Top Ten Star Wars Planets

In the movies, videogames or others; we have seen many planets, space stations or moons in the Star Wars galaxies.

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21 Telos

It has acid lakes. It is a good place to mine. It is beautiful. What is not to like.

22 Korriban

Home plant for the sith, the most powerful being in the galaxyq

23 Rhen Var

Never heard of it. I've heard of every other planet though

It is a frozen (used to be tropical) planet - Charmedyeti

24 Concord Dawn

It was destroyed in a war, but it still exists as a fragment.

25 Yavin

The coolest planet,the Death Star almost blew it up!

26 Takodana

The planet Maz Kanata was seen on, not very creative, but interesting.

27 Dantooine
28 Vanqor
29 Iego

I always thought it was Lego, but it is actually IEGO. (i-A-go.)

30 Hosnian Prime

The capital of the New Republic, destroyed by the First Order's Starkiller Base.

31 Starkiller Base

An ice planet that was turned into a weapon by the First Order, it got its power by draining Dark Energy from Stars, and converted it into Phantom Energy, and shot it towards planets thousands of light years away, that's how the New Republic capital got destroyed.

32 Toola

The planet of the whiphid

33 Polis Massa
34 Cato Neimoidia

It has bridge cities! It is very fun to live here!

35 Nal Hutta
36 Ruusan
37 Cerea
38 Maridun

Maridun is where during a battle, Anakin got badly injured and his pilots accidently hit the hyperdrive and
Anakin, Ahsoka, and Aayla secura were stranded there for days!

39 Dorin
40 Agriworld-2079
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