Best Starcraft Characters


The Top Ten

1 Zeratul Zeratul

The best of all

A dark templar prelate and one of the main Protoss protagonists - MatrixGuy

2 Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades Sarah Kerrigan/Queen of Blades

I use to like her in Brood War, but after she didn't get killed in SC2, I hated her forever. - Gods-Judgement

Sarah Kerrigan once an important Terran character is left behind in a dramatic way to the Zerg and become the Swarm's greatest power. She is my personal favorite. - MatrixGuy

3 Jim Raynor Jim Raynor

He's just the best

The Terran's most honorable character - MatrixGuy

4 Artanis Artanis

The hierarch that lead the protoss after the Brood War - MatrixGuy

5 November Annabella "Nova" Terra
6 The Overmind The Overmind

For millennia, the Overmind schemed to sabotage Amon's plans while having no technical free will of his own... He's the super-intelligent version of the prisoner that tricks the sheriff into locking himself in the very same prison he threw the Overmind in.

The Overmind was a millennia-old brain-like entity. It was created by the xel'naga on Zerus to bring order to the zerg and guide them into merging with the protoss. At first it was only a semi-sentient entity created from the instincts and collective sentience of the zerg, but it quickly developed intellect and personality. The Overmind was created with intelligence and the ability to reason, but its free will was undermined by an overriding directive to destroy the protoss. - MatrixGuy

7 Arcturus Mengsk
8 Tassadar Tassadar

The Protos Fallen Hero - MatrixGuy

9 Alarak
10 Alexei Stukov

The Contenders

11 Fenix
12 Abathur
13 Tychus Findlay

The badass of the Starcraft series, even getting his own teaser trailer.

Hell, it's a bout time.

14 Edmund Duke
15 Gabriel Tosh
16 Amon
17 Aldaris
18 Horace Warfield
19 Gerard DuGalle
20 Valerian Mengsk
21 Ouros
22 Mohandar
23 Vorazun
24 Michael Liberty
25 Selendis
26 Urun
27 Talandar
28 Matthew "Matt" Horner
29 Rory Swann
30 Rohana
31 Karax
32 Daggoth
33 Raszagal
34 Nyon
35 Zasz
36 Carolina Davis
37 Kate Lockwell
38 Donny Vermillion
39 Ardo Melnikov
40 Kaldalis
41 Gui Montag
42 Ariel Hanson
43 Mira Han
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