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101 Garindan
102 Davin Felth V 1 Comment
103 Coleman Trebor
104 Tessek
105 Dengar

Ok so for me it's a three-way tie between boba, ig-88 and dengar but Denmark gets my vote because I think he is under appreciated.

What the heck happened to this guys head⁉️

Pretty cool guy. Only Star Wars character to mess around with the potty... He has toilet paper raped around his head!

106 Ephant Mon

His name is likely a pun to the real-life Elephant Man. indeed, Ephant Mon was referred to as elephant man during pre-production of Return of The Jedi.

V 2 Comments
107 Shaak Ti Shaak Ti

My favorite Star wars character.

My favourite Jedi of all time.


Because despite being one of the main characters in the clone wars in the main movies she was barley mentioned or even was seen. - Thecyanryan

108 Rock Wart
109 Bespin Guard V 1 Comment
110 Darth Nihl

Sexy, cool, sweet, kind, shy, and only is he 21! He is my sweet little boy! :-D

111 Rugor Nass
112 Kanan Jarrus V 1 Comment
113 Captain Panaka

Captain Pancakes. New Zealand style

V 1 Comment
114 Gonk Droid

Still a better character than Jar Jar

Best character ever

Technically GNK. - Metalhead1997

Best ever

V 1 Comment
115 CC-6454 "Ponds"

He got killed by aura sing

By far the best clone - francesco

V 1 Comment
116 General Hux
117 Biggs Darklighter V 2 Comments
118 E-3PO
119 Embo

Basically he's a badass bounty hunter that wears captain America's shield on his head

Who on earth is embo?

He's one of the bounty hunters introduced in Season 2 of the Clone Wars when Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka help a village of farmers defend their homes from Hondo's pirates. - Metalhead1997

120 R3-D3 V 1 Comment
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