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The Next Generation (1987-1994)


Thought TOS was the best, but turns out that was because I was comparing TOS to TNG's Season One...
But really, the middle seasons were the best, meaning 2-6. Yes, Season 2 was great, with Q Who and the episode with Data and whether he has rights or not. (forgot name).
Favorite episode would have to be The Inner Light, beautiful song. "Seize the time, Meribor! Now is the most precious time! "
Got that out of memory, pretty sure it has an error, though.
So inspirational, such as Data's "It is not the destination that matters, Lal, it is the journey which is most important"
Again, probably not exact...
It really was the one that shines out.
Star Trek: Generations was a fitting end to the Enterprise D's adventure, really, underrated movie...
First Contact, haven't seen it yet, probably great film.
Insurrection was pretty good but really forgettable, the villain is very weak.
Nemesis, haven't watched it yet.

I loved this so much I watched all 7 seasons in 2 months! I never really was a big star trek fan until my brother in law introduced me to the next generation, now I'll be moving on to all the other star trek movies and shows!

It was a big hit and it's still one of the greatest Sci-Fi shows, I remember when I seen my first episodes I didn't knew to much about Star Trek but surely wanted to knew it better - MatrixGuy

The Original Series (1966-1969)

Without nostalgia, I doubt many would consider this the best. - chevygolderado

Duh, it's the original and the best - thedeadthebadandthedexter00

Nothing beats the first one, except maybe Star Trek Enterprise. - iliescu

Should be #1. It's the original classic and it's the best. - PeeledBanana

Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

This was more serialized than other Star Treks, which was really a different take. They had to deal with their problems, not just escape them. Also, it was darker, and it showed how even good people can make questionable decisions in time of great need, in this case, war. It showed PTSD and tackled lots of tough topics, and it really was the overall best Trek series, greatly in part of the fact that it had such great characters. The characters do have conflicts, so it is different than TNG, where everybody gets along. This makes for great stories. It is also set on a station so it has greater diversity and lots of different aliens, with the greatest supporting characters, such as Nog, Rom, and Garak, to name a few. It was serialized with long story arcs about the Dominion and other stuff, including Sisko becoming Emissary. That along with the fact that the characters grow so much in DS9, for example Bashir from a young romantic to becoming more mature and serious. There was no ...more

The best, most complex series. Serialized arcs are great but the best part is the deep character development. Characters are real-feeling, not two-dimensional. Even the worst villains (Dukat, the Founders, Weyoun, Kai Winn) have backstories that we can relate to, even if not agree with. Character relationships are the best in all of Trek, with only possibly Kirk/Spock/McCoy as a rival. Some people dislike Ezri, but they did an amazing job with a bad situation nobody wanted to happen.

The darkest and most intricate Star Trek series to date. though I have a lot of respect for the original series and the next generation, Deep Space 9 deserves the #1 spot.

It's great sure the idea of not too much travel is dull but I love the conflicts and the DOMINION WAR WAS AWESOME!

Voyager (1995-2001)

Has the perfect balance of drama and comedy, interesting sci-fi scenarios, the best stories in Star Trek and likeable enough characters where none of them hurt to watch on screen.

I think TNG deserves to be #1 but I liked Voyager better than DS9 or the original series. The overarching storyline of being lost in deep space makes this entire series week more connected than the others, and Janeway is such a bada$$! "Coffee- black."

Enterprise (2001-2005)

I know that everyone hates it, and that it has trouble with canon, but just... really? The story arcs raise tough moral and ethical dilemmas that make you think, the idea of humanity’s first flight at warp 5, gorgeous cgi... the best Star Trek.

Why is this one below the animated series like come on

The Animated Series (1973-1974)
Discovery (2017-present)
Picard (2020)
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