Top 10 Stardew Valley Spouses


The Top Ten

1 Abigail

Abigail is the obvious choice, she is obviously the most fun and interesting out of all the girls in the game.

Abigail is a Purple Haired lady who has a need for adventure. She secretly goes on mines expeditions, and plays the flute as well. She owns an SNES. - SomeDudeNamedThat

2 Leah

Best girl

Leah lives in a cottage and makes sculptures for a living. She constantly tries to achieve this dream and go big. She soon achieves this by hosting an art show in pelican town. - SomeDudeNamedThat

3 Penny

She always cook food for me.

She is nice

Penny takes care of her alcoholic mom, Pam. In her free time, she usually reads or educates kids. She has red hair curled up. - SomeDudeNamedThat

I love penny so much! :3 I love almost everything about her!

4 Shane

Shane is an alcoholic loner dealing with depression and thoughts of suicide. He rents his room from his cousin Marnie. There he helps with the farm, mainly chickens. He gets better the more friendship points you get with him. - SomeDudeNamedThat

5 Sebastian

Sebastian is the "Emo'' of the town, always found in his room, and wearing black clothing. He thinks people thinks he surfs the web, when he actually programs as a job. He feels like he is left out because of his sister Maru. - SomeDudeNamedThat

6 Alex

Alex is the Jock, loving sports and always talking about his latest accomplishments. However, his character is much more then that when you find out his mother died and his dad left him. - SomeDudeNamedThat

7 Emily


Emily is a huge believer in Yoba, Stardew Valleys god. She often meditates to please him. She lives with her sister Haley, and usually does most of the chores around the house. For money she creates dye and cloth and works at the stardust saloon. - SomeDudeNamedThat

8 Maru

Maru is a scientist and part time nurse for Harvey. She also has a habit of stargazing. Demetrius, her father, is also a scientist. However, Demetrius is very overprotective of her. - SomeDudeNamedThat

9 Elliott
10 Haley

The Contenders

11 Harvey

The local health doctor in Pelican town. He dreamed of becoming a pilot, but because of his blurry vision, he couldn't. - SomeDudeNamedThat

Harvey is my unexpected favorite. He’s so sweet and adorkable - thunderstar1124

12 Sam

Sam is really awesome, and he does everything nessasary. He fixes fences and doe the animals... as well as plants!
Plus he is SOOO cute and hot!

13 Marnie
14 Sandy
15 Lewis
16 Wizard

I'm sorry... don't think you can marry Marnie, Sandy, Lewis or the Wizard...

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