Top 10 Starcraft 2 Players

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1 oGsMC

MC is a very strong protoss, who is feared by most players he meets. MC either dominates, or he quietly has a poor showing. Even though he sometimes disappoints, it is made up for when he is in his top form.

Most profitable player in wc2 history. And his longevity @ the top of the protoss field is amazing.

MVP is called the king of wings, MC is the king of Starcraft 2! Best player ever, no disscussion!

MC is one of the most innovative and creative player, he has the highest sc2 earnings

2 IMMvp

All round mechanically strong terran who just destroys every foreigner he seems to meet and can fight with the best with the amazing TvT vs Innovation Great player and an icon for many terran players!

The last thing you expect as your pulling out of a losing battle is to realize that your losing to half of his army while the others are being dropped in all of your other bases. GG

Most dominant tournament player, most GSL wins, most major tournament wins. Is termed the King of Wings and is proving to be resurgent in HOTS. There can be very little doubt that he is by far the most successful SC2 WOL player. His span of dominance eclipse MC, NesTea.

So great.Best terran

3 IMNesTea

He is so precice, always timing droning and unit attacks perfectly. He is the most consistant player I have seen, and he has perfect machanics. He is the best over all.

Honestly I just think nestea is AMAZING he's such a great player definitely the best

4 SlayerS_MMA

Really fun to watch and a great player.

5 EG_Huk
6 MVP_DongRaeGu
7 OptimusPrime.WE
8 EG Idra

He is fun to watch, and he is an amazing zerg player. If you realize that he's just angry at the time and not in general then people would relax. Being angry at the time even makes him more fun to watch. E sports needs to get him back into competitive play.

He gets angry because he cares. People think he just doesn't care.

Is op at zerg!

9 IMLosirA

I've seen him screw around in his practice matches against other top plaers; he can win with a baneling drop!

10 The Little One

One of the best player I have seen and really fun to watch because he is so unpredictable and always comes up with new ways to impress.

TLO should be in the top 5!

The Contenders
11 Flash

Is Flash - period

12 SlayerS BoxeR

By far the best terran out there

He is Passion... He is Love... He is the EMPEROR!

13 Fruit Dealer
14 WhiteRa

The best one out there, no doubt. Yes, I know he uses proxy, but he gets away with it too.


15 Stephano

Easily the best. This guy just steamrolls every tournament, I even switched to Zerg just so I could imitate him. Not to mention, he definitely has the best hair, by far.

His zerg control is beyond anyone. I'd rate him above anyone.

16 Grubby

Love watching him play. He's micro and multi task are amazing. He build his own team and still managed to do well in some tournaments.

17 Liquid JinRo
18 INnoVation

Not sure if it's a person or not but definitely the best "thing" has ever played starcraft 2

I don't think he is human, but he is the best star craft player in my opinion.

If you see his bank go over 1000 without maxing out that is not the real innovation.

The best terran player

19 July Zerg

Favorite player, I remember him from way way back.

20 LiquidRett
21 Polt

The coolest Starcraft player. Always smiling and positive.

Best player loves bio

He is 5. In how money he get from SC2.

5th highest winnings among SC2 players and consistently places in the top of most tournaments.

22 Nal-rA
23 sOs

SOs has already won 2 WCS and is one of the strongest Starcraft 2 players alive. Everyone who has seen his games knows he dominate the protoss race like no one ever did in starcraft 2.

This guy just has so many strategies and usually goes against the META which is just great.

24 Serral
25 MarineKingPrime
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