Top Ten States In India In 2014


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1 Tamil Nadu

We developed many cities, inspite lack of water resource we are good in agricultural sector, leading automobile's manufacturer and second largest IT exporters.

I think in In India this is the only state where public and politicians wont fight against any religion

Very best state why because no dirty politics in religious and best cricketing venue chennai rocks and Indians first corporation since 375 years many more

Tamil is my mother tongue my land is by est

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2 Kerala

Number 1 in education, health sector, living conditions, tourism. Clean and neat places. Even Villages have very good living conditions. Greeny places everywhere, best road density in India, 44 rivers, world class beaches, less communal violence.. what more you want.. ?

Literate people, development of IT sectors, tourism, pure back water, optimistic and energetic youth, young people's mindset to accept political parties on their merits...

When we compare with industrial development... Kerala is fare behind

The God's own country... number 1 state in India...

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3 Maharashtra

It's best state to grow and properly developed your idea and make your dream true

Jai Maharashtra...neet and clean...and did deirty by outside people

Maharashtra is most devloped state in India and lot of peopele from country want to visit this beuityfull state.

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4 Karnataka

Karnataka can give life for kannada peoples as well as for others who comes here once you see bangalore no one goes from here because it is developing and growing city in India, every body know about the karnataka but they will not comment or support because of sentiments of there born city.

Best in everything from it to but industry, education sector, multilingual culture, weather and natural resource, skilled potential and all above peace loving Kannada people.

Karnataka is the most best place in India, Indias no1 in buses, IT industries, agriculture, Historical location, Weather, and you can see all types of peoples. who doesn't agree this please don't come to this state for settle or for job please stay in your place

Karnataka is the perfect place to live in and bangalore just rocks...

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5 Goa


6 Uttar Pradesh

One of the best state in India

It has good resources

It is very good state but has almost 16%of Indias population

No. of scientistists, no. of workers are more in UP
By2020, UP will be number 1 state in India

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7 Assam

Assam is the best place of India

Assam is the best state in india

8 Andhra Pradesh

Is good state in feature

Now future is very good

Now future is very good

In feature ap will become like maharastra now financial position is bad but with in span of 10 years it will become top state in India and cbn is good leader for ap

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9 Madhya Pradesh

Some cities having a exceptional and good facility as metro cities have. And M. P also known for their agricultural rate

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10 Gujarat

Gujarat is best state n best devlop and best safe women in gujarat

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11 Bihar

People of bihar is good people

It's going on progress.

I love my Bihar
Good people but bad political history

12 Rajasthan

Friendly and welcoming People. Rich Culture


13 Punjab

Big heart helping of strangers and many things that not need to define here

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14 Telangana

The best state for so called a best secular.

The state of nizaams.

The state which was the secind richest till 1949

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15 Chhattisgarh

I love chattisgarh people are innocent and sobber

16 Odisha

Best state due to peace full and geographic location

17 Himachal Pradesh

My best state is Himachal

18 Uttarakhand

Best state ever for forest and wildlife.

19 New Delhi NCR

National capital region is the area around Delhi.This place has a lot of job opportunities for youths for ex gurugaon noida region.This place also higher living standards than other states in India

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