Top Ten States of India to Live In


The Top Ten

1 Kerala

Clean and neat places, no pollution, full of greeneries, well educated people, back waters, no communal violence, roads to reach everywhere, very good in tourism and health sector, best police in India.

Cost of living is cheap than other states.

Very good people and good cost of living comparing other states.

Best state with equality education health environment approachability (4 international airports) high connectivity less traffic good food healthy lifestyle less prone to disease

2 Tamil Nadu

Tamil people are good to invite others and can develop easily. Don't like Hindi and any other languages to dominate with Tamil.

If Tamil Nadu were a separate nation, which will happen sooner (when people cannot tolerate the influx of the useless North Indians) it would have been a France or Germany.

Very good people and good cost of living comparing other states.

Tamilnadu well living state compare than other indian states

3 West Bengal

Nice place. Will enjoy your stay there. Very culturally and historically charged. Also modern with many transport and recreational facilities. Food is VERY important. All communities present with many speaking hindi as well as english, so communication is not a problem.

Of course the best Place for foodies and is also full of tourist spots from mountains to sea beaches...West Bengal has all of it.

Sonar bangla

Place for literature...

4 Goa

Low percentage of Muslims compared to other states (which is good), but it has a high percentage of Christians (not good), but dharmic religions are still a majority which is good (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism)

Highest gdp per capita of any state

Best place to leave

Its economy is good, people are good, environment is good.

5 Karnataka

People are very nice and soft spoken. Have best culture and language, also multilingual

Nice State and peoples are very good

Karnataka is best because here culture and relationship is very good compared to other states

It is the best in India to lead life peacefully. I just love it.

6 Gujarat

Simply the best in all aspects,


Best Infrastructure
Best Environment
Everywhere Business
No Alcohol

Gujrat is best state in India to live because of many types of freedoms.
Best state for foods and drinks because of many varieties. Very friendly and welcoming peoples

7 Maharashtra

Safe to live here

Great people good socity

The Economy of the state defines everything.

It is best state in India to live because here all willing are completed and people are friendly with everyone.

8 Andhra Pradesh

Great place to live calm and developed state to live a classy life

Awesome state to live all type of people

Andhra pradesh is the best state ever

Even me I love andhra because people don't know much about it if you go you don't wanna live this state I am honest I cry when leaving this state

9 Uttar Pradesh

The crime hub of India. I am very much surprised to see UP's position up here on the 8th spot

People here know the love

Freindly and welcoming people
But bad governance

It doesn't require a high cost, all facilities are available to middle class people at a nominal cost.

10 Assam

No discrimination on caste, religion and gender.

It's really an awesome state... Especially Guwahati...Free of crimes... It's just awesome.. If u can visit here at least once.

Assam is my favourite state. It is a biologically diverse place. Here in the brahmaputra basin we can see the famous one-horned rhino. It is a very nice place to live because here we can see natural beauty, so I love this state.

Home to barak and brahmaputra river... Spicy food.. Beautiful landscape... Gateway of North East... People of all tribes found here..

The Contenders

11 Punjab

Home land of humanity

People are very helpful and friendly in Punjab

So true

Punjabi people have the biggest hearts open & so so generous. They greet you like you are second to only God. They will stand at your side in times of trouble no matter what your background or religious belief. They are good honest people and very hardworking. Oh and we had a opportunity to attend a Punjabi wedding over three days! So much Energy and food out of this World.

12 Himachal Pradesh

People is happier in himachal and cost of living is also less a compare to other neighbours,

Best place to live

Nature beauty

Most peaceful, naturally beautiful, friendly people less courrept educated...i think it shout be on top in all aspects

13 Haryana

It should be at number 1

Very beautiful place with greenery and people are also helpful

People are very straight forward and nice by heart but strong by body
"Pathra varge hath ne saade bacheya varge dil"
Well punjab is nice too

Very corrupted state

14 Bihar

This is a bad place to live. People just pee on the streets and spit their pan masala on the floor. In Kerala about 10 maybe 20 years later it will be a new mini America

One of the historical place and heart of India and Indian politics.

A legendary state which produced kings like ashoka, ajatashatru etc...

It's the best state, I ever visited. It's rich culture,people's behaviour is awesome

15 Odisha

A beautiful state

I am from Odisha. And you know that our state have a lot of traditions. I will request you to go to bhubaneshwar during January and enjoy the festival of Adivasi Mela.

People having strong belief on God

Natural way of life, strongly attached to environment.

16 Telangana

Good people’s & unity



Great place

17 Rajasthan

Rajasthani people are of practical nature but they also have a good heart. They are not selfish like mumbai or any other metro city people.

Yeah Rajasthan is a good state to live with family, here you find friendly natured people.

I think Rajasthan is the best state to living just because u will get a better life with less cost and jaipur is the best city to live because of best food and royal culture and less traffic as compared with other cities

Great lands of the king

18 Uttarakhand

Best place to live

Best place ever

Neat and clean place in India, so many places to visit

Best people all around india in uttrakhand

19 Madhya Pradesh

This is best state in India there all religious people are living freely and this is called a little INDIA because this states peoples welcome all the people.

Mp is best state full of peace, beauty and much more.. ,

Best state with great history. And also the heart of india

I also like most Indore

20 Sikkim

Health comes first and it is pure organic. Gov is really good hearted that gov created an organic state. Shared money and help with people who had problems with organic at first and now they are building subway to save people from accident! This is called a perfect state. Only drawback is you won't get fast Internet like Kolkata and Delhi.

Sikkim is home to the most genuine and kind hearted people living in india

I think Sikkim should be number 1 how come up is ahead of Sikkim quite funny

I love my sikkim

21 Jammu and Kashmir

Best country
Better living standards
Zero crime rate
Safe for girls
As I live here love you Jammu and Kashmir

Crime free state
Zero%crime against tourist
Most humble people on earth

Most flexible place to live in from nature's point of view

Paradise in Earth!
Who doesn't want to live in heaven
Kashmir heaven

22 North Sentinel Island

A de facto state in India, I live there and it is great

Great Place

23 Chhattisgarh

Peaceful place.

Best place to live

Best place to live... peaceful n lovely place
Very innocent n friendly people..
Economically good...cost of living is cheaper than other states

24 Jharkhand


Not a single state in india is crime free and so the Jharkhand is. Not a big deal. Not a single person in India is living in a totally crime free zone. Here, people gives more respect to outsiders than the localities and this makes the Jharkhand a little unique from other states of India. People of Jharkhand don't see outsiders like an enemy which unfortunately lacks on other states.

Rich in mineral...

The best state

25 Chandigarh

Very good city

Great place to live

Very nice state to live... very peaceful and people's are very nice and helpful And also very important thing is no pollution.

Clean and green 'CITY BEAUTIFUL' well educated peoples are here, women are safe as compared to other state.

26 Manipur

We never know the other side of the Manipur. Manipur has also have a hige stander of living

Welcome to Manipur

27 Meghalaya

Moderate Climate, Nice Environment, Fresh air, No shortage of water, Many govt. schools and hospitals.

28 Tripura

Best of best place because of good people and study environment.

Peaceful place on earth

29 Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is the one of the most beautiful part of india there is no crime arunachal pradesh is crime free state there is most beautiful mountains, lakhs, river most beautiful flower and animals in Arunachal pradesh here, people give moat respect to outsider people


30 Mizoram

No honking, traffic is quite and calm all day long. People are civilised, friendly and peace-loving. The streets are safe 24 hours. The hilly terrain makes the roads a bit bumpy though :).

Beautiful hill states of India. beautiful tribal culture, unselfish people. It is the land of happiness. Every Indian shold visit once to mizoram in life

31 Kashmir

Sadly it has been made a living hell by India.

It is the best place to live because peoples are very friendly, they are handsome

It haw shuarg 9f world

32 Delhi

Delhi should me in top 15.why it is here🤔🤔

:-Delhi is a beautiful place with lot of
Historical monuments n building.

:-delhi has so improved n also cleaned.

:-As being the capital of such a large n huge country like India 🇮🇳 it has every facilities available.

:-its amazing for job opportunities.

:- #delhilove💖.

:- I love my country INDIA 🇮🇳

33 Tirunelveli

A state well known for its kind, hardworking,brave identify. It is located in South Tamil Nadu with neighbouring districts Tuticorin, Kanniyakumari. Obviously the best place to live in South India. Definition of the Place 'Tiru' means
Honour, respectful where everyone lives with good living standards. 'Nel' means Rice which refers to it provides necessary food for all. Veli'

34 Andaman and Nicobar Islands
35 Madurai
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