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21 Destruction of the Death Star One

This was one big moment, the first time the Empire was defeated.

22 Nooooo!
23 Destruction of Hosnian Prime

This was SUCH a BRUTAL scene, does it matter what planets or system got destroyed? This was the new capital of the New Republic, and it was SO AWFUL, VIOLENT and Disturbing that it made Alderaan's destruction, Order 66, Anakin's fate in Ep III and the R rated violent movies seem mild in comparison.

The death toll was More than Anything and it was the Republic capital that got destroyed with the other planets, The Republic, even new, was so important, and it's just so sad to see it go away.

This scene genuinely terrified me when I first saw it. This is coming from a man who watches a lot of horror movies and is rarely scared by them. - OC96

24 Battle of Geonosis
25 Battle Over Coruscant V 1 Comment
26 Mos Espa Podrace

Young Anakin shows his potential when riding a pod-racer and races against the undefeated champion Sebulba. Love how it copied the scene out of Ben-Hur.

V 1 Comment
27 'Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're My Only Hope!'

This just leads the chosen one to his destiny.

28 Vader vs. Obi-Wan

It's really cool seeing Obi-Wan vanish right after getting hit by Vader's lightsaber.

29 Battle of Kashyyyk

I love it when Gree and a swamp trooper dies.

30 Who Shot First


Han - Benster7703

31 Battle on Starkiller base

Even thought it's kinda tiring to see a third death star but in my opinion the battle on Starkiller Base was quite entertaining to watch thanks to the brilliant cinematography and the visuals. the destruction is the best

So epic fight! Most badass scene I ever seen. As rebelians must stop Imperial to charge the Starkiller base s laser cannon before its tooo late. Also TIE fighter is black and x wing is reworked! MUST SEE

32 Yoda vs Darth Tyrannus/Count Dooku

This is an awesome sequence and the first time we seen yoda fight with a lightsaber

33 Han Confronts His Son V 1 Comment
34 Destruction of Alderaan

This Used to be the most powerful and violent scene in Star Wars, and pretty much any movie, 2 billion people roasted and gone, and Obi Wan's words were very powerful, but that was until Hosnian's destruction by the Starkiller, which surpassed this scene as the most violent and darkest part in Star Wars and in any movie.

35 Destruction of Death Star Two

Even more epic than the destruction of Death Star One, we got to see the whole process of it being destroyed.

36 Destruction of Starkiller Base

The destruction of Starkiller Base was one HECK of a show, it was even better than a New Year's celebration with all the fireworks, and we got to see it turn into a star, though a mini star.


37 Darth Vader's Death

Arguably one of the saddest scenes in all of Star Wars. - OC96

38 Force Ghosts
39 You Have a Twin Sister

When vader vs luke on death star 2 vader realises he has a daughter

40 "The force is strong with my family..." Scene between Luke and Leia
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