Top 10 States That Do Not Actually Exist

The Top Ten

1 South California

South California is Basicly not a State

They call LA and San Diego SoCal.

South California is not the part of The Famousenia States
The States in The Famousenia States are Colorado, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada & California
But Not South California

2 North Rhode Island

North Rhode Island is the Smallest State that does not Actually Exsist in USA
North Rhode Island is Claimed by Rhode Island

3 Pead Pod Republic of Rhode Island & Connecticut

Pead Pod Replublic of Rhode Island & conneticut is Claimed by Rhode Island & conneticut

4 Slwadan Republic County

Slwadan replublic County is Claimed by Vermont & also Slwadan replublic County is Not a County & its not a State

5 Hemluck Republic of Rhode Island

Hemluck replublic of Rhode Island is not a State but Hemlick replublic of Rhode Island is Claimed by Rhode Island

6 Central California

Central California is just a little Line in the middle of California. Central California is Claimed By California
& so is South California

7 West Hawaii

West Hawaii is Claimed by Hawaii & West Hawaii is not a State

8 Central Hawaii

Central Hawaii is Claimed by Hawaii
If Central Hawaii was a State Central Hawaii would be the 3rd Smallest State in USA
& if Central Hawaii was a state then it would only have 1 County or 2

9 Fran Strip Vermont

Fran strip Vermont is claimed by Vermont

10 The Bernead County Calneva

The Bernead County CalNea is Not a state but Claimed by California & Nevada

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