Top 10 States That Do Not Actually Exist

The Top Ten

1 South California

They call LA and San Diego SoCal.

South California is Basicly not a State

South California is not the part of The Famousenia States
The States in The Famousenia States are Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada & California
But Not South California

2 North Rhode Island

North Rhode Island is the Smallest State that does not Actually Exsist in USA
North Rhode Island is Claimed by Rhode Island

3 Pead Pod Republic of Rhode Island & Connecticut

Pead Pod Replublic of Rhode Island & conneticut is Claimed by Rhode Island & conneticut

4 Slwadan Republic County

Slwadan replublic County is Claimed by Vermont & also Slwadan replublic County is Not a County & its not a State

5 Hemluck Republic of Rhode Island

Hemluck replublic of Rhode Island is not a State but Hemlick replublic of Rhode Island is Claimed by Rhode Island

6 Central California

Central California is just a little Line in the middle of California. Central California is Claimed By California
& so is South California

7 West Hawaii

West Hawaii is Claimed by Hawaii & West Hawaii is not a State

8 Central Hawaii

Central Hawaii is Claimed by Hawaii
If Central Hawaii was a State Central Hawaii would be the 3rd Smallest State in USA
& if Central Hawaii was a state then it would only have 1 County or 2

9 Fran Strip Vermont

Fran strip Vermont is claimed by Vermont

10 The Bernead County Calneva

The Bernead County CalNea is Not a state but Claimed by California & Nevada

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