Top Ten States in India

The Top Ten
1 Tamil Nadu

Tamil nadu is not state I would say it's a country because it has everything all kind of resources like education, space, sea, river, mountain, different climate and the best people...

It is the state with numerous developments and infrastructures which help the youngsters to proceed their life greatful, when compared to all other states in India.

Yeah.! Of course. While all other states are suffering from internal problems, Tamilnadu is rapidly racing in development. In spite of all dependencies like water for farming it still holds good for being in No# 1 position.

Tamil Nadu is excellent in providing Business opportunities and Job Opportunities and has a good range of Industries and Educational institutions as well. There is a mediocre variety in Culture (city dwellers having a modern lifestyle and the rural areas having a mixed culture-modernized traditional). The tourism is also good. There is problem in basic infrastructure such as Electricity and even water supply in some districts owing to political issues and not because of lack of these physical infrastructure. Production, Service, Media, Transportation, Communication etc. Are provided to the society adequately. But we just can't conclude any state is the because it needs a lot of research to come to a conclusion, some states may be better in one thing and may not excel in another sector...

2 Kerala

Sure, its kerala. Main thing literacy, Well ahead of Tamilnadu still suffering from water and electricity scarcity which are some among the basic needs for human life nowadays. Also Maharashtra, since it lacks anti terrorist activities and quiet peaceful to live. Industries popping up, North indian labourers coming to kerala instead of going to GULF. These are facts, not any myths. Although as every particle in the nature Kerala is not at all perfect in all sense, it have some weakness also. But still it's better than other. Last but not the least, Beauty.

I was born and bought up in Kerala and so I can say with authority that this state is the best! It has one of the best living conditions and ranks high in almost all development rankings. The people are really warm hearted and caring. You won't find much difficulty in communication as most of the people are well versed in English and can hold a descent conversation in English. Overall, Kerala is a very nice and peaceful state.

Kerala is most urbanized state in India. In all other states developments are only city centered. But here entire Kerala can be considered a big city. There is no much difference in the life style of village people and city people here, because all of the people are highly educated. Kerala is number one in education, health sectors. You can see at least one educational as well as health institutions in each panchayath of Kerala. But in all other states, including Tamil Nadu, the panchayaths are not developed compared to Kerala. Unemployment is the basic problem of Kerala. This is due to lack of industries. Kerala is heavily dense state. So geographically big companies are not suitable of Kerala's environment. But Kerala is growing in IT as well as Tourism sectors. The largest IT park is in Kerala, ie Technopark Trivandrum which caters more than 200 companies. Infopark Kochi is also caters 100s of companies and these two are under expansion. Besides these Thrissur, Alappuzha have the ...more

It's GOD'S OWN COUNTRY and there is no other state in the world as beautiful as Kerala. Kerala police officers are better than Scotland yard but they can't show their power because of the dirty government they have. One big thing is that it is the most educated state in India. Very small with only 3 and a half crore population. But is the best.

3 Maharashtra

Number 1 position : Maharashtra
GDP: $190.310 billion
GDP per capita: $1,568

India's richest state, Maharashtra is the second most urbanised state.

It is the second most populous and third largest state by area in India. It has a high rate of economic growth, and the biggest contribution comes from the services sector.

Maharashtra contributes 15 per cent of national industrial output and over 40 per cent of India's national revenue. Indias o software producing state. Having largest medical, pharma and engineering colleges. Besides mumbai, IT hub pune has silicon valley of india ;nashik, nagpur, aurangabad and baramati are well industrilised cities of maharashtra.

The economy of Maharashtra is driven by international trade, Mass Media (television, motion pictures, video games, recorded music), aerospace, technology, petroleum, fashion, apparel, and tourism. Maharashtra is the most industrialized state and has maintained the leading position in the industrial sector in India. Maharashtra contributes 25% of the country's industrial output and is the most indebted state in the country. Industrial activity in state is concentrated in four districts, The state has a large, multi-modal transportation system with the largest road network in India. Maharashtra cuisine covers a range from mild to very spicy dishes.

Welcome to the city that never sleeps in all its pulsating, vibrant, fun and epic glory- Mumbai or rather Bombay! An eclectic mix of the most exhilarating sights and appealing destinations with an enviable vibe that is hard to explain, the 'City of dreams'is quite the holiday destination.

Have a tryst with the historical legacy of the place, chill by the Arabian Sea as you munch on some delectable street food, study about some legendary arts, ride on the most epic amusement park, escape away to quaint little hill stations, explore the world of Bollywood, the list is endless.

Maharashtra is by far the most progressive state. People from other state migrate heavily to Maharashtra due to opportunities available in here including Gujarathis though Gujrat is also became a developed state recently. The local Marathi migrating to other states is very less is the sign that Maharashtra is the most developed state of India.

4 Punjab

PUNJAB is a state in North India, forming part of the larger Punjab region. The state is bordered by the Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir to the north, Himachal Pradesh to the east, Haryana to the south and southeast, Rajasthan to the southwest, and the Pakistani province of Punjab to the west. The state capital is located in Chandigarh, a Union Territory and also the capital of the neighbouring state of Haryana.
Its Literacy Ratio is 76.68%
Festivals such as Basant, Lohri, Teej and Baisakhi are celebrated in a large way.
Agriculture is the backbone of Punjab. The major crops are wheat, rice and cotton.
The state is the biggest producer of Wheat in India.
Punjab holds 19th rank in position as area wise

Punjab is obviously the best state in India. Home to the best Indian food and cultural places. The capital of Punjab, Chandigarh is the fastest growing city in India and Asia and it is the cleanest city in South Asia. Go off the Sikh capital of the world, Amritsar you shall find the beautiful Golden Temple. Also, the Wagah Border (Amritsar-Lahore) is the only border in the world with parades and shows. The Amritsar Airport, (Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport) is the fastest growing airport in India and will VERY soon fly to London, Toronto, Istanbul, Melbourne, Paris and many more! Go off to Jalandhar, you will find the beautiful ancient city with the best hospitals and schools and a very distinctive shopping experience. The Punjab government is doing what not to improve the food provider of India. We were once the biggest Empire in India and we have a very unique history. We have given the world the 10 Sikh Gurus, many UNESCO heritage sites and the greatest Asian kings. We ...more

Punab is the land of GURUs. India, s lowest poverty in punjab. Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab. 8 Other major industries include the manufacturing of scientific instruments, agricultural goods, electrical goods, financial services, machine tools, textiles, sewing machines, sports goods, starch, tourism, fertilisers, bicycles, garments, and the processing of pine oil and sugar. Punjab also has the largest number of steel rolling mill plants in India, which are located in Steel Town Mandi Gobindgarh in the Fatehgarh Sahib district.

Looking it's history and cultural differences Punjab was very stron nation where Indus civilization grew and Punjab was the Punjab Had the best army in Asia, even these days Punjab regiment and Sikh Regiment is the Bravest and most decorated units in Indian Army and have won every battle.
Even Alexander the Great was stoped by Punjabi worrier Porus,
This night can tell you who important, strong and brave Punjab was and Punjab is, even though the Indian government always neglect it,

5 Karnataka

Capital of the Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore today is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is home to some of the most high tech industries in India. The I. T industry views Bangalore as the 'byte-basket' of India. Bangalore is also home to some of India's premier scientific establishments. Blessed with salubrious architectural landmarks, shopping malls and business opportunities, Bangalore is the ideal gateway to India and beyond. Bangalore is home to many well-recognized colleges and research institutions in India and offers a plethora of job opportunities. Numerous public sector heavy industries, software companies, aerospace, telecommunications, and defense organizations are located in the city. It is the hub of jobs and is also known as the Silicon Valley of India because of its position as the nation's leading IT exporter.

According to me Karnataka (one state many worlds) deserves to be the best Indian state. Be it technology or weather conditions it is the best. It is also filled with great history and has beautiful monuments.
Bangalore being the fastest developing city in Asia is the software hub. The silicon city also provides one of the best education systems.
It is a state with numerous opportunities for the youngsters
It is also a very united state, which has its own flag and an anthem.
The food, culture and also the slang varies in different parts of Karnataka.
It has produced many great personalities be it sports, politics or in cenematic field

I have traveled to different states in India, I hail from Karnataka but stayed for 3 years in a other state. There is nothing comparable to people of Karnataka. We hardly see people getting into heating discussion or brawl for no matter which happens in most of the north Indian states including maharashtra. There is no place in India that can be compared to Karnataka. The people are so friendly, you will feel that your in US. I love Karnataka. I'm going back to Karnataka. Unlike maharashtra, people of Karnataka are very peaceful and loving.

I like to visit Karnataka for many reasons. One of the prominent ones is that Karnataka is the home of Madhwacharya, the great researcher and philosopher India has given to the world. His findings turn out to be very accurate and complete, and is becoming the source of reference to conclude many historical facts and tenets, and becoming very helpful in our research. Two of his works and two his followers work are also the top-five works in the field of philosophy in India. I like the simplicity of people even with such a great culture and advanced technology.

6 Gujarat

Economically, culturally, socially and politically the most advance, Gujarat promises whatever the seeker wishes for. Industrially a master destination, Gujarat and its people have proved their matter. But perhaps the value system of this half-country half-state is what makes it stand out among the crowd. While talking about Gujarat, people like to compare it with Maharashtra. The above said words stand true in this comparison as well. The longest coastline, only and largest salt desert in the world, the only home of the asiatic lion, home to the Aryans, motherland of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel and the mother of the White Revolution in India. Gujarat is gold in the true sense.

First of all it gives a role model of development to all other states of India. Life in Gujarat is colorful, meaningful and joyful. People of Gujarat are well-known for their Hospitality, The way they live their lives and Mostly emotionally well beings. Life is like a Celebration here, because the grand celebration of festivals. Never Miss the Navaratri, Utrayan (Kite Flying Day) festivals of Gujarat.

Love It.

Gujarat is most prosperous state in India. Its also called a growth engine of India. If you consider it is an seprate nation it have everything it is almost like unites kingdom in land area and in population. It have good governance, industrialization, great minds, longest sea coastline of 1600km, Industrialization in all sector, good infrastructure like malls, highways, big cities etc.

The people are very friendly and helpful. And not to miss on food aspect. You will not find so many varieties and dishes in any other state except Gujarat. The development is commendable. It is also the most peaceful state in India. Business flourishes in Gujarat, of course the Gujjus are best known for that reason only. "Kuch din to gujaariye Gujarat mein", you won't like any other state once you stay in Gujarat

7 Jharkhand

Ever been to Jharkhand for school education? I was born in Jharkhand but parents are from Maharashtra. I completed my education till 2nd standard and then moved to Varanasi where I studied for next 5 years and then to Maharashtra where I completed my 10th and then again moved to Jharkhand for preparing for 11th, 12th and for medical entrance. Among all the 3 states I have studied in I can say frankly that Jharkhand has the best education and Maharashtra has, as per my experience, the worst education among the 3. Even though it the school which ranked 2nd in Maharashtra at that time, still the education level was very poor. In that school, the students learnt English alphabets till 2nd standard which I had already learnt in U.K. G in Jharkhand, even though it was not the top schools in Jharkhand. I agree that Maharashtra has many good colleges but it has a poor primary education level.

Jharkhand need to be industrialised for better development.
There should be open many engineering as well as medical and other degree colleges of good quality.
Because it helps to keep jharkhand's money and their wards within state and also it helps so many employment.

I am a IIT student in IIT kharagpur. As my father lived in Bokaro steel city as he works as senior section engineer in Indian Railway, we lived there. My house is in West Bengal
. I think that Jharkhand should be in number 1 in educational state.

Though unexplored by most population of India, Jharkhand is the best state for education and peaceful life. It is industrially grown and is capable to strive independently.

8 West Bengal

In historically India had gained world dominant power from the Eastern part of India (ref. to Maurya empire, Gupta empire based on Magadh and Patliputra) which is the place of India's major food and rich human resource products and modern culture. Next coming decades in India's economic activity will be in Eastern India because this region needs to develop and Bihar and Bengal will share this responsibility to take India into world power. As only Kolkata is the Eastern India's main centre for everything so Coming decades for only East India specially Bengal based on Kolkata.. Once India's capital will be next India's power hub by the help of East India's finest peoples.
Bengal deserves it because of Bengali people who can think about India and sacrifice for India.

T.he most versatile CM, not everybody's cup of tea who is gradually and surely driving the state to prosperity which it deserve.
Artistry and culture are proverbial here. People understand each. An urbanised, cosmopolitanism rather selfless are the unique features
Women are still didi, and men, dada. weather and food are excellent. The state is again opening up for business, whatever your bsiness is.Its infrastructure is one of the best in India.
Stay there, and enjoy wether, peace, friendship and food. If you are creative, you will not find a reason to leave the place.

One might often hear people saying that Bengalis brag a lot about their state and culture. In fact, they actually do. But that's because they have every reason to be proud of their place. I, myself, stay in Delhi. but my annual one month visit to Kolkata gives me more than enough reasons to fall in love with that place..not just as a tourist but also as a habitant(even though, for a month).
Talk about food, it's damn cheap, awesome and on par with some of the best cuisine centres in India.
Talk about development, Bengal has many good cities to stay, all them having every comfort and requirement at hand's reach.
Kolkata is a one of it's kind metropolitan city with modern facilities and structures infused into the old English charm of the City of Joy.
The people and environment are truly and deeply appealing to anyone who comes there. Let's not forget that Kolkata is a home to many Chinese, Anglo-Indians, Marwadis and Gujaratis who have been living there for generations with ...more

Bengal as produced by far the most number of Award winning or Famous literates, artists, musicians, dancers; basically excellence in any form of the arts.
Education is given far more priority than a lot of other states.
Sports, again it excels in, be in football or cricket.
The extreme poverty aside, it's a pretty developed state.

9 Uttar Pradesh

If we can remove corruption and put some efforts to control our population then this state could be number one. It is often considered to be one of the most important states with respect to Indian politics with 80 seats to LOK SABHA. It is fourth largest Indian state by economy. But still we can contribute a lot to improve the standard of this state. It's gifted by all natural resources and we should not exploit our resources. Stop polluting rivers.

Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Hinduism.
Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Lord Ram & Krishna.
Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Lord Parashuram.

Uttar Pradesh is the place where Lord Gautam Buddha spends his last moment on the earth and died.
Uttar Pradesh is the birth place of Jain tirthankar Bhagvaan Mahaveer.

Uttar Pradesh has lasrgest agricultural lands of India.
Uttar Pradesh has 2nd highest GDP in India.
Uttar Pradesh welcomes 42% foreign visitors in India every year.
Uttar Pradesh has blessings of holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

If Uttar Pradesh is a nation than it is world's 6th most populous nation.
Uttar Pradesh gave 8 Prime Ministers to Indian Democracy out of 13.
Uttar Pradesh was the land of first freedom struggle of India.
Uttar Pradesh gave maximum freedom fighters in freedom struggles.
Uttar Pradesh sends maximum soldiers in Indian Army.
Uttar Pradesh is most powerful state of India.

With such a huge population which will the 5th largest country if it is free country I think we are doing great! With such a huge labor force and agricultural land and diverse culture U.P has provided its huge contribution in freedom fight and most number of prime minister's to the country.. And also no doubt about its large cities in industries like Noida and Kanpur etc.. And Kashi being the oldest living city in the world.
No doubt without U.P India wont be complete

If some effort is made in favor of the state and corruption is rooted out, only then can up prosper. It is already rich in resources and population and even in culture. It has a heritage of over 1000 years old dynasties and so it must be allowed to replenish it's power...

10 Andhra Pradesh

Newly formed state Andhrapradesh has highest potential to grow number 1 in India and one of the top 10 in world very soon by 2030. This will come true due to its geographical location with large sea coast, civilised population, naturally fertile land and ample of water resources. It's on its way to build a world class capital city Amaravathi. It has Vishakhapatnam city which has notable GDP growth over 10%. It has highest possibility to stand as India's best tourism destination gifted with Natures beauty in Diviseema, konaseema, Beach side, inner Forest resorts and popular pilgrim centre like Tirupathi. Peoples broad minded thinking ability and visionary leadership are added advantages.

It was well flooded with all kinds of resources and inland water roots, And nearer to the south east Asia and capable enough to supply the needs of food.

Geographically spread area was big and has civilization and knowledge adopted as per the resources available.

Has good tourism sports to attract fresh phase of people who got bored towards the ARTIFICIAL.

Political, Economical, Commercial, Industrial, Social Environments were stably balanced and growing with roots.

Good dedicated anticipation for individual growth in public.


I am from Telangana. It was unfortunate that the state had be divided with Telangana now being ruled by KCR and Andhra Pradesh by Chandra Babu Naidu. I would say that Chandra Babu Naidu has he ability to take Andhra Pradesh to a level where it can be compared with European countries in terms of standard of living, development, greenery, government schemes, industries, infrastructure and many more. Telangana, on the other hand, will also see growth but will lag far behind AP. CBN can take AP to skies from the dust he is given by Congress.

Andhra pradesh is a very nice developed state and I will always wanted the andhra pradesh as the number 1 state in India to be developed economically technically, politically, socially. Also golden temple and some famous shrines are there in andhra pradesh. Sea port is also there in andhra pradesh. And I think that vishakhapatanam must be the capital of the new andhra pradesh.

The Contenders
11 Haryana

Haryana is the most developed state in India and most economically developed state in south Asia. It has the largest nos. Of crorpaties in rural areas, and largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, cars, motorcycles etc. More than half of this state consider in Delhi NCR. This is only state in India where 100% electricity provide in all rural areas. It is the number 1 state in health, wealth, sports, education, and hospitality.

Haryana is only the state of India where laregst nos. of crorepati lives in rural ares. this is the most economically developed state in south Asia. This state is no. 1 in all sectors sports where no example will need to explain, education, health, per capita income, hospitality, agriculture, roads, infrastructure development etc. It is the largest manufacturer of two-wheelers (World's largest Hero moto co. ), cars, and tractors. This is only the state where every one can easily survive.

The best place 2 live besides (crime). It is 1 of d most prosperous states of of India and large contributor 2 Indian upliftment in the past few decades. It has recorded 1 of d fastest economic growths. It is full of large corporates and in rural areas, agriculture has provided many millionaires. A highly developed state with the most developed health, hospitality and employment facilities..

Haryana is undoubtedly number one state of Our India. Haryana although small in geographical but has produced many best sportsperson for India that bring fame and proud to us. Haryana is first 100% electrified state. haryana is simply a place of Brave person. You can see most of the Armed officers and soldiers come from our state. In some ways you can say that haryana is backbone of our country.

Proud to be Haryanvi.

12 Rajasthan

It's a gem of India, Abundance of resources and now hidden potential of Rajasthan is recognized which will lead it to good and stable phase of development. Its majestic in terms of tourism, Handicrafts, Solar and wind energy plus people here are so much peaceful compared to other states and crime rate is also minimal...Rajasthan is also the largest state with comparatively lower population density and most of Rich of India, they might left Rajasthan due to under development in past but today Rajasthanis and marwaris are contributing to India's economy at top. God bless this state

One of the most beautiful states in India. Rajasthan is the best state in the category of developing renewable energy, tourism and culture.

Rajasthanis are also very tolerant, peaceful, friendly, and they are proud of their cultural heritage, unlike other Indian who spend their time to always speaking English and imitate Westerners.

Racism is an inexistant phenomenon in Rajasthan, unlike the rest of India and particularly Delhi and Punjab.

In Rajasthan the high quality education is provided to the students fighting for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIPMT and many more. Every year around 2 lac students come to kota for preparation and kota, Rajasthan has given a enormous amount of success ratio in past 15 years. It is considered as a education hub of India. Also known as "education city of India".

In terms of industrialization the cites like Jaipur and kota are very rich in terms of industries. Jaipur is also a business hub in gem stones and Jewellery. In kota the world wide used "kota stone" are extracted from mines and exported to all over India.
Also in kota big companies like IL (instrumentation limited ) is present one of the finest industry only present in Rajasthan and Tamil nadu

13 Assam

Assam has a unique culture. A mixture of many tribes and non-tribes. Climatic condition is awesome. Assam is rich and well known for tea, orchids, mushrooms and different herbs used in medical purposes.

It is green and people are good enough in hospitality, it has the third highest growth rate across India (not by population).. Guwahati is a city which is growing very faster.. In d upcoming days it will be a major trade point in south east Asia.. your day starts with our tea..

Assam is one of the most progressive states in the country. Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk. The first oil well in Asia was drilled here. Assam is the home ground to Majuli, which is recognised by Guinness Book of World Records as World's Largest River Island. The state has its own state anthem, "O, Mur Apunar Dex", which was composed by Lakshminath Bezbaroa (The pioneer of modern Assamese literature). The state is famous for one-horned Indian rhinoceros which it conserved from near extinction, along with tigers and various species of Asiatic birds. The economy of Assam is aided by wildlife tourism, centred around Kaziranga National Park and Manas National Park which are World Heritage Sites. Sal tree forests are found in the state. Assam receives more rainfall compared to most parts of India. This rain feeds the Brahmaputra River, whose tributaries and oxbow lakes provide the region with a hydro-geomorphic and aesthetic environment. It has a unique culture, a mixture of ...more

Assam is a beautiful state. Comprises of lots of potential economically as well as environmental point of view. It's has a vast diversity of Flora and fauna. Recently Nammami Bhramaputra fest was organized by the contribution of both state and the centre with a great success which show cased the potential of the state and how it can be used.

14 Bihar

One of the greatest emperor of all time-Ashoka! Aryabhatt- discovery of zero, and without zero, even Albert Eienstien would be wiping his own A**! Gotta vote for Bihar. Ashoka chakra, in the middle of the national flag of India! India's national emblem is because of Ashoka! Bihar is the best state in the world! People just don't know it's importance!

We hopes that bihar will become number one very soon just to improve the water system for irrigation and the law and order. Otherwise bihar have different cultures world ranking university, The place of Buddha and our loyal Chief Minister Mr. Nitish Kumar who have devoted himself for biahr.

Assam is the most beautiful place including mixed culture like Nepali, Assamese, tribes non-tribs etc. Many language people living and always helpful for each other and they always respect each other culture, language festival like Bihu, Bhai Tyuhar (Bhai fut), puja festival etc. Assam is the most beautiful state, its natural beauty, forestry. Etc

Just being the least developed state few times back, bihar is now the fastest developing state of India.

15 Goa

Goa has got to be the best state in India. It's a clear stand-out because of following reasons.
1. Architecture different from rest of India
2. People are liberal, not conservative like rest of India.
3. Culture, Cuisine different from rest of India.
4. Catholic population of 33% of total population, more than any other state in India
5. Literacy rate of over 90% as per 2013 estimate.
6. Perfect Holiday destination.
7. People of all states and countries come to see Goa.
8. HDI is over 0.7 making it a very High ratio, in lines with Europeon countries.
9. GDP is very high
10. Portuguese influence makes Goa different from rest of India

The people in goa will never judge you for doing what you want. Goans believe each person is born to different things. The environment is peaceful. People don't care about your race or caste. Women are not discrimated. People are truly helpful. There is an easy going lifestyle. People here love music(there are a lot of concerts). People are open minded. Many people outside goa settle in goa and do not want to leave. You will find all the facilities outside your house and not have to walk miles and miles to get it. There is no ragging or bullying in college. Everyone is considerate.

Best culture because in Goa you have freedom to be yourself. If anyone gives you good time you say he or she was great and in my knowledge Goa shows everyone a very good time. But there is lot of things are there to be improved like women security help lines. We need to educate people and we need to have records of the people dealing with tourists for security purpose because I have sceen lot of people with no id card records dealing with tourists in very bad manner

Goa is a great place to visit as there are many tourists and you have the freedom to relax yourself in the sea shore, if anyone likes beaches then the most recommended is Goa. Goa is amazingly beautiful. But if you are very fond of scenic places then you better come to Munnar in Kerala, because of the killer views, mountains and beautiful hotels.

16 Himachal Pradesh

Himachal is my birth place. Women are safer than any other States in India. People are very innocent. The glaring example is, Himachal Pradesh Police is at no. 1 spot to tackle the criminal activities, the reason for this is there are very less criminal activities. Moreover, there is no road rage problem, people come forward to help the needy or at the time of any unforeseen event. Though, you may get priced highly at some tourist places, but, that is not a problem, everyone wish to earn something good from foreigners but be sure it won't be over costlier than 1 $ or 2 $.

Himachal is leading in education, the literacy rate is one of the highest. The wealth is uniformly distributed among people. It has one of the highest per capita income and moreover it is corruption free and a green state.

Voting doesn't's a fact that heaven HP is the best place in India...most peaceful, decent litracy rate, low brain drain percentage, happy people, natural beauty. peace of mind, no communal riots, electricity cheaper, decent road connectivity which is even geting better day by day. I can go on and on writing more and more about himachal...

It is the most best place to live in. It is in top five in education, cleanness and one of the least polluted state. It is state consisting of natural beauty and no artificial appearance. People over here don't have any ill will towards others. nevertheless it has best sewage system and greenest place you will ever visit in your whole life.

17 Jammu and Kashmir

All politics aside, Kashmir is more suited to Pakistanis and the Indian administered Kashmir should be handed to China as I believe they can handle it better especially as Pak-China relations are good. Makes sense, stop the fight because Kashmir is probably better off being a part of northern Pakistan, I am not a Pakistani but would feel safer going to Jammu Kashmir area if it were entirely Pakistan only. After all pakistan is smaller than India already so whats wrong with them holding onto kashmir and protecting the people?

It's not developed that much but as India is known for its vast variety from north to south, Jammu Kashmir itself is a state with very diverse environment. Jammu relatively hot, shares almost same weather with Punjab, Kashmir is cold except June-July, Leh Ladahk extremely cold. You can find Kashmiri, small eyed (laugh out loud), Dorgi and Punjabi (Sikh) in different locations. It's not a state with a lot of development or projects but it's a state worth visiting.

Compared to the other states, Jammu and Kashmir has the least percentage of people living under poverty line, even less than Gujarat and Maharashtra. People are mostly well educated and students are very competitive. The population is under control and no overcrowding of people is there. Most importantly Kashmir has the best weather and is the most beautiful place in India.

I don't know about jammu, as being kashmiri id be honest to mention all the things about kashmir, I think its t the best state of India, its not developed... srinagar is said to be a city but the fact is its even worser than the rural areas of developed cities of India, plus apart from development here in kashmir, society in here sucks, mentality of kashmiris is really weird!

18 Madhya Pradesh

Under the Able Leadership of Mr Shivraj Singh Chauhan, MP has moved forward with leaps and jumps. It has shown rapid growth in Agriculture, and improvement in infrastructure - Roads, highways. Its tourism has grown more than any other state and it now has the maximum nos of Tigers in its Wild life sancturay..
Above all peaceful and Great people..
My Vote for MP.

It could be best state for business as it is second largest state in India and so can provide much place for better investment.
Also it has many natural resources and tourist attraction places.

Fastest growing state of India, rich in mineral, recentely two time consecutely winner of krishi karman award in agriculture, tiger state, state of rivers, largest soyabean production. It couldnot get development in lasr 5 decade of independence but now a days you can many changes,24 hour electricity in rural and urban areas

Madhya Pradesh faster growing industry area and high productive food crops, good climate conditions for living place.Good infrastructure many more...

19 Telangana

The best destination in India for business investments. As it is a non seismic zone it is even safer for setting up data centers. The government of Telangana state had brought a new Industrial and IT policy which is the best of it's kind in the whole world. That makes the Industrialists or investors who want to start their business with very ease of applying. Just apply online and relax all your approvals will be done by the related departments and final approval will be handed over to you.

Haha our state is world's best and safe to live.. Who cares if it is in 15th rank, we are andhras too.. Caz we are Telugu.. Jai Telangana Jai Telugu..

Miss America Nina Devuliri is a Telugu,
Satya Nadella CEO of Microsoft a Telugu man,
Many doctors and Engineers from IIT to MD's, are Telugu people.. From Before christ(because) to now.. Our history and our wealth, culture nobody has it.
Only Andhra and Telangana has largest Thorium reserves in the world.. Etc etc etc

We have much history, we Mined diamonds first in this world, Kohinoor diamond belongs to Telugu people..
We are not actually south Indians but more like Deccan region..

The fastest developing richest state in ratio to population in india. The only state in india that gives 24� - 7 power supply for civil and most importantly for AGRICULTURE and it's capital Hyderabad is the fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is the silicon valley of india,many industries with abundant resources like water, electricity,and most importantly talented skillful labour which makes it least among unemployment...It's also a multi lingual state where language won't be a trouble for any of other indians...

It is one of the biggest IT hub city ever seen in India. Not only in means of IT but in the standards of livings Hyderabad was ranked as the second best dynamic city in the whole world.In whole India it is ranked 9th for lowest crime rates, and ranked 1st in pharmaceutical industry.not only this but government of telangana had introduced many future plans which are not only said but are coloured also and Hyderabad had bagged number 1 state along with Bangalore for best state in India. Hyderabad had been ranked 1 from last five years for best city to live.

20 Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is an exquisite blend of simplicity and divination. It is the state of beautiful hill stations like nainital, ranikhet and mussoorie. The people in this state honour their culture and are very honest. At the same time the state has shown great development in the field of education and technology. The state is well known for it's natural beauty which includes snow clad himalayas and meandering ganga. It is not only the most appropriate state for tourism but also a wonderful state to live in. It is free of pollution and high crime rate. Moreover the cultural history and academic advancement are worth calling it the top state of india.

Uttarakhand is one of the best states in India, why, the people of Uttarakhand (Hills) are very simple, most honest, highly educated and very high in moral values, and perhaps the religious atmosphere around and in their homes makes them so. Uttarakhand (Hill region) has near zero crime, near zero rape cases, near zero divorce cases. So, no matter from whichsoever part of India you may belong..when you enter the hills of Uttarakhand you will feel it as your home, you will find people welcoming, naive, cultured and helping. So one can roam around with more freedom than any other places in India.

It is a wonderful place with so many world heritage sites, national park and many wildlife sanctuary. Awesome culture and the tradition. Hard working people. Uttarakhand give more than half of it's population is in army.

Best state... Simple and honest people, scenic beauty at best, clean air and water, sparsely populated, best educational institutes.

21 Meghalaya

Best place to explore caves. It have one of the best golf course in the world. No shortage of water. Many picnic spot and tourist places.

My girlfriend is from meghalaya... Just her personality make me feel how lucky the state to have her

Peace.. Lovely climate
Well known as the "Scotland of the East"
And also It's the "home of cloud"

Peace state. State with a high forest area which provide fresh air.

22 Sikkim

You guys are voting your state as number 1 as you belong to that state, such pity.
Sikkim is indeed the most cleanest state in India

Sikkim deserve to be in 5 place bcs of safty and peace.. Girls are more safe in sikkim compare with any state in India.. Sikkim has less population in compare with other state

Mountains and beautiful flora. Also has the third highest moutain in the world named Kanchenjunga.
Gangtok which is also the capital city is the most visited city.

Sikkim should deserve the first.. I have seen such a peaceful and clean state as sikkim.

23 Odisha

Odisha has probably the richest literature in the country. Its literary history is adorned with uncountable poems (which are epics in themselves), novels, essays, short stories and innumerable other literary works. Its scenic beauty is the reverie of any litterateur. Most importantly, its people are as affable as people can be, they are never hostile towards outer state people or language, and welcome them with open arms.

Odisha is rich in Mineral resources. Bhubaneswar is chosen to be in first city under first phase of smart city mission. Odisha is surplus in electricity generation and exports to cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai.
This state is rich in culture and and you can also find World's Heritage sites in the State. Odisha tourism is picking up lately. People are warm & welcoming.

Still a developing state, Bhubaneswar has been emerging as a beautiful metro city and an effective smart city from the previous half decade. State is setting a milestone in good governance and keeping a steady pace in development.

Odisha is one of the fastest developing state currently. However development is a bit sporadic but is relatively peaceful throughout.only few states like kerela, hp, NES, and odisha would you see less crime reports on T.V. even though media does have a extensive reach here too. And ofcouse it is beautiful state too.

24 Manipur

Manipur should be in the top 4. The following points tells us why:

1. India, till date, has a few internal airports and Manipur is one of the few.
2. not many 5 star hotels are known to exist in India, and again, Manipur boast in this category of owning grand 5 star hotel, in India.
3. considering the flora and fauna of a region, Manipur not only has 'one of it's kind' species, but also a wide range of fresh water lakes, valleys, of which the sangai deer and siroi lily are few of the multitude.

All the above facts run parallel with the term 'the Jewel of India' as coined by the britishers.

The edge of India we can call. Here in Manipur has a good transparent business.

Manipur is the best state I think because this place is very disciplined and it is very historical

25 Chhattisgarh

If state's businessmen,entrepreneurs seek markets beyond Indian territory. They would definitely be in the first page. The state has a geographical advantage, being on "Safer side of the country", never reported floods, major earthquakes, droughts etc. rather always had abundance in electricity, water, natural resources, agriculture. All government has to focus is on creating Special Industrial / Economic Zone, Export houses, Promote Subsidy for sustainable Manufacturing units - more focused towards agri-sector, and in concurrent develop skilled manpower to promote internal job creation and to stop brain drain to metro cities and other popular states. I think launch and plans of AIIMS, IIM, IIT IIIT institues in state is a major attempt to stop the later, concrete steps needs to be taken around the former, which constitutes majority of the population in the state.

Chhattisgarh provides the country with its rich mineral resources and also generate revenue by exporting these. It has established iron and steel industries. Supplies coal to all the industries in the country. Thanks to availability of coal and also hydroelectricity, Chhattisgarh produces surplus electricity and provides to other states. business is well developed and is going to be one of the most developed states soon.

Chhattisgarh peoples have seen great development in past 4-5 years.
This state is not in top 10 list but still visitors will not be disappointed for sure. It's developing at mush higher rate and will continue to do so.

Chhattisgarh is the india best popular state..Chhattisgarh is India beautiful and agricultural state...Chhattisgarh is India most important state...

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