Best States and Provinces to Live In North America


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1 Ontario, Canada

I grew up in Ontario, and there is nowhere like it! Between climate and cost of living its incomparable.

I grew up in Toronto. Ontario is amazing.

All of Canada is great apart from Quebec so I agree with Ontario's #1 spot. And New York is a choice as a state not a city so think about all of NY State.

Give us a place to stand
Give us a place to grow
And call this land, Ontario
A place to live
For you and me
With hopes as high
As the tallest tree
Give us a land of lakes
And a land of snow
And we wil build Ontario
A place to stand
A place to grow
A place to grow
Ontario - o - o
o - o - o...

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2 New York, USA V 1 Comment
3 California, USA

It is awesome... Assuming you can afford it

California, there isn't much above the Sonoma county - SpectralOwl

4 Quebec, Canada

Magical... A country in itself, landscapes from Montreal's urban skyscrapers to icy cold Goose Bay...

5 Alberta, Canada Alberta, Canada

Has one of the best healthcare services in Canada

6 British Colombia, Canada

This province is the best to live in. It includes big cities like Vancouver and Victoria. With mountains and water. And small towns to love

7 Texas, USA Texas, USA Texas is a state in the USA. It is the second largest by area and population. Its largest city is Houston.
8 Saskatchewan, Canada Saskatchewan, Canada
9 Illinos, USA
10 Florida, USA

Like California but better.

Best place because of disney world

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11 Washington State, USA

Washington, in my opinion, is the most beautiful state in the country. There is so much variation: trees, mountains, farms, big cities, and water.

12 Ohio, USA

Nothing's great like my home state... - Goatworlds

I love ohio

13 North Carolina, USA
14 Hawaii, USA

Take this state off! It's a terrible place to live in.. I live in this state myself and it's just horrendous

15 Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
16 Kansas, USA

I was born and raised there!

17 Missouri, USA
18 Arizona, USA
19 Massachusetts, USA
20 Alaska, USA
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