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201 Momaw Nadon
202 Ugnaught

So glad you can kill them like total wussies in the Force Unleashed

They look like a mutant Santa Claus.

203 Vizam
204 Red Nikto
205 Lumat
206 Chukha-Trok
207 Lott Dod
208 Ask Aak V 1 Comment
209 Po Nudo
210 Sand Skitter
211 Bantha

The Bantha is one of my favorite Star Wars characters. It has such a unique design. I've heard that the first bantha in episode 4 was an elephant dressed in a costume of fur and fake horns. that's because CGI wasn't around back then. the costume however, proved problematic for George Lucas during filming. the elephant was unaccustomed to heat, and during the filming of Tatooine scenes in Death Valley, California, its costume kept coming off. lucas retained the original shots of the elephant, rather than replacing them with CGI, for the 1997 re-release of star wars a new hope.

212 Onaconda Farr
213 Kitster Chanchani Banai V 1 Comment

Yay. Like a shape-shifting C3PO that doesn't have a conscience. Although HK-44 blows this bot out of the water.

215 Dash Rendar

Another Han Solo clone. Kyle Katarina was a Solo-alike as well, but at least he turned into an original character

216 Veer

Salman Khan as veer fighting against British

217 ARC-5555
218 Eeth Koth Eeth Koth

I'm not actually sure whether he's already on the list or not because I didn't have time to look. He is still one of the coolest


219 ASP Droids
220 R1-G4
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