Best States of South India


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1 Tamil Nadu

People here are too racist

First developed state in India the good Industrial Estate then that automobile industries in South Indian Detroit

Tamil Nadu is the state of prosperity. Good condition to live. No terrorism and Tamilnadu is the fastest improving state in India. - paasadani

State is lagging behind other states as an investment destination due to incompetent political parties ( both rulled & rulling).

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2 Kerala

Really good state to live in my opinion. better health centers, education, gob opportunities, etc. and good people too. but I think the cost of price to live will be a little high for some people. if you manage well. it will be all good.

Its really good

Very peaceful state...

My own state I miss Kerala a lot...I am currently living in karnataka...but I consider only Kerala as the best state as I was born and brought up there.

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3 Karnataka

Peoples of here are so tolerent

Wow state

Cleanest and most peaceful state with the most pleasant and beautiful climate and weather.Has the most peaceful people in India.Also Bangalore the IT capital of India.The largest cofee and tea producer of India is also Karnataka.The famous South Indian Carnatic music is also named after this majestic state.Karnataka the king of all south indian states.

4 Andhra Pradesh

Excellent state to live, work after dividing it though it loses financial stability soon it will become to 3 states in India in terms of future best place to live

Proud to be a part of this state... We have all type of facilities in which we cannot see any other state

Peaceful and people are caring

Andhra is the most fast developing state. Though the center does not support the state after division the people of andhra are hard working so the state is progressing very fast. with in a small time under the leadership of able chief minister Nara Chandrababu AP will be the top developed state in India

5 Telangana

Telangana giving food for young generation by providing jobs as it is no 2 in IT field. How come its in No 5 position.

Telangana specifically hyderabad is indeed the BEST place to live in south India. Its got the best weather,comfortable environment for anyone to adapt easily and most importantly best people I must say. Hyderabad can be home for anyone.

I hate telangana

Best place to live

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6 Punjab Punjab

Punjab is the best it is a home to the best warriors of Indian history like Bhagat Singh

7 Goa
8 Mizoram
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