Top Ten States of India to Live In


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21 North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island

A de facto state in India, I live there and it is great

Great Place

22 Jammu and Kashmir

Most flexible place to live in from nature's point of view

Paradise in Earth!
Who doesn't want to live in heaven
Kashmir heaven

Forget here everthing

The Himalaya

23 Tripura

Best of best place because of good people and study environment.

Peaceful place on earth

24 Kashmir

It is the best place to live because peoples are very friendly, they are handsome

Sadly it has been made a living hell by India.

It haw shuarg 9f world

25 Arunachal Pradesh
26 Chandigarh

Clean and green 'CITY BEAUTIFUL' well educated peoples are here, women are safe as compared to other state.

27 Manipur Manipur

Welcome to Manipur

28 Mizoram

Beautiful hill states of India. beautiful tribal culture, unselfish people. It is the land of happiness. Every Indian shold visit once to mizoram in life

29 Meghalaya

Moderate Climate, Nice Environment, Fresh air, No shortage of water, Many govt. schools and hospitals.

30 Jharkhand Jharkhand

Rich in mineral...

The best state

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