Karnataka (Bangalore) must be top of this list, because it is cosmopolitan city by accepting diversified culture and people, at the same time being degraded by same people who come here for job, whom we accept without any issue since it is in our nature (especially from deep south India), Karnataka always had potential and has given great intense rightful education (college, degree's unlike other state or village), per this topic discussion, hypocrite's must be placed last and state which believes in One India must be placed first and the people, That is Bangalore (Karnataka).

May be the only state where people do speak minimum 3 Indian regional languages. People are good, good language to speak kannada!. Feel safe. Good job opportunities. Peace, less violence and comparatively less population density. No water problem, jobs, good climate. We have everything, we don't need very good political stability but the land itself attracts development. Ultimately one state many words. Karnataka!

No words to explain about Karnataka simply to say its master piece or a model for all states in India

Best climate in the whole of asia...rich culture..., more than that bangalore is the IT hub..!...no state is even near to karnataka in terms of its growth..it is not water dependent..! People here are the most friendliest...!

Karnataka is the most fastest growing state in india.soon it will become top developed state in india and it will beat tamil nadu in any infrastructural facility, education, medical facility.because bangalore is already beat up all cities india like chennai, hyderabad, ahmedabad and soon it wiill become number one. GREAT KARNATAKA, GREAT BANGALORE (BEGALURU).

In karnataka it is rare to see poverty, it means all the people are earning in good manner, it means they are getting opportunities in earning, there is a demand for labourers, also the cost of wages is also high.

According to me Karnataka is the Best state in India for their qualified products and humble nature of people. It's the IT hub with the mixture of heritage and Traditaions which goes well with every others to come over. Its definitely not an alien land, people from others states are more happy than staying in their own land. The products are the best of the quality and more importantly the climate at the best. Cheers

I love bangalore and bangalore people or too good.. I love you bangalore

Karnataka is the best state among all with respect to all infrastructure facility to all people and it is beautiful

Karnataka is a fabulous state. It is the most developed state in India. Excluding cleanliness and poverty, all are fine. It is one of the educated states of India. it is one of the safest state in India. Karnataka is famous for its cuisine and tourism. it has a nice weather too. thank you

Best State I have ever seen in my life

I stay in Bangalore and I have practically experienced what people are saying below.. It is a very beautiful place with nice climate and good job opportunities.

Karnataka is the best because it has good places like mysore, bangalore etc. ,and historical places and the state which has highest special schools in India

It has everything... one of the best place to live, there is no other state like Karnataka. I would like to say one thing - This is really a developed state..

What more do you need than silicon city BANGALORE? Recent events show Bangalore and Karnataka has the highest resources to offer in every field. All the corporate companies are shifting their headquarters to Bangalore suggesting the amount of oppurtunity here... Be it the number of graduates available firsthand or the cost of living, Karnataka stands as the best state in India...

Bangalore is the only city in the world which has more number of Engineering colleges in its city limit, Thereby it produces more number of Engineers per year when compared to other cities or states in India

Karnataka deserves the first place, in terms of convenience, food, people, travel, weather, and development..

Education is good, its safe city, people are loving, food is good. Bangalore has given jobs to many other cities. Far from sea so secured from natural calamities too. Lots of garden and trees in the city keeps the air clean. Rich in tradition and culture. All veg n fruits are almost available round the year. After England bangalore has the most flyovers. Now metro is also started. I can just keep on going. Soon it will reach number 1.

You don't find a state which is rich in everything as Karnataka.

Karnataka one state many worlds

Karnataka is the 8th biggest, 9th most populous, 13th highest and 16th most literate state of the 28 states of the democratic Republic of India. Karnataka is ranked 5th in the country in tax revenue and 7th in the country in GDP. Karnataka is at 8th position in life expectancy and 11th in female-to-male sex ratio among the states in India. Karnataka is at 7th most media exposed states in India.

Because most of the people living here are probably from different states... And remember the question... It's the top 10 states... Don't vote just cause your hometown is in that state

Yeah karnataka deserves to be in top 3 position. Even though it tops only in technology, it doesn't lack anything. For example, it's medium in education, cleanliness, economy, etc.

Karnataka deserves to be the best Indian state because whether it's agriculture or industries or education or any other good thing it gives the best compared to any state in India, bangalore is an ideal example for this.

Undoubtedly the number 1 state in the country. it has everything to be the number 1. may it be IT companies, infrastructure, job oppurtunities, good climate, organic food to eat, highly educated people, good schools, colleges, research institutes, industries etc.