Top Ten Best Provinces in Sweden

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1 Uppland

Yeah! This is where I am from, I truly love my home province, in north, we have the beautiful city of Uppsala, a very beautiful city and Swedens fourth biggest city, to south-east we have Stockholm, swedens capital, where I was born, my fathers parents are from Stockholm, speaking of Stockholm, the city is beautiful, Skansen, Gröna Lund, Vasamuseet, Aquaria, they are all attractions in Stockholm! I love my home prinvince! And will always!

2 Gotland

This is an island outside Sweden and is also a province to Sweden! And it's he most beautiful of all 25 provnices! I love Gotland! This province is mainly known for its sea stacks, known as raukar in swedish, this island is full of them! The best of the stacks is Hoburgsgubben, obviously also the most popular! I love the stacks, but that's not the only thing about Gotland, in Gotland, here is the great town of Visby, Visby is one of the most beautiful cities (or more like town) in Europe! It's such an interesting town too! I just love Gotland.

3 Öland
4 Lappland

Lappland... you want to know what's so special about it? Well then, this is the biggest province in Swden, which makes it pretty special, and has some really good things about it, this is the home to Swedens biggest mountain; Kebnekaise, in the Scandanavian Mountains, the mountains is 2097 meters over the sea! Here in Lapplands there also is the city of Kiruna, Swedens city that lies the most north in Sweden, and under the city tehre is a mine! Cool, right? I am probably the only one on this site along with some other users who knows about that mine! Overall, a great province,

5 Östergötland
6 Ångermanland
7 Hälsingland

Hälsingland is such a beautiful province in Sweden, with so many forests and stuff, my great grandmother also were from this province, and it isn't too far from my home province; Uppland, sadly I won't be able to go tehre anymore, but I will still remember Hälsingland.

8 Norrbotten

This is the second most north province in Sweden, as lies to the east of Lappland, I really do think it's an underrated province, I think Norrbotten is awesomne! They have the best coat of arms! They have lovely beaches. Biggest city is Luleå, a really good city where they make steel and iron, the best thing about it (and this goes for Lappland too) is that the north half is above the pole circle, above the pole circle, the sun never rises on the Decmbers, but on all the other months, the sun never goes down. Cool, right?

9 Dalarna

It is a great province

10 Skåne
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11 Härjedalen
12 Bohuslän
13 Södermanland
14 Blekinge
15 Värmland
16 Västerbotten
17 Småland
18 Västergötland
19 Gästrikland
20 Medelpad

Not so much here, but the best part is; In Medelpad, there is Swedens midpoint is in western Medelpad, that's he best thing about it, and their coat of arms is really good as well!

21 Västmanland
22 Jämtland
23 Dalsland
24 Närke
25 Halland
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