Top Ten Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes

Ranking the episodes of the Clone Wars by greatness.

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1 Carnage of Krell

Turning clones against clones. Jeez this guy is crazy. - Jblood

So sad when Boil died. Or was it Waxer. It made me want to kill Krell. With that said, Krell's plan was clever.

Gave the troopers so much more depth

My favorite is, Voices,.

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2 The Wrong Jedi

Such an emotional episode

A heart wrenching episode

This one was sad

In the long run, I'm happy Ashoka left.

3 The Lawless

I don't know how this isn't number one.

4 Revenge

Darth Maul returning was amazing. Obi Wan and Ventress teaming up against the most dynamic duo in Star Wars was incredibly awesome.

5 Rookies

One of the first episodes, and surprisingly good, not cartoonist at all. The story was great, the action was great, and the whole thing was well done.

Loved this episode. I loved how it was all about the clones.

I love clone episodes, and the strong fight scenes were awesome. It was sad when Hevy died, especially after watching Clone Cadets.

6 Massacre

One of the darkest episodes in the series, but still amazing.

I loved the night sister massacre

7 Witches of the Mist

Amazing and powerful lightsaber action. Three out of my five favorite villains in it: Ventress, Opress and Dooku.

I love the slaughter of toyderian guards and king kattunkos death

8 Landing at Point Rain

Very intense, and there wasn't a second when I was bored.

9 Rookies

This one should be higher, right?

So good, its on the list twice

10 Brain Invaders

This episode was scary, freaky and super cool

The Contenders

11 Overlords
12 The Citadel
13 Grievous Intrigue

Love it how Cody had the guts to take on General Grievous! This Episode was amazing. Love the Obi-Wan Grievous Fight!

One of the highlights of season 2, plus I've commando droids, space battles, Grievous, Anakin, magna guards, and eeth koth

14 ARC Troopers

This episode blew my mind. I think it should be at the top the list. A space battle, some really nice droid vs. clone showdowns, and two iconic lightsaber duel matchups.

15 The Box

Just loved seeing bounty hunters and obiwan work together. Plus any episode with cad bane is amazing

16 Shadow Warrior
17 The Hidden Enemy

This episode happened before the clone wars movie.

This had everything a good episode should have.

18 Voyage of Temptation

Pretty solid for a filler episode

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19 Lair of Greivous

Any episode with Greivous in it is a friend of mine.

This one of my favorite episodes.

20 Altar of Mortis

It is not always about battle. No one expected Ahsoka to turn evil.

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