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1 Star Butterfly

She’s been thorough a lot since she got to earth. But the reason I love her is she is always there for other people. She’s always been there for Marco how can he not like her in that way her when she does I love this chartered so much. She’s so amazing

She is a very funny character who was amazing throughout every season. Star is just an amazing character. She always wants to be there for her friends.

For the main character, she honestly should get more light. Marco is always getting all of the ships and stuff and being called the most relatable but, honestly star deserves it way more but only because she is the main character but, because her upbeat personality is not annoying (anymore) and it helps make the show more interesting. All the attention should be on her relationships with Oskar, Tom, and Marco instead of all the attention being on who Marco dates

I know that I only find this show okay but lately I've been starting to like it more. (Maybe it's because it's on so much during the daytime when everyone's at school and all. Look when I was sick with a dumb fever this year I watched a lot of this show and Gravity Falls because while we're at school Disney airs a fair amount of Star vs. The Forces Of Evil and Gravity Falls. It's really unfair and unfortunately they also air dumb Lab Rats a lot but whatever).

2 Marco Diaz

He is always there for his friends. He cares for Star a lot and every time the two of them are together, it is fun and awesome to watch. I'm happy to see them end up together.

Don’t get mad at me I think Marco is my hasbuno also if you combine him with star for a starco child it becomes a heart with a moon has anyone thought of that.

He's decent at Karate, always seems to have money, a "Good" friend to "Star". Has an awesome mole, and becomes quite the awesome guy during his experience with Hekapoo.

He is so funny and after a little while he will do anything for his best friend! He has a great personality.

3 Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness

No matter what anyone says she WAS a better queen than Moon. First of all she is the rightful queen, and not a fake Butterfly. She was Solaria the MONSER CARVERS daughter yet she married and had a daughter with a monster. Honestly this girl was never racist, despite her mother’s attitude. And she’s much more mature than Moon. Moon is racist. I get Toffee killed her mother, but does that really mean you have to treat every monster like that. I mean Eclipsa would never of created a Solarian army. She claimed that she was stopping something before it got worse. Star, Eclipsa and Meteora were the only ones that had magic other than herself, they wouldn’t of created a Solarian and it wouldn’t of gotten worse. Honestly magic shouldn’t of been destroyed, Eclipsa should have just done her most powerful spell of Moon and get rid of the source of all the monsters suffering. Gosh I hate Moon so much! I hope they bring back magic and give it to the rightful heirs: Eclipsa and Meteora

She isn't just cool. She's classy and refined, but also super goofy. She never wanted to hurt anyone - just wanted to be free to live her life the way she saw fit. I don't think that's too much to ask. She loves her family and genuinely respects Star and Moon, despite what has been done to her in the past. She's got so much potential and I'm dying to see more from her.

Eclipsa is definitely one of the best characters on this show. She has a great sense of humor and she is elegant, a good personality combo with an interesting background. Plus her dark spells are crazy strong.

Eclipsa made this show worth watching. She's the reason season 3 is my fave season. I agree on not wanting her to be a villain for season 4.

4 Tom

Tom is definitely an interesting character who has gained popularity in the fandom. He deserves more time on the show. His relationship with Marco has improved a great deal. I was so happy to find out that there will be more moments between him and Marco later in the season. Those two have great chemistry and Marco would benefit Tom in a lot of good ways.He is better at dealing with Tom's anger than Brian.Tom and Marco's relationship would be much more captivating than Marco and Star's.

Tom is one of the most developed characters he has gone through so many changes and you can see he has worked hard. He is such a good friend and I love that he is forgiving.
I hope he finds someone worthy of my sweet heart Tom.

Tom is an interesting character especially when you find out that he is HALF demon I love how he is animated but ever since face the music I think he has been spying on star and Marco I am a fan of tomstar but my two other choices (in order)is tomco and starco ever since friendenemies Tom and Marco have been bonding until lava lake beach Tom is definitely my fave character

This guy is wayy underrated! He gets a lot of hate from (some) Starco shippers...but he is a very good character. Yeah, he has anger issues, but he has a therapist and is working on getting better! People should appreciate him more.

5 Janna

Great character who was funny and was really cool throughout every season. Janna's last scene with her in it made me like her a lot more too.

I love Janna! I hope we get to see some character development from her soon, she's not on the show as much as her fans would like her to be.

I really want Janna and Tom to end up together. I also wish this ship/pairing got more attention in the fandom.

Janna is AWESOME! You guys please let the creator of the show know that Janna and Star need to be besties.

6 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas is a fictional character from Star vs The Forces of Evil as a student from Echo Creek Academy who Marco has a crush on who's very laid back, kind and enjoy's skateboarding.

She is a bit underrated because she is kind of what is in between Star and Marco being together, but she is still a very strong character.

I love Jackie. I feel like she is such a unique character. The only problem is, she gets little to no screen time and no character development at all. We don't know much about her, and I really hope the characters besides Star and Marco get character development and screen time, Like Janna,Brittney,Oskar, and Tom, and some others.

I agree. She would be much more likable if she had more development

Jackie has her own vibe and she so kind, sweet and chill but I hated Marcos crush on her. She needed more time on screen and more development.

I just love her character, and his style,and its way of behaving with those around her. I hope she can have a relevant role in the coming seasons, so we can learn more about her...I think I've got a crush for her

7 Toffee

I so wish we had gotten more of Toffee. He's just such a grounded and evil character and I really wanted to see more of his character and powers on screen

This guy is a hell of a lot smarter than one would assume. He isn't calm all the time just because that's his character, he's calm because he feels that what he's facing against is pure amatures who are not even worth panicking about. I honestly don't think his time has come just yet, cause a character like him wouldn't go from the series without a bang.

He needs to be higher. Why is he so underrated? Villain characters never get the love they deserve dammit.

Why isn't he higher? He was the most intelligent yet surprising villain this show has had.

8 Ludo

Can we take a moment to appreciate that the game of basketball game Star runs through at the end represents how him and Dennis overcame their oppressive parents?

He is the most developed character so far

He has the most character development

I just want to give the poor guy a big hug

9 Queen Butterfly Queen Moon Butterfly is a supporting character in the Disney XD animated series "Star vs. the Forces of Evil". She is the ruler of Mewni alongside her husband King River Butterfly and is the mother of Star Butterfly.

Good character. Even though she makes mistakes, she always is looking out for Star. Even though she isn't in my top 5, she is still a great character.

She's one of my favorite characters and I don't know why. And for some reason I ship her with Toffee.

I think queen butterfly is my second favorite character, I honestly don't know whos better Toffee or Queen Butterfly.

She's nothing but a selfish little bastard

10 Hekapoo

My biggest problem with season 4 is how little time is spent on her destruction like she just gets up and walks away and we never see her again! I so wanted to see more of her and I totally shipped Markapoo

Hekapoo for one is a fun character with an interesting personality. Along with that, the few episodes circulating around her bring a new aspect of Marco as well as a new form of adventure to the show, allowing for far more diversity in episodes

Very cool character, the only high commission that deserved to go out in a good and cool way, which she did.

I love her! She have a very funny adult + child personality mix and an unique way to mess with marco!

The Contenders

11 Mr. Diaz

I don't know why but he never gets mad and he one of the best dads out there

Best Dad ever!

Hot dilf

12 Glossaryck

he's very funny and he shouldn't die in the finally

I think he should be higher. And also, pudding.

Glob gor.


13 King Butterfly

I think he's also the 22nd best dad ever!

14 Buff Frog

I Think It's Great of Buff Frof to become a dad to those tadpoles as well as become one of the good guys I just hope He doesn't blow it like that Ludo dude!

Buff Frog isn't it awesome you turned a new leaf and being one of the good guys had it's advantageous?

I like how he goes from a villain to always looking out for Star and always wanting to protect her.

I think Buff Frog is amazing plus I 💘 Frogs!
I think I like him even if he used to be Bad guy working with that psycho!

15 Mrs. Diaz

she's so nice and calm!

16 Flying Pony Princess Head

She is a riot. Every episode she appears in is a fun episode. She is completely relatable. While I find a lot of jokes in SVTFOE to fall flat, Pony head on the other hand is always hilarious

Pony head is a risk taker and that's why shes awesome!

She is so funny!

17 Meteora

She is my favorite character! In my opinion, it has a very interesting design and looks fantastic as a hybrid. Her story moved my heart very much, because her crown, her mother, Eclipse was taken from her, she was crystallized, and she was taken in by the st Olga. I'm not surprised that she grew up for a bad person. She was simply lost in life and could not cope because Olga did not give her any support. Meteora needed real parents then. After she began to turn into a monster, she did not control her emotions and anger grew in her. In my opinion, she was treated cruelly and unjustly because, because she was a monster hybrid, she was not admitted to the throne. However, it is good that when she was reborn as a child, her mother was finally with her. P.S she looks very charming with this tail: 3

I love her! It’s a shame she’ll never be queen. I really hate Moon. The kingdom was thriving and people were starting to hate Globgor and Eclipsa less. Everything was going great, then she had to go ruin it all for her own selfish reasons and took away Meteora’s future

The true heir had her and glob god are now the strongest characters now that magic is destroyed

Her Charector design is so beautiful when she is Miss Heinous and she really does look great with that tail. I also love how Glossaryck took her under his wing and tought her how to "Dip Down" as a BABY! THAT TOOK SO LONG FOR FULL GROWN ADULTS TO LEARN AND METEORA CAN DO IT AS A BABY! respect, meteora, respect

18 Kelly

No love for kelly smh

Kelly is the bomb. Marco’s fighting buddy. “Is that you family’s ancestral sword? ” -Marco
“Nope why would I give that to you? ” [pulls out sword out of hair] “This is my family’s ancestral sword”

19 Principal Skeeves


20 StarFan 13

Haha she is crazy fun to wach!

21 Ferguson

What an annoying fat prick.

22 Oskar

Oskar is really cute and he has a crush on Star Butterfly, I hope we see more of him in upcoming seasons!

I would like to see him and star date before star inevitably ends up with Marco

Very cute and underrated. Should date Jackie.

I want to see more of him

23 Justin
24 Pixie Empress
25 Ruberiot

Such a cutie even though he kinda ruined Star's love life

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