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41 Nagpur

Nice city in India

Beautiful as well as best to live in

Nagpur is not state. Its city of Maharashtra.

Nice Place

42 Kutch V 4 Comments
43 Barun Sobti Barun Sobti

Love you Barun

Best actor for villan as well as romance.

44 Nagaland

I have visited almost all the states of India, but I have not seen a state like Nagaland, the people are very generous and hospitable. Apart from that, the places are too beautiful, I will love to see Nagaland making it to the top 10

Nagaland is a state in India, where people can do anything, eat anything, worship & it is the safest place for girls in India...

Best state in India for woman (survey 2015). Very less crime rate. Respect for woman. Beautiful landscape and generous people.

Nagaland is a place of love and respect. People are kind to one another and amazing state. - shimeodi

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