Best States In Poland

The Top Ten

1 Lubusz Voivodeship

The region with the lowest number of Poles - a well deserved winner

My home state is Lubusz Voivodeship. - Epekov

2 Silesian Voivodeship

Most urban pleace

3 Opole Voivodeship
4 Wielkopolska Polska Voivodeship
5 Masovian Voivodeship
6 Warminsko Mazurskie
7 Lodzkie

Great city. Beautiful scenery. Many skyscrapers-industry.Home to two clubs who beat many renowned football teams such as liverpool and man city,and also held man Utd to a standstill

Great city with two great football clubs,including one who beat teams the likes of Liverpool.and man city, and held man Utd to a stalemate and standstill

8 Swietokrzyskie
9 Donoslaskie
10 Podlaskie Voivodeship

The Contenders

11 Western Pomerania

Great place for resting

12 MaƂopolska
13 Lower Silesia
14 Podkarpackie
15 Pomerania
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