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81 Ki-Adi-Mundi Ki-Adi-Mundi

He was one of the few Jedi that could hold of grievous also he was able to deflect many of the shots fired at him and killed three clones in the process during order 66

He looks stupid.

Got killed easily by a couple of clones meh

Oh my gosh he is the 2nd most powerful Jedi of all time
today is the 1st he even saw the Jedi purge coming

82 Dexter Jettster

Huwhat? This guy just helped in one scene and was never heard of again! How is he on here!

83 Boss Nass

I don't like this name. It makes me think of the a word.

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84 K-3PO
85 Ziro The Hutt V 1 Comment
86 Chirrut Imwe

How's he not higher?!

Pretty underrated. I really want to learn this dude's backstory.

I loved this guy. He was so awesome. He was basically a blind monk/warrior who believed in the Force when the only alive Force user was Darth Vader. Spoilers:

He died peacefully in the middle of the battlefield and even had the mantra "I am with the force the force is with me". Not to mention that the scene where he got bagged was one of the funniest bits in all off Rogue One. I really hope that the knights of ren/Rogue one through cloning of something team theory is wrong because I don't want to see turn to the dark side, even though he would have some cool dialogue like "I am finally with the force" and possibly be for Kylo Ren the young newcomer taking charge. I love this guy so much and if I could save anyone in the Rogue one it would be him followed by Bodhi Rook but this is getting off topic

87 Jagged Fel

It is TOTALLY not HIS fault that he fell in love with Jaina Solo!

88 Poggle the Lesser

He's an awesome leader and he mad his planet's campaign one of the hardest in republic history.

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89 Jek Tono Porkins
90 Worrt

The frog thing outside of jabba's palace

91 Watto
92 Zam Wessel V 3 Comments
93 Max Rebo

Max rebo looks like a pile of clay.

Blue Keyboard Elephant, nothing more!

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94 Agen Kolar
95 Ponda Baba

Actually, Kenobi sliced off his arm.

Luke sure sliced Ponda's arm when he was taunting him (that's the only time you'll see blood in the movies).

Yeah, in the 1st, ( or fourth) Luke was a bit... Useless and whiney.

96 IG-86
97 R4-GO

My god what he should be higher

98 Super Battle Droid

They nearly killed Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Sith fans should have voted for them

Better than battle droid

They're like battle droids, but more super

A force to be reconed with

99 Mynock V 2 Comments
100 Dwarf Spider Droid

These droids make me laugh.

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