Top 10 Star Wars Battles

Which Battle is your favorite of all time from the battles of the Clone Wars to the Battle of Endor what was your favorite. Any battles from Clone Wars, Rebels will count. Please view the Episdoe Vlll (7) battles at the risk of Spoilers. Please don't read this if you haven't seen any of the movies. No expanded universe.

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1 Battle of Hoth

Probably by name more well known the Battle of Yavin, the Battle of Hoth also had a lot of Drama going on to it. It set off a dark tone for the movie. The battle against the AT-AT and the invasion of the base. It sets up a great movie as well. While there wasn't a lot to say it was the execution that was great.

2 Battle of Coruscant

Episode lll was a dark movie and while it wasn't as good as the Originals it had this Epic Battle. Before the series Star Wars: Clone Wars not The Clone Wars(a difference there is[Yoda]) I would favor battle of Endor. But seeing the kidnaping and the battle on the ground had changed my mind. It was intense and then the sky battle amazing. The buzz Droids. Then as the batte rages on with so many ships, Shooting all of that. Then the invasion of the Ship. Anakin and Obi Wan fighting Dooku and then later Grevious's guards. Than the crash landing. Great Battle. It was amazing.

3 Battle of Endor

Needs to be #1 It has everything... a light saber dual, a space battle, and a land battle.

4 Battle of Yavin

Arguably one of the best movie scenes of all time had come from this battle where Vader is stopped by Han Solo before shooting Luke. Many famous Star Wars quotes came from this battle. Such as "Use the force Luke." And the less famous "I have you in my sights." The battle itself was exciting being topped off by the dramatic conclusion would the missal go in and the Destruction of the Death Star. If it wasn't for this Empire Strikes Back would be my favorite.

5 Battle of Bespin (Cloud City)
6 Battle of Genosis (Episode 2)
7 Battle of Lothal (Rebels)
8 Battle at Mos Eisley
9 Battle of Crystophis (The Clone Wars)
10 Battle of Teth and Tatooine (The Clone Wars)

The Contenders

11 Battle Of Kashyyyk (Episode 3)
12 Battle of Scarif
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1. Battle of Genosis (Episode 2)
2. Battle of Hoth
3. Battle of Endor
1. Battle of Hoth
2. Battle of Coruscant
3. Battle of Bespin (Cloud City)



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