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1 My Demons My Demons

This was the song that introduced me to this band. Definitely one of their best!

Superior! I like how deep and passionate this song is! This is the very first song I listened to from this band and I fell in love with this genre of music.

The first Starset song o heard. After listening to the others on their album, I still think this one is the best. The drum instrumentals are very head-bobbing, the lyrics are incredibly deep and for a hard rock/ post-grunge song and really get you thinking, and the overall instrumentals are powerful, but for me the vocals are where it's at. The backing effects are amazing, and the emotion poured into the words is so incredibly intense. It's actually a bit of an inspiring song.


2 Monster Monster

Best of starset

On iTunes this song was #1 for a LONG time. I really don't understand how it hasn't made it to the top 3 here. Halo and Carnivore were good and My Demons used to be my favorite song but this one just blows them away. The lyrics are inspiring, the background sounds are amazing and all of it hitting you at the same time makes you just feel great in the soul.

I love it so much because the lyrics can have any meaning. This song is killer

I think Monster is perfect. It has all the ingredients to be the new "My Demons" of this new album

3 Halo Halo

Awesome to hear and the lyrics are one of the most beautiful. Those things make that this song reaches the heart...

This is the first song of theirs that truly resonated with me. It means a lot to me, and I feel that it's one of the best written songs on the soundtrack.

For a band with only one cd so far, they've done pretty darn good for themselves

Awesome chorus. Best on the album for sure - amcskillet

This song is always incredible but nothing beats unbecoming

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4 Let It Die

Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and- come on, who's with me? - Ashes

Plays beautifully but my headphones are poor :(

Should be #4, maybe even #3.

Definitely should be up there with my demons and halo

5 Carnivore

Far better than monster. The structure is much less what and more intense. The lyrics are simples but deep and emotional. Moreover this song can be thought in different ways, that's cool!



Best one 100%

6 It Has Begun

The song simply sounds fantastic, as well as cryptic. It's the kind of song that motivates you.

But nothing could ever stop us from stealing our place in the sun... - Ashes

Why is this not First? I feel though is their best song yet. The way song makes you stir inside and next thing you know, you are dancing. People stare at you and think that you have lost your mind. BEST SONG EVER

Definitely the best song by starset I've heard. The beginning gets you going, and the chorus and afterward music is incredible. "even a well lit place, can hide salvation.."

7 Unbecoming

Unbecoming's lyrics are powerful and can apply to the real world as well as the fictional one

This is like a story and a moral in a song and it is catchy. Its next to frequency.

I love it is a great song ussually listen to when I am walking home really hopes this makes it to top 10

This should be number one u stupimorons almost every songs onvessels is better than my demons u idiots. And their new cd isn't even close I'm disappointed. Bringing it down die for you and carnavore is prolly the tops

Opinions exist, you know. Starset should've taught you about freedom of the mind. - Cyri

8 Die for You

So much emotion!

Better than all the other COMBINED

Great lyrics!

Should be #1 for sure

9 Antigravity

Underrated Starset song. A must-listen for a catchy Gravity vibe to it!

I love this one! - LarkwingFlight

10 Bringing It Down 2.0

The Newcomers

? Other Worlds than These

The best they have to offer on DIVISIONS, may not be the best song they ever made, but it’s up there 100%.

This song is my second favorite STARSET song ever made just behind Ricochet, this song is absolutely amazing in the chorus, the verses, and the bridge. Don’t leave this one out of one of the top songs STATSET have made.

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11 Dark On Me

Dark, melodic, and powerful. How can you not love this song? I love how it starts off slowly and intensifies consistently as it progresses. First time I heard I had goosebumps and was speechless. Definitely deserves to be number one!

This song may not be My Demons or Carnivore, but it deserves to be listened. It is amazing, and I really like the fact that it's dynamic.

Beautiful love song. Should be in the Top 3.

EPIC. That's all I have to say.

12 Into the Unknown

Maybe not *the* best song they've made, but it's a great introduction to the band, in terms of lyrics and tone. Also a good opening song for their concerts.

13 Everglow

This song is a journey. - Cyri

You really have to fully live through 8 minutes to claim to know this song. I prefer this one for the evolution and outro- really worth listening

The longest song Starset have produced so far clocking in at a little under 8 minutes. (Technically, there's a 2 minute instrumental outro so some could argue the actual song is 6 minutes.) Regardless, a breathtaking finale to their sophomore effort. Starts off slow and beautiful then explodes into a powerful ending. There's quite a bit of electronic and progressive influences throughout the song as well. - XakAtakk

14 Ricochet

Gives me chills every time I listen to it. Such an amazing song

For the first time listened to this I got it stuck in my head its amazing

Incredible meaning, and the bass is out of control awesomeness. I love it.

Heavy and amazing song. I like all their songs but this one is one I can listen too all the time.

15 Satellite

Honestly my favorite song from the band, like many other starset songs it switches up styles in such a way that it takes away your breath, its an overlooked song in an underappreciated album that I didn't even know dropped until a year after the fact. This song perfectly captures why I love this band so much and is an even better example of the type and style of music they make. 10/10

Really great song deserves to be on nr. 1

Forza horizon 4 brought me here lol

I like the overall vibe from this song. Really like Monster as well, but this one beats it by a little bit!

16 Down With The Fallen

How is this so low on the list? This song is brilliant, from the lyrics to the awesome usage of bells in the chorus. Definitely my favorite song of theirs.

I love it, it's not the best one because there is like 3 or 4 best ones. It's one of the best ones.

I never did really listen to Starset all that much. Sure, I would hear "My Demons" or "Carnivore" on the radio, but never really did hear what all they were made of. I decided to listen to "Down With The Fallen" for the first time, and ended up getting lost in the song. This is easily one of Starset's best songs and should be farther up the list.

Okay, Down With The Fallen is complete rock and it sort of chills your bones in a really good way, and it's so sweet how the lyrics are about like asking for help from his love. Totally listen to this, it is the best song of Starset! Totally underrated though.

17 Frequency Frequency

This song is awesome, and you can read a lot into the lyrics, it's awesome and inspired me in my art! I truly love this song.

Favorite of the new album.

I am in love with this awesome song! Really they blended EDM with heavy metal in an awesome way! Damn the breakdown was heavy!

18 Starlight

Should be #1.

Interesting Idea

I relate to this song, and I bet many people will. I just hope before 2018 ends, it will reach the top 10.

Best song #1

19 Point of No Return

This is my favorite song of them all, so good and kind of makes me go a little tryhard haha

Amazing chorus! Feels like I'm going to space while listening to it. One of Starset's best.

This is one of the best songs I ever heard

I love all of star set but this is my 4rth favorite

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20 Rise And Fall

Quite possibly among their most underrated. - Cyri

It's not the best but it's not that bad

Great song! Very very underrated.

21 Bringing It Down

We need 2.0 as well. - Ashes

This song is simply amazing! I love the more hardcore feeling to it

22 Telepathic

AMAZING song! How is this not top 10, more less top 5!?

I LOVE this song, one of their best works in my opinion. Super catchy and just really fun!

Best song on the new album. Hands down.

You know those songs win which you just can't sit still and you have to do something; This is definitely one of those, and this line just kills me:
"Shoulda never fell this way
Cause you're the sun and I'm just a moon
I'm in the dark 'till you light the way"

23 Back to the Earth

Criminally underrated. - Ashes

Back to the Earth is the best so far, in my opinion. Before Vessels was released, I loved listening to "Let it Die", "It Has Begun", and "My Demons" (Heck, every song they have in these albums are good), but now I find myself listening to this song more because its that much better. Can't see why its rated so low. It should be in the top 3, heck it should be THE TOP SONG!

Another one from their upcoming album "Vessels". Better than "Monster", in my opinion, and one of their best overall.

24 Gravity of You

This song is my favorite one but all of the songs are my favorite but I would put this one in number 1 and Love you to death in 2nd

Bridge to this song is the best thing Starset has ever put out

This song must be much higher than least top 10

25 Telescope


As a space-enthusiast this song has it all. Amazing chilling vocals, dreamy chorus and a build up at the end. Definitely in the Top 5 Starset songs. It's a gorgeous tune, really suits Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar". Sucks it's in 11.

Great rhythm, and tune. The vocals in this are really clean. Quite an amazing song by Starset. Definitely should be at the top!

Come on guys, This isn't the spot for this song. Listen it once when no one is around you.

26 Last to Fall

I just love every part of this song. From the slow and nice verses, to the hard chorus, to the bridge. My favorite part is the music in the chorus with the... Piano? Electronics? I'm not sure, but it makes me want to just bob my head

Love this song! The chorus is just amazing!

27 Diving Bell

With a melancholy feel, stirring strings, and heart-wrenching choruses, this song declares that
Starset seriously outdid themselves on this one. I

28 Manifest
29 Echo
30 Trials

The word play this song has is to another level

The chorus always catches you off guard. - Taran2607

Every Part is perfection, I got literal chills the first time I heard it. The singing style in the verses is perfect. - Rathernotbenamed

31 First Light

Amazing intro to a Sci-Fi album!

32 The Future Is Now

I don't know why not many people like this song, but it's one of my favorites.

My least favorite Starset song, but still a good listen. Love the black hole feel to it.

This and telepathic...hardest choice I have to make...

33 Where The Skies End
34 Faultline
35 Solstice

This played when they sent the Divisions star to space and back. - Cyri

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