Most peaceful state to live for any community. No hatred towards people of other states (That's why people from North flows to Kerala for employment).
Number one in following parameters.
1. Literacy
2. Education (Particularly primary. More higher education institutions have to come. One NIT and an IIM. 6 Govt. Medical colleges and 5 Govt. Medical colleges are in pipeline. 10 engineering colleges. (10 operational + 1 proposed) 11 state universities and 3 universities of central govt).
3. Health care (At least one Primary health center in all villages. Govt hospitals in all minor towns taluk headquarters, district head quarters and general hospital and a regional institute of cancer)
4. Tourism (Numerous destinations ranging from beach, backwaters to water falls and hill stations).
5. Social security (Not know for any major communal clashes. All the major communities are enjoying the social justice)
6. Climate (Warm and pleasant weather through out the year with ...more

Kerala is one big town, with basic amenities reaching majority of its population. Almost all other states in India have one or two major cities thriving and the rest of the places lagging behind in everything. The urban rural divide is the least in Kerala. It provides equal opportunities to all its population.

Considering HDI is main parameter to rate states or countries, Kerala is far ahead than any other states in India.. In HDI the people of Kerala enjoys similar life standards as of Western Europeans... It's a state with least infant mortality and least birth rate. A state with all most all house have well water and proper sanitation. It is a place where you can see the decentralized development all across. We are in a society which needs grass root level development and in that case Kerala stood taller than many other states... The so called Kerala Model has ensured that each panchayath will be having basic amenities for the people like Primary health centers and schools. You would not find the gap in the life style of people from remote areas compared to the city dwellers. Ex -there is a very little difference in the Mobile phone penetration between urban and rural usage, it is uncommon in Indian standards. All together it's the best state in India or rather in Indian sub-continent. ...more

I like Kerala very much because of its beauty and economy. It has a very good culture. Even you go to any part of Kerala it is connected to the world in scene of information. The dispersion of development is very good. And a good law and order. Kerala is a state which give more value to human life and rights, it is really peaceful and sound socio-economic status.

A developed state is not where there are many companies and rich people but majority of the people still live in dark ages without education, food and living conditions. Kerala is the best state in India in terms of education, living conditions and poverty. There is no difference in living conditions of people from cities to that of villages. Good primary education in all areas, poverty is very very less compared to other India states, good hospitals even in rural area, better social awareness, peaceful state with rare communal fights, very good in tourism, clean places and most road density in India. Though the quality of roads are poor, Kerala ensure that almost every village/panchayath has road facilities. One bad thing people talk about Kerala is lack of industries. Kerala highly dense area and you can't find enough space for industries to work. Kerala is focusing more on IT and similar industries where you don't need more land to operate. Frequent strikes are another problem but ...more

Peaceful state to live.. Fantastic greenery, rich in culture and art, very different tradition and a real tourist destination in all meaning, but still lacking some of basic developments like roads and the other infrastructure, unfocused and corrupted politicians, very less growth in industrial sector development... Unwanted strikes are always there in very often, organizing by different political parties for senseless reasons...

It's the land of unique culture and heritage...
Land of beauties... Land of greenary
Etc etc etc

Its culture and traditions, coupled with its varied demographics, have made Kerala one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. National Geographic's Traveller magazine names Kerala as one of the "ten paradises of the world" and "50 must see destinations of a lifetime". Travel and Leisure names Kerala as "One of the 100 great trips for the 21st century". In 2012, it overtook Taj Mahal to be the number one travel destination in Google's search trends for India. Kerala's beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges and wildlife sanctuaries are the major attractions for both domestic and international tourists. The city of Kochi ranks first in the total number of international and domestic tourists in Kerala. Varkala beach in Thiruvananthapuram is rated as 9th best bargain adventures 2013 in the world by The Guardian, UK. It also referred Varkala as new Goa

The main reason why Kerala stands apart is that it has the highest literacy rate (of both male and female) in India. The people live life as a cooperating society where religion, gender, or social status have failed to create tensions among those in a society. The public have a better say in political issues and education is of supreme importance to all families as it is considered as the key to successful living. Kerala has the highest human development index and the health sector is one of the best in India. People live a happy and peaceful life irrespective of their income. Kerala is a role model state for the rest of India: of course it is the best- GOD'S OWN COUNTRY.

Kerala has the highest human development index on par with European countries. Kerala's development is to be assessed not with other Indian states, but with western countries having high human development.

Kerala is the best state in india. Recently it has seen a lot of development taking place. In literacy it has always topped the chart. Health facilities is one of the best in india. Real estate sector has seen huge investment being made, luxurious flats, villas to big shopping malls. Kerala has topped the chart this year in the sale of luxurious cars in infia. So kerala is surely one of best states in india.

We value our people, we know our state, culture, pride or nationalism will matter nothing without our people. We usually value everybody and go to war ( in streets with protest) for any body, I know it's a bane for industry and crippling economy but that makes us fighting for social justice. Every body knows their rights, the information about any laws, allowances, policies trickle down fast. We adopt all the good stuff and competitively try to integrate in education, learning English, going to work for better value for money, organic farming. We are secular, yes secular that means everybody have right for religious freedom and it's a free market without coercion. Generally we value daughters more than men, very high representation of women in panchayat level, unfortunately it doesn't reflect in parliament and not enough teeth to bring true freedom for women. Like wearing anything they want, walking around safely after dusk. People criticize us for very high unemployment you can't ...more

If you take top 10 states in the world, kerala will be one of them. Undoubtedly one can say that this the best place to live in India. Very good education, health care, employment are some specialties of god own country... Kerala is far ahead of tamilnadu in all aspects there is no doubt about it. Kerala and malayaly's dominate everywhere

Highest literacy rate, lowest infant mortality rate, least corruption, High per capita income, excellent network of roads, excellent tourism infrastructure and so many other credits make Kerala the best state in India.

In Athletics Kerala Is Back born of INDIA

According to the world Human Development Index, Kerala's HDI is similar to that of other developed countries. In kerala, Everyone is literate and medium wealth people. KERALA has the the least poverty rate in India. The economy is most suited for commercial development. Industrial development is limited due to the environment conservative attitude of people and political parties. Another highlight is tourism, with the most favourite holiday destination in India by foreigners. Hospitals, schools, government services, commute, electricity, and all basic aminities are made available to each and every corner of the state. State is facing Large debt due to large spending on these basic facilities. The expenditure of state is rising every year and revenue is not that much. Kerala is environmentally the most livable state in India, with water, fresh air, healthy surroundings. Tamil nadu has very large geographical area which makes them much richer. And more than 80% of keralites are in ...more

Best in brain but worst in attitude

The best state to live in all aspects is Kerala

Google abt it guys you can know it leads in everyway... Its a very well governed, less corrupt and highly educated state.. It can develop in industries but sadly due to lack of space and due to its geography and natural beauty, industries are not encourageable

Kerala has the Highest Human Development Index in India. It's the state with the Highest life expectancy, Highest gender ratio, Highest Literacy, Highest media exposure, Highest home ownership, Lowest Infant mortality,100% institutional delivery, Least Corrupt state in India, Least poverty among big states (7.05%), Least Economic inequality between urban and rural population, Highest Financial Inclusion (highest value of IFI-Index of Financial Inclusion), Cleanest Indian state which is also called one of the '12 paradises in the world' for its greenery and natural beauty. It is the safest state in India to live where all communities live with peace and mutual respect. It has one of the best police departments in the whole country. It's the home of Ayurveda. Its one of the best and most beautiful tourist places in the whole world and its attractions range from sunny beaches and amazing backwaters to beautiful hillstations. What else a human being needs to live a happy life? Its no ...more

Kerala is a clean and tropical. Education and development is growing pretty fast there. I've just went to India 2 years ago for vacation and it was very nice. Make sure you go to Vega land.

Kerala is a best governing state. Health care, 1 Rs. Rice, 2 lac grant for house.

If you are a tourist, you will find a varied landscape for your liking. You will find Hills, forests, waterfalls, beaches, marshlands etc and a lot of historic places. It has 44 rivers and some backwater lakes and in many places they offer house boat stay. Also you will find a lot of Elephants here and may be able to get a Elephant ride in Thekkadi. Kerala has a unique architecture different from other Indian states in South or North. The language itself is an amalgamate of Dravidian Tamil and Aryan Sanskrit. You can see influences from Europe and Arabia in their food, architecture and many other cultural aspects. It offers a vast treasure of art forms such as Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Theyyam, Thullal and so many more. It is also where Kalaripayattu originated which is considered to be the mother of all martial arts in the world. You can also find traditional Aryurvedic medical practitioners and centers if you are looking for holistic treatments for any ailments.

Like many ...more

It is called one of the ten paradises of the world. The people of Kerala is well literated. The economy of kerala is thriving. Except few of the political parties destroying its value and name by Harthal (especially cpm). However the foreigners like kerala because of the natural beauty and culture.

Kerala is definitely the best state in India. Development does mean Sky scrappers but equitable distribution of resources. Kerala's wealth is not just confined to urban centers

But it is also percolated into the grass root levels of rural Kerala. In the Health Care sector Kerala is obviously the top most state not only in India but also in the world. The average

L life expectancy of a keralite is 10 years more than that of the Average Indian citizen. This is almost equivalent to that of the US. Kerala has the highest road density and as well as telephone density than any other state in India. Education is the sector that precipitated the development of Kerala. It has achieved 100% Literacy as part of the state literacy mission. Though industrial development and employment creation remains a problem Kerala has made giant strides in these areas as but introducing techno parks in the different parts of the state

Social and political awareness is one of the important ...more