Top Ten Stargate SG-1 Episodes

Which are the top ten Stargate SG-1 episodes? Vote now to find out!

The Top Ten

1 Window of Opportunity

If you're a fan of the show, you probably remember the episode where Jack shoots a golf ball through the Stargate and kisses Carter? If not, go watch!

This series should still be running at full speed ahead, for the love of all that right, someone please take over!

My favorite episode of all time.

" In the middle of my backswing " funny as all getout, LOVE, STARGATE!

2 The Fifth Race
3 1969

The name says it all. SG-1 goes back in time to good-ole 1969.

4 Urgo
5 The Lost City
6 Singularity

The episode involves a young girl named Cassie, who is found on a planet with a wide-spread disease. Ever since then, Cassie stole our hearts.

7 Solitudes

This was one of the first episodes I remember seeing. It was interesting to note that the set was frozen during this episode, because of the fact that Jack and Carter were stuck in Antarctica.

8 Upgrades

Jack, Carter, and Daniel test out Tok'ra armbands, which gives amusing and dangerous results.

9 Emancipation

Carter wins the freedom of women in a tribal land, where women are property. She proves herself to the team in the process.

10 Bane
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