Top 10 Starcraft 2 Players


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21 Polt

The coolest Starcraft player. Always smiling and positive.

Best player loves bio

5th highest winnings among SC2 players and consistently places in the top of most tournaments.

He is 5. In how money he get from SC2.

22 INnoVation

Not sure if it's a person or not but definitely the best "thing" has ever played starcraft 2

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23 MarineKingPrime
24 sOs

This guy just has so many strategies and usually goes against the META which is just great.

SOs has already won 2 WCS and is one of the strongest Starcraft 2 players alive. Everyone who has seen his games knows he dominate the protoss race like no one ever did in starcraft 2.

25 TLO
26 NaNiwa

Come on people, Naniwa is the best protoss ever! He should definitely be number 1.

27 MadFrog
28 Banjo
29 KighT

By FAR my favorite player. He is always very creative with builds you would never expect and somehow makes them work.

30 TaeJa
31 ForCE
32 shy1

Starcraft related...HOTS winner (heroes of the storm)

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