



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