Top 10 Stereotypes About U.S. States

America is a big land with 50 states, so differences can be noticed between each region.
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1 People from Texas are cowboys that say "Yee-Haw"

It's not exactly all Old Western in Austin, a popular city for hipsters.

2 California is all about Hollywood and surfing

California has huge snow skiing resort spread across its numerous high mountain areas like Mammoth Mountain and Lake Tahoe.
Most people who do work for the movie studios are electricians, carpenters, computer techs, etc, not actors.
Far more people in California go bass fishing than go surfing.
The main stereotype that applies to California is CROWDS, there 40 million people in the state, everything is massively overcrowded.

This stereotype is mainly directed at SoCal, and even there, you won't see many people walking the red carpet or hanging 10 on the surfboard on a daily basis.

California is about transgender and eating their mom's organic vagina, leaving people defenseless and money laundering sex offender people

3 New Yorkers are arrogant

Aren't all of us Americans?

4 Florida is full of Cubans and retired people

And don't forget about Disney World.

Florida is a place where black kids get ate by crocodile and old people do smack

5 Washington and Oregon are full of bearded hipsters living in rainy weather

Wear a beanie, a turtleneck and thick glasses, and you'll fit in here.

6 Mississippi is racist

The Confederate symbol on the state's official flag makes this understandable.

We did have a lot of slavery long ago, but there isn't even close to as much racism now.

I'd go as far as to say the whole South is racist. I hate anyone that's a Southern redneck:

Mississipi wrangle up your sisters boys those black men ain't touch your white women those black meanies gonna steal your race they will make u impure!

7 Colorado is a stoned ski destination
8 There's nothing to see North Dakota

However, if you're interested in telephone poles and barren badlands, then this place is for you.

That's where U.S. hides nuclear bombs

9 Minnesota is basically part of Canada

I'm a resident of Minnesota, I'm not surprised to see this up here, us Minnesotans like the Canadians.. so I don't know what is the big deal?

Probably because of the cold weather, eh.

10 New Jersey is filled with Italians

No that's New York, it's filled with trash and crime.

Nope. It's pretty diverse. There's an Asian strip mall in Pennsauken.

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11 Everyone from Alabama marries their cousins

I'm sure there's one person out there who isn't out there. Only one.

12 Maine is home to overpriced lobster, lighthouses, and rich white people
13 New Hampshire is empty.
14 All of Michigan is dangerous

This is just wrong. Only like a few cities are dangerous.

15 Vermonters are Bernie Sanders loving, redneck douches

Rednecks? Don't you mean hippies, who are pretty much the opposite of them?

16 Hawaii is full of people who say "Aloha" and play the ukulele.
17 Alaska has eskimos and sled dogs.

I love huskies!

18 Kansas is full of white farmers who shower in dirt and live in a storm shelter
19 Maryland is all about crabs

Crab rave intensifies

20 Louisiana is all about fried chicken
21 Wisconsin children don't get a good education

Get this off please

22 People in Pennsylvania are rude
23 Everyone in Utah are Mormons.
24 Nevada is all about gambling

Sure there are casinos but there's also the Hoover Dam, restaurants, the deserts, etc...

25 People who are from the New Jersey shore all smoke, drink, and go gangster
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