Top Ten Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes

Ranking the episodes of the Clone Wars by greatness.

The Top Ten

1 The Lawless

I don't know how this isn't number one.

Yesss this episode is the best the bitch satine dies and obi wan doesn't have to worry abt helping her off a chair and saving her dumbass 24/7

2 Carnage of Krell

Turning clones against clones. Jeez this guy is crazy. - Jblood

So sad when Boil died. Or was it Waxer. It made me want to kill Krell. With that said, Krell's plan was clever.

Gave the troopers so much more depth

This was my favourite episode of my favourite clone wars arc (so this means it is my favourite episode

3 The Wrong Jedi

A heart wrenching episode

Such an emotional episode

This one was sad

In the long run, I'm happy Ashoka left.

4 Rookies

One of the first episodes, and surprisingly good, not cartoonist at all. The story was great, the action was great, and the whole thing was well done.

Just plain awesome

Loved this episode. I loved how it was all about the clones.

Heavy ist der beste!

5 Revenge

Darth Maul returning was amazing. Obi Wan and Ventress teaming up against the most dynamic duo in Star Wars was incredibly awesome.

6 Witches of the Mist

Amazing and powerful lightsaber action. Three out of my five favorite villains in it: Ventress, Opress and Dooku.

I love the slaughter of toyderian guards and king kattunkos death

7 ARC Troopers

This episode blew my mind. I think it should be at the top the list. A space battle, some really nice droid vs. clone showdowns, and two iconic lightsaber duel matchups.

8 The Citadel
9 Shades of Reason

"Only the strongest shall rule"
Idon't know that moment in the episode still gives me chills

Mail and pre vislas duel was so epic and showed just how powerful maul really was. He didn’t even use the force to help him defeat vista and relied only on his lightsaber skills and agility.

10 Landing at Point Rain

Puts the war in star wars

Very intense, and there wasn't a second when I was bored.

The Contenders

11 Grievous Intrigue

Love it how Cody had the guts to take on General Grievous! This Episode was amazing. Love the Obi-Wan Grievous Fight!

One of the highlights of season 2, plus I've commando droids, space battles, Grievous, Anakin, magna guards, and eeth koth

12 Brain Invaders

This episode was scary, freaky and super cool

13 The Box

The Box is a really cool and the fact that obi wan can fool everyone into cad bane saving him is dumb

Just loved seeing bounty hunters and obiwan work together. Plus any episode with cad bane is amazing

14 Shadow Warrior

"your a fool rish loo" best quote in star wars saga

It was ok

15 Altar of Mortis

It is not always about battle. No one expected Ahsoka to turn evil.

16 Revival
17 Massacre

One of the darkest episodes in the series, but still amazing.

I loved the night sister massacre

18 Lair of Greivous

Shows you why you cannot expect to survive in his home

Any episode with Greivous in it is a friend of mine.

This one of my favorite episodes.

19 Overlords
20 Darkness on Umbara

Damn, so awesome. The whole Umbara Arc was probably the best in the series, even better than Maul and The Wrong Jedi Arcs. The voice acting was amazing, the action was exhilarating, the environment was stunning. Just, woah

21 Orders
22 The Deserter

I feel this episode is one that few ever talk about. Cut is an interesting character, the conflict is intriguing, and the action is amazing!

23 The Hidden Enemy

This episode happened before the clone wars movie.

This had everything a good episode should have.

24 Deception
25 Voyage of Temptation

Pretty solid for a filler episode

I love a good mystery.

The one where we find out about Satine Kyrze and Obi Wan

26 Sacrifice
27 Friends and Enemies
28 The Unknown

This is the arc where Fives dies, right?

29 A War on Two Fronts
30 Sabotage
31 The Gathering
32 Wookie Hunt
33 Lightsaber Lost

Clever, clever

34 Death Trap
35 The Zillo Beast
36 Innocents of Ryloth

This one is very underrated

37 R2 Come Home

Yeah, this one was boring

38 Hostage Crisis

Introduces Cad Bane, my favorite bounty hunter.

39 Cargo of Doom

This one was so awesome! Great Cad Bane action and very exciting

40 Missing in Action
41 Corruption

Your kidding, right? This one sucked!


42 Blue Shadow Virus

I liked it, very solid(unlike sequel)

43 Crisis on Naboo

They kidnapped the Chancellor. Come on, people.

44 Cloak of Darkness

The Ventress action was amazing(as always). Character building for Ashoka, but my favorite part was the Argyus vs. Gree.

45 The General
46 Destroy Malevolence
47 The Academy
48 A Friend in Need
49 Jedi Crash

Beautiful episode - 445956

50 Malevolence Rising

Really takes me back to old times and one of my favourite episodes all together. Kinda underrated, if you ask me, because the way Plo Koon behaves around his troopers in that escape pod, really pulls at my heartstrings. The way he tells them that to him their lives matter more than searching for the Malevolence and then this exchange:

Plo: Sergeant, what makes you so sure that no one is coming?

Sinker: We're just clones sir. We're meant to be expendable.

Plo: Not to me.

It really cements things in the eyes of the viewers. *dabs eyes*

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