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341 Nute Gunray Nute Gunray

I am voting for him not because I like him but because he is a retard. He does NOTHING in the whole series!

Last on my list - matt20061

342 Wicket W. Warrick V 2 Comments
343 8D8
344 4-LOM

Ahh, 4-LOM. He's basically C-3PO but is a bounty hunter at the same time. And he's not annoying.

345 Womp Rat

Higher than jar jar what why

It's insulting

346 99

He's was only in 2 episodes of the clone wars. he was the janitor for the clones, yet he was able to be called a true clone. He was the best clone its sad he had to die.

347 Greedo Greedo

I thought his scene was hilarious when he was smack talking Han!

Greedo shot first - Thecyanryan

In some scenes Greedo is played by a woman named Maria De Aragon.

Han shot first

V 1 Comment
348 Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas. A major character in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, he also has a smaller role in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and a one-line cameo in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the television series more.

WHY IS JAR JAR LAST?!?!?!? DEAD LAST! He totally deserves more credit. He's got this funny voice, super funny, and he so dumb he doesn't even realize it which makes him more funny. And someone please tell me why everyone hates him. PLEASE!

I masturbate to my shrine of him on a daily basis

I love how he is last on the list he deserves it - Batmaniscole

Jar Jar Binks is pure awesomne, he's super funny and has a funny voice! - darthvadern

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