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1 My Demons My Demons

The first Starset song o heard. After listening to the others on their album, I still think this one is the best. The drum instrumentals are very head-bobbing, the lyrics are incredibly deep and for a hard rock/ post-grunge song and really get you thinking, and the overall instrumentals are powerful, but for me the vocals are where it's at. The backing effects are amazing, and the emotion poured into the words is so incredibly intense. It's actually a bit of an inspiring song.

I think this song has the most emotion in it. I love halo too but my demons takes my pick. "take me high and I'll sing oh you take all of the pain away away away" it's beautiful

I fell in love with this song and now, I'm forever changed. Seriously, this is their best song. None of their songs compare to this one *-*

Their only song surpass any song from linkin park

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2 Halo Halo

This is the first song of theirs that truly resonated with me. It means a lot to me, and I feel that it's one of the best written songs on the soundtrack.

For a band with only one cd so far, they've done pretty darn good for themselves

Awesome chorus. Best on the album for sure - amcskillet

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3 Carnivore Carnivore

Catchy, intense, and different. I love this song! My Demons was a very good song, but Carnivore takes the cake!

Too good. Better than My Demons. I often listen to it when I'm mad at myself.

Definitely my favorite Starset song. SO progressive sounding.

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4 It Has Begun It Has Begun

Why is this not First? I feel though is their best song yet. The way song makes you stir inside and next thing you know, you are dancing. People stare at you and think that you have lost your mind. BEST SONG EVER

Definitely the best song by starset I've heard. The beginning gets you going, and the chorus and afterward music is incredible. "even a well lit place, can hide salvation.."

Another breathtaking Starset tune! This song has it all. The amazing chilling verse that leads to a blastoff chorus. Contagious song.

I love this song too much I am addicted

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5 Dark On Me Dark On Me

Dark, melodic, and powerful. How can you not love this song? I love how it starts off slowly and intensifies consistently as it progresses. First time I heard I had goosebumps and was speechless. Definitely deserves to be number one!

This song may not be My Demons or Carnivore, but it deserves to be listened. It is amazing, and I really like the fact that it's dynamic.

Beautiful love song. Should be in the Top 3.

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6 Antigravity Antigravity

Underrated Starset song. A must-listen for a catchy Gravity vibe to it!

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7 Let It Die Let It Die

Definitely should be up there with my demons and halo

Definitely top #5

I love this song

Great song!

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8 Down With The Fallen Down With The Fallen

Okay, Down With The Fallen is complete rock and it sort of chills your bones in a really good way, and it's so sweet how the lyrics are about like asking for help from his love. Totally listen to this, it is the best song of Starset! Totally underrated though.

Down With The Fallen is really underrated. It should be in the top 5 in my opinion.

This song is the most underrated song by starset, it's really amazing!
1. Down with the fallen
2. It has begun
3. Carnivore
4. My Demons
5. Let it Die

Such a good song. My personal favorite Starset song, better than most BB songs actually. It's a catchy tune with a great chorus. Starset's most underrated song

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9 Monster Monster

I think Monster is perfect. It has all the ingredients to be the new "My Demons" of this new album

It's the newest song!

Should be top 3

10 Point of No Return Point of No Return

Amazing chorus! Feels like I'm going to space while listening to it. One of Starset's best.

This is one of the best songs I ever heard

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? Last to Fall Last to Fall
? Last to Fall Last to Fall
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11 Telescope

As a space-enthusiast this song has it all. Amazing chilling vocals, dreamy chorus and a build up at the end. Definitely in the Top 5 Starset songs. It's a gorgeous tune, really suits Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar". Sucks it's in 11.

Great rhythm, and tune. The vocals in this are really clean. Quite an amazing song by Starset. Definitely should be at the top!

Come on guys, This isn't the spot for this song. Listen it once when no one is around you.

This song should be within the top 5. Number 11 is insulting

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12 Frequency Frequency V 1 Comment
13 The Future Is Now The Future Is Now

My least favorite Starset song, but still a good listen. Love the black hole feel to it.

14 Ricochet Ricochet

This is a true masterpiece. I love all Starset songs since I'm a die-hard fan, but I think this is their best work!

The best song I have ever heard from them. Infact this is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Such a good combination of slow to fast paced sounds with amazing lyrics. This beats out any songs from transmissions and many from vessels

15 Bringing It Down Bringing It Down
16 Unbecoming Unbecoming

A very catchy tune that is among Starset's best from their latest album

17 Satellite Satellite

This album is so damn good!

Best song ever heard

18 Back to the Earth Back to the Earth

Back to the Earth is the best so far, in my opinion. Before Vessels was released, I loved listening to "Let it Die", "It Has Begun", and "My Demons" (Heck, every song they have in these albums are good), but now I find myself listening to this song more because its that much better. Can't see why its rated so low. It should be in the top 3, heck it should be THE TOP SONG!

Another one from their upcoming album "Vessels". Better than "Monster", in my opinion, and one of their best overall.

19 Gravity of You Gravity of You
20 Die for You Die for You V 1 Comment
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