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121 Palpatine

Nothing would happen in Star Wars if he wasn't in it, (not that I like him, I don't )

He sucks. He wouldn't have overthrown the jedi without Anakin Skywalker. - Elias35

Would still be a senator if not for Jar Jar Binks

He is said 3 times here people?

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122 4-LOM

Ahh, 4-LOM. He's basically C-3PO but is a bounty hunter at the same time. And he's not annoying.

123 MagnaGuard
124 W. Wald
125 R3-S6
126 TC-38

I think I found the light switch and before you know it the stupid droid wakes up a ton of battle droids. Then the droid said "I've always wanted to go to Felucia" and that's the place the droid dies.

127 Kir Kanos
128 Rancor

Fun fact: the Rancor in episode 6 was originally going to be played by a man in a suit, but no one was satisfied with the results. the rancor was then made as a rod-operated puppet, filmed with a high-speed camera to slow its movements down to give the illusion of a much larger creature.

I've heard that the concept idea of the rancor in return of the Jedi was described as a "cross between a Bear and a Potato."

Jabba may be a cruel, cold-hearted gangster, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a soft spot for animals. And The Rancor is no exception.

Clearly one of the best Star Wars creatures ever constructed.

129 Mira V 1 Comment
130 Tusken Raider

One of them is force sensitive, has a grudge against Anakin for killing his entire village (he also knows that he's also Vader) and his name his Hoar. Enough said.

131 B'omarr Monk V 1 Comment
132 Wampa

Dumb and pointless, and he almost killed Luke. This Yeti is an ass

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133 Salacious B. Crumb

Probably the greatest Star Wars character of all time. UDA HAHAAHA!

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134 Ree-Yees
135 Oola V 2 Comments
136 Gamorrean Guard

They look like crossbreeds between pigs and ogres.

137 Fodesinbeed Annodue
138 Weequay

Weak. That's all you have to know about them.

139 Malakili
140 Jubnuk

I've heard this rumor on the internet that he escaped the Rancor's stomach by slicing it open with a talisman he found in there. it wasn't in the movie so I guess it didn't happen. next time, don't believe everything you read off of the internet.

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