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21 Baby

The blue manitore/horse/unicorn/man thing carrying the apple so carefully to Baby, and then his awkward look of approval when he accidentally drops and destroys... it makes the episode.

22 Ludo in the Wild

How this is not in the top 10 is beyond me

23 Star on Wheels
24 Game of Flags
25 Starstruck
26 The Hard Way
27 Diaz Family Vacation
28 Sleepover
29 Brittney's Party

It's a hole episode about making a bratty girl's party better. How can you not like it? - Mace

30 Fortune Cookies V 1 Comment
31 Marco Grows a Beard
32 Wand to Wand
33 Mr. Candle Cares
34 Star vs. Echo Creek
35 Interdimensional Field Trip
36 Gift of the Card

One of the most dramatic filler episodes in my opinion, I loved how Marco was trying to protect Star, and the hug, it was pretty sad that I shed a tear, this episode is underrated.

37 School Spirit

Are you kidding me, this should be #2, I think it is the funniest

WHO ADDED THIS EPISODE TO HERE look mace, I respect your opinion, but this one was terrible. Star looks bad as a knight, the plot sucks, IT EVEN FORCES YOU LIKE SCHOOL! Disney, You Can't Force Us To Like School. Also You Can Make A Better Show Than This - TheKirbyCreeper999

V 1 Comment
38 Royal Pain
39 Freeze Day
40 The Banagic Incident
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