Top Ten States of India to Live In


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1 Kerala

Clean and neat places, no pollution, full of greeneries, well educated people, back waters, no communal violence, roads to reach everywhere, very good in tourism and health sector, best police in India.

Cost of living is cheap than other states.

Very good people and good cost of living comparing other states.

It's a unique place

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2 Tamil Nadu

Tamil people are good to invite others and can develop easily. Don't like Hindi and any other languages to dominate with Tamil.

If Tamil Nadu were a separate nation, which will happen sooner (when people cannot tolerate the influx of the useless North Indians) it would have been a France or Germany.

Very good people and good cost of living comparing other states.

There are threee things on which Tamilnadu is way superior than other states.

Worldclass hospitals, great network of transportation and amazing food every where in Tamilnade make it great place to live in.

One big thing on which Tamilnadu has the disadvantage compare to other states.
1. Language.
Tamil is the only language spoken through out the state.
If you speak English you will not have problem as Tamilnadu is one of the most literate state.
Hindi is total absent through out the state.

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3 Karnataka

Karnataka is the best place in India and is the centre part of south India it connects all the states of south India across its borders...

No other people is calm as karnataka people all over India as per research...

Great to stay in karnataka...

Karnataka is a best state for living especially cities like bangalore mysore mangalore really great... Good climate, very clean, people r very nice, for education, hospitality, job, technology, tourist spots everything is good... Karnataka is great...

I just love to be in Bangalore it is corruption free and environmental friendly..

It is better place to live than tamilnadu

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4 West Bengal

A must place to stay for foodies. Living cost is very less. Enjoy the rich culture.

Really, very rich in literature and culture

Nice people with different way of thinking


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5 Goa

Its economy is good, people are good, environment is good.

Best place to leave

Goan people are very friendly and living here means having a good time.

Sex is the main tourist attracion of this place.

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6 Gujarat

It's only safest place in India where women's can move outside at night

It's really safe for women and children and they've got jobs and economic development

Good infrastructure, best low and order, Friendly and Welcoming people, Good Government

Have lived in Gujarat for 1.5 years, in a small town Palanpur, very good place to live, roads are so good, no electricity problem no water problem, people are submissive. Living is affordable. Most of people are v simple no show off.

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7 Maharashtra

It is best state in India to live because here all willing are completed and people are friendly with everyone.

Every Indians dream to visit Mumbai once in life

Great state to live.

The Economy of the state defines everything.

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8 Uttar Pradesh

The crime hub of India. I am very much surprised to see UP's position up here on the 8th spot

It doesn't require a high cost, all facilities are available to middle class people at a nominal cost.

Beautiful places

Very good state with more friendly peoples

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9 Andhra Pradesh

Even me I love andhra because people don't know much about it if you go you don't wanna live this state I am honest I cry when leaving this state

The best place to stay in India!...can visit many tourist attractions indeed...though I'm not born in Andhra Pradesh I just love this place...

It is one of best state to leave with all facilities

Quiet good place..

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10 Assam

Assam is my favourite state. It is a biologically diverse place. Here in the brahmaputra basin we can see the famous one-horned rhino. It is a very nice place to live because here we can see natural beauty, so I love this state.

It's the best place to live in..So calm and peaceful and free of crimes

Come to Awesome Assam... The land of Maa Kamakhya, The land of tea, The land of oil, The land of bamboos, The land of one-horned rhinos... Its India's pride

Place of fashion

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11 Punjab

People are very much helpful and nobody can stay hungry in any village or city as well

The people of punjab are very helpful

Punjab is very good I like it very much it is the best state in India to live.

Punjab is much safer than UP and Bihar

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12 Haryana

It is good state where people are friendly and tension free. When you listen their Haryanavi accent, it is bound that you'll laugh. Also, the population is less and the availability of electricity is perfectly fine.

Haryana is number one...cause of Great hearted people in this state

Its number one state to live no crime and very funny people

Best state in this world

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13 Himachal Pradesh

It was wonderful state for stay

Being in the Indian Army I've been to almost every state in India. HP indeed is one of the most peaceful, naturally beautiful, friendly places in India. It at least deserves a position among the top 5.

This must be in top 3 it deserve that

Best place to live in. H. P. Is the greenest of all.

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14 Odisha

Really a peaceful state with rich capture to live...

Development state

Really Simple people, peaceful environment, high cultural values

I love odisha for very delicious food
its cost of living is average..
natural places.. temples...are very beautiful

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15 Bihar

Highest growth rate despite lacking in resources

Bihar is best

Bihar is most historical place

Bihar was best but because of some politicians bihar losed his good status but one again bihar will be the best state in india after few years

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16 Telangana

Hyderabad is cosmopolitan city and cost living is very and anybody can easily chose as a place to live.

Its in 13 position then why there is lot of people living in Hyderabad?. This list is not accurate.

Best living one and only city in India

It is the best developing state

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17 Rajasthan

Yeah Rajasthan is a good state to live with family, here you find friendly natured people.

I think Rajasthan is the best state to living just because u will get a better life with less cost and jaipur is the best city to live because of best food and royal culture and less traffic as compared with other cities

Great lands of the king

Rajisthan is a land of many brave rajput Kings and queens like Maharana Pratap Prithvi Raj Singh Chahan Amar Pratap Singh Rathore and Queen Padmani who were fearless and never scared with any fellow foreign Muslim ruler

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18 Uttarakhand

Best place to live, simple and friendly people.

Best place to live in.

Love you uttarakhand

When you live on there you really feel like you are on a lap of nature
Love you uttrakhand

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19 Madhya Pradesh

Mp is best state full of peace, beauty and much more.. ,

Best state with great history. And also the heart of india

I also like most Indore

India’s cleanest city is in Madhya Pradesh only
Indore and Bhopal

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20 Sikkim

Sikkim is home to the most genuine and kind hearted people living in india

I love my sikkim

I love sikkim

Sikkim should be in the first place... Its people are broad minded, the state is very clean, it has serene and scenic places everywhere. Most importantly, the temperature remains favourable even in Summers

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21 Jammu and Kashmir

Most flexible place to live in from nature's point of view

Paradise in Earth!
Who doesn't want to live in heaven
Kashmir heaven

Forget here everthing

The Himalaya

22 North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island

A de facto state in India, I live there and it is great

Great Place

23 Chandigarh

Very nice state to live... very peaceful and people's are very nice and helpful And also very important thing is no pollution.

Clean and green 'CITY BEAUTIFUL' well educated peoples are here, women are safe as compared to other state.

Great place to live

24 Chhattisgarh

Best place to live

Peaceful place.

Best place to live... peaceful n lovely place
Very innocent n friendly people..
Economically good...cost of living is cheaper than other states

25 Arunachal Pradesh
26 Mizoram

Beautiful hill states of India. beautiful tribal culture, unselfish people. It is the land of happiness. Every Indian shold visit once to mizoram in life

27 Tripura

Best of best place because of good people and study environment.

Peaceful place on earth

28 Jharkhand Jharkhand

Not a single state in india is crime free and so the Jharkhand is. Not a big deal. Not a single person in India is living in a totally crime free zone. Here, people gives more respect to outsiders than the localities and this makes the Jharkhand a little unique from other states of India. People of Jharkhand don't see outsiders like an enemy which unfortunately lacks on other states.

Rich in mineral...

The best state

29 Kashmir

It is the best place to live because peoples are very friendly, they are handsome

Sadly it has been made a living hell by India.

It haw shuarg 9f world

30 Meghalaya

Moderate Climate, Nice Environment, Fresh air, No shortage of water, Many govt. schools and hospitals.

31 Manipur Manipur

Welcome to Manipur

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