Top Ten Star vs the Forces of Evil Characters We Want to See More Of

Star Vs The Forces Of Evil Has Great Characters, Some Who Deserve More Screen Time And Character Development.
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1 Toffee

Toffee is my most favorite character in this show! He is smarter than anyone else. I mean, he's been planning to get his finger back since he lost it when he fought 14 year old Moon. I've been watching the show after Toffee's death and yes, it has gotten a little boring, but I hope they put Toffee back in the show. The actual episode titled "Toffee" is the longest and my most favorite episode in SVTFOE. Yes, there is the Season 3 finale, but those are separate episodes. Toffee is 1 whole, complete, hour long episode.

After the finale, people should really consider the fact that Toffee was never evil, he was better than the mewmans who I think are cheats, they used an unfair advantage against the natives on the land, just like humans who got weaponds and basically stole a whole country, nothing’s more evil than that.

I love a good, intelligent villain in T.V., which actually feels exceptionally rare of an occurrence

It would be really cool if he had more screentime

2 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas is a fictional character from Star vs The Forces of Evil as a student from Echo Creek Academy who Marco has a crush on who's very laid back, kind and enjoy's skateboarding.

She is so annoying, I hate her!

Why do you hate her

Best girl in show

3 Janna

I'm pretty sure janna is everyones favourite along with the lawyer lizard

She is so funny, chicken butt

4 Tom

Please yes. Tom is so fascinating. I need more of this sweet demon child.

Tom does not disappoint me I love tomstar AND how they added him more in season three

His crush on star is adorable!

He is amazing

5 Queen Butterfly Queen Moon Butterfly is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". She is the ruler of Mewni alongside her husband King River Butterfly and is the mother of Star Butterfly.
6 Glossaryck

He got kidnapped by Ludo!

7 Pony Head

I would love to see her more in the show

8 Oskar Greason

I want to see Oskar and Star together before she has to end up with Marco. I actually liked Star and Marko as friends because you never see the 2 leads remain just friends but ofc the stinky Starco shippers have there tantrums but in all fairness to them the writers have pretty much forced it after blood moon ball. I find it laughable Starco shippers sometimes think that Star and Marco won't end up together.

I'd like to see him date star, before star inevitably ends up with marco

He is so cute and funny

He has a record.

9 Brudo
10 Mina Loveberry

NO! She's so annoying, just... no. No more Mina!

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11 Brittney Wong

No! I hate this bitch we don't need MORE of her we need LESS of her! I don't understand how people can even consider liking her she sucks! (sorry for the rant I just rely hate her)

12 Principal Skeeves
13 Eclipsa Butterfly

I love her. She is the absolute best part of the show!


14 Ludo
15 Alfonzo
16 Ferguson
17 King Butterfly
18 Star Butterfly

Yep! She is my favorite

19 Kelly

Yes pleaseee!
I love her!

20 Buff Frog
21 Pixie Empress
22 StarFan 13
23 Meteora Butterfly
24 Marco Diaz
25 Justin
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