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1 Yoda Was Almost Played by a Monkey
2 "Ewok" Was Never Spoken In the Original Trilogy
3 Han Solo Almost Died In Return of the Jedi
4 Cliff Clavin Makes a Cameo In "The Empire Strikes Back"
5 Bobba Fett's Face Is Visible In the Original Movies
6 "The Empire Strikes Back" Uses the Most Stop Motion Animation
7 "I Have Got a Bad Feeling About This" Became a Running Gag In the Franchise
8 Harrison Ford Almost Wasn't Han Solo

Burt Reynolds, Nick Nolte, and Kurt Russel were also considered for the role of Solo.

Al Pacino and Christopher Walken were considered for the role of Han Solo.

9 Return of the Jedi Almost Had a Very Different Ending
10 There is a Polish Death Metal Band Named After Darth Vader

The band's called Vader.

They also did a song for the game The Witcher.

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11 Jabba the Hut Was Originally Going to Be Furry
12 The Face of Yoda Was Based on Albert Einstein
13 The Original Title for Star Wars Was "Adventures of Luke Starkiller As Taken From the Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars". It Was Eventually Shortened
14 Star Wars is the Most Successful Movie Related Toy Line Ever With 250 Million Action Figures Sold Between 1978 and 1986
15 Frank Oz, the Actor Who Voiced Yoda, Also Voiced Miss Piggy on the Muppets
16 The Sound of Darth Vader's Labored Breathing Was Achieved Using a Scuba Regulator
17 George Lucas Was Diagnosed With Hypertension and Exhaustion as a Result of Filming Star Wars
18 Every Star Wars Movie in the United States Has Been Released in May, One Week After George Lucas's Birthday
19 John Williams Won an Oscar for the Star Wars Soundtrack. The American Film Institute Later Named It the Greatest Film Score of All Time
20 Chewbacca Was Based on George Lucas's Dog, Indiana. His Dog Was Also the Inspiration for the Name Indiana Jones.
21 The Millennium Falcon Was Inspired By the Shape of a Hamburger With an Olive In Its Side
22 The Character of Han Solo Was Based on Lucas's Friend Francis Ford Coppola, The Director of The Godfather
23 It Took Up to 10 Puppeteers Using Both Hands to Operate Jabba the Hutt
24 Mark Hamill, The Actor Who Played Luke Skywalker, Damaged His Face in a Car Accident Following Primary Shooting Which Made Reshoots Impossible
25 It Took 3 Actors to Portray Darth Vader. James Earl Jones Did the Voice, Sebastian Shaw Was His Face, and David Prowse Was His Body
26 After Discovering That the 20th Century Fox Special Effects Department Was Shutdown Just Prior to Filming, George Lucas Started His Own Company Known As Industrial Light & Magic
27 R2-D2 Was Named After a Piece of Film Editor's Jargon. It Means "Reel 2, Dialog 2"
28 The Ewoks Were Named After the Miwok, a Native American Tribe Indigenous to the Location Where the Endor Scenes Were Filmed
29 George Lucas Was Famous for Using Words From Non-English Languages to Name People. Yoda Means "Warrior" in Sanskrit and Darth Vader is Named After the Dutch Word for "Father"
30 Peter Mayhew, The Actor Who Played Chewbacca, Was 7'2" (2.2 Meters) Peter William Mayhew was an English-American actor, best known for portraying Chewbacca in the Star Wars film series.
31 Steven Spielberg Was Lucas's First Choice to Direct Return of the Jedi But He Was Part of the Directors Guild Which Lucas Had Left on Bad Terms So Steven Was Forbidden From Taking the Role
32 Of the Asteroids in The Empire Strikes Back, One is a Shoe and Another is Actually a Potato
33 Originally, The Force Was Going to be Some Sort of "Galactic Holy Grail" Named the Kyber Crystal
34 Luke and His Family Were Originally Imagined as Dwarves
35 Han Solo Was Originally Meant to be a Green Skinned Monster Who Had a Set of Gills and No Nose
36 Radiohead Producer Nigel Godrich Played a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
37 Female Fighter Pilots Were Filmed for Dogfights in the Original Trilogy But Their Scenes Were Removed in the Final Cuts
38 In Some Scenes of Episode IV Greedo is Played by a Woman Named Maria De Aragon
39 NSYNC Made a Cameo in Attack of the Clones at the Request of George Lucas's Daughter. They Were Later Edited Out in the Final Cut
40 While Developing the Story for Return of the Jedi, Lucas Had the Idea of Luke Putting Darth Vader's Helmet On and Stating "Now I Am Vader" and Having Luke Turn to the Dark Side
41 No Physical Suits of Armor Were Ever Built for the Clone Troopers In the Prequels. All Clone Troopers Were Computer Generated
42 Qui-Gon Jinn Used a Gillette Razor As a Communicator In the Phantom Menace
43 E.T. Makes a Brief Appearance In Episode I
44 David Prowse, the Actor Who Wore the Vader Suit In the Original Trilogy is Banned from All Official Star Wars Events Because George Lucas Finds Him Annoying
45 Chewbacca's Voice is a Mix of Lions, Walruses, Bears, and Badgers
46 Star Wars Was Apparently Inspired by Flash Gordon
47 Episode IV is What Inspired a Young James Cameron to Quit His Job As a Truck Driver and Join the Film Industry In 1977
48 Robert Englund (The Actor Who Played Freddy Krueger) Was Originally Seen for the Role of Han Solo
49 Mark Hamill is Also the Voice of Skips from Regular Show
50 There is a Beastie Boys-Influenced Character in Episode 7 Named Ello Asty

Named after the Beastie Boys album Hello Nasty.

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