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1 Star Butterfly Star Butterfly

I know that I only find this show okay but lately I've been starting to like it more. (Maybe it's because it's on so much during the daytime when everyone's at school and all. Look when I was sick with a dumb fever this year I watched a lot of this show and Gravity Falls because while we're at school Disney airs a fair amount of Star vs. The Forces Of Evil and Gravity Falls. It's really unfair and unfortunately they also air dumb Lab Rats a lot but whatever). - Anonymousxcxc

For the main character, she honestly should get more light. Marco is always getting all of the ships and stuff and being called the most relatable but, honestly star deserves it way more but only because she is the main character but, because her upbeat personality is not annoying (anymore) and it helps make the show more interesting. All the attention should be on her relationships with Oskar, Tom, and Marco instead of all the attention being on who Marco dates

Obviously! how could you hate this show, its crazy and funny at the same time--its crazy funny!

Star butterfly for president of the world

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2 Marco Diaz Marco Diaz

He's so cute and so sweet to Star. He would make such a good boyfriend.

He's decent at Karate, always seems to have money, a "Good" friend to "Star". Has an awesome mole, and becomes quite the awesome guy during his experience with Hekapoo. - BillowPillow

He's so awesome and cares for star so much. He's a good kid

He always deals with problems, and almost never complains.

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3 Tom

Tom is definitely an interesting character who has gained popularity in the fandom. He deserves more time on the show. His relationship with Marco has improved a great deal. I was so happy to find out that there will be more moments between him and Marco later in the season. Those two have great chemistry and Marco would benefit Tom in a lot of good ways.He is better at dealing with Tom's anger than Brian.Tom and Marco's relationship would be much more captivating than Marco and Star's.

He is powerful and mesmerizing he is my favorite character

This guy is wayy underrated! He gets a lot of hate from (some) Starco shippers...but he is a very good character. Yeah, he has anger issues, but he has a therapist and is working on getting better! People should appreciate him more.

I don't rly have a favorite svtfoe character (mostly chose tom based off appearance only lol)

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4 Toffee

Why isn't he higher? He was the most intelligent yet surprising villain this show has had.

Once he comes back, everybody will be voting for Toffee - Devy

Lizard lawyers are the best

He's the best character of the whole show in my opinion. A brave and cunning lizard rising up to fight for Septarians! Woohoo! #BringToffeeBack

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5 Janna

I love Janna! I hope we get to see some character development from her soon, she's not on the show as much as her fans would like her to be.

Janna is a really cool character. I ship her with Tom.

I really want Janna and Tom to end up together. I also wish this ship/pairing got more attention in the fandom.

She is the greatest and most savage character in the shower (that is human )

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6 Queen Butterfly Queen Butterfly

She's one of my favorite characters and I don't know why. And for some reason I ship her with Toffee.

She is amazing look at her in season 3

Awesome development in season 3! - CutiePoops

I think queen butterfly is my second favorite character, I honestly don't know whos better Toffee or Queen Butterfly.

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7 Jackie Lynn Thomas Jackie Lynn Thomas

I love Jackie. I feel like she is such a unique character. The only problem is, she gets little to no screen time and no character development at all. We don't know much about her, and I really hope the characters besides Star and Marco get character development and screen time, Like Janna,Brittney,Oskar, and Tom, and some others.

I agree. She would be much more likable if she had more development - CutiePoops

I ship Jackie with Oskar. That ship needs more love, they seem way more compatible than Star with Oskar or Jackie with Marco.

She's so chill and easygoing with everything I love it

I just love her character, and his style,and its way of behaving with those around her. I hope she can have a relevant role in the coming seasons, so we can learn more about her...I think I've got a crush for her

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8 Ludo Ludo

Ludo is in my dreams

He is awesome

There's a bit of Ludo in any of us!

9 Mr. Diaz Mr. Diaz

Best Dad ever!

Hot dilf

10 King Butterfly

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11 Hekapoo

She's a fun and interesting character with a unique outfit. Though a bit creepy.

I love her! She have a very funny adult + child personality mix and an unique way to mess with marco!

She's the best svtfoe character hands down!

Hekapoo best caricater

12 Flying Pony Princess Head

Pony head is a risk taker and that's why shes awesome!

She is so funny!

13 Mrs. Diaz
14 Eclipsa the Queen of Darkness

She's already one of the coolest caricatures in the show and we barely know anything about her.

SHES JUST SO ADORABLE! Lol like come on it's hard to resist her cute charms

15 Principal Skeeves V 1 Comment
16 Oskar

I would like to see him and star date before star inevitably ends up with Marco

Oskar is really cute and he has a crush on Star Butterfly, I hope we see more of him in upcoming seasons!

I want to see more of him

Very cute and underrated. Should date Jackie.

17 Glossaryck Glossaryck

Glob gor.



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19 Buff Frog
20 Rhombulus
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