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101 Rock Wart
102 Pre Vizsla V 1 Comment
103 Bespin Guard V 1 Comment
104 Darth Nihl

Sexy, cool, sweet, kind, shy, and only is he 21! He is my sweet little boy! :-D

105 Rugor Nass
106 Kanan Jarrus V 1 Comment
107 Gonk Droid

Still a better character than Jar Jar

V 3 Comments
108 CC-6454 "Ponds"

He got killed by aura sing

By far the best clone - francesco

V 1 Comment
109 General Hux
110 Biggs Darklighter V 2 Comments
111 Sabine Wren

Shes like jango and jango is awesome

She's a Mandalorian! Mandalorians are some of the most skilled fighters in the galaxy that even Jedi and Sith would have a hard time trying to take down. Another thing, she is artistic and creative like me! - Daviddv0601

112 E-3PO
113 Embo

Basically he's a badass bounty hunter that wears captain America's shield on his head

V 1 Comment
114 R3-D3 V 1 Comment
115 Seripas
116 Vestara Khai V 1 Comment
117 Zuckuss

Awesome bounty hunter! He uses intuition and partners up with 4 lom (another bounty hunter) to hunt down his victims.

118 Khem Val

Total bad ass assassin who will devour you little sith...

119 Bib Fortuna

Why in the heck does he even say" do you wanna wonka" its pointless

Bib Fortuna is dumb and pointless.

V 2 Comments
120 TC-14
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