Best States of South India


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1 Tamil Nadu

First developed state in India the good Industrial Estate then that automobile industries in South Indian Detroit

The most tolerant society in whole India.

Racist pigs from north will say we are racist
And u can't survive with hindi be a Roman in Rome so be a tamilian in tamilnadu by learning tamil

Tamil is a mother of all languages.. And also South Indians..

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2 Kerala

There is zero % illiteracy in this state and the will of creative development has made this state an internationally recognized developed state of India with beautiful greenery and vegetation.

I went here in the Summer Holidays, and it is an absolute wonder, with colour and beauty bursting, wherever you go! Best state in Kerala, for sure!

Greatest state

God's own country

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3 Karnataka

Best of all, welcomes and provide opportunities to everyone in need. Rich culture.

Ya karnataka is very good

Unlike other nearby States like Tamilnadu, Kerala and Andra Pradesh, Karnataka especially Bangalore welcomes all, to be a truly cosmopolitan State. Locals have high level of tolerance and living environment is suited for any outside state family and even foreigners / expats.

My Karnataka Best Devolopped State

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4 Andhra Pradesh

Best state to Live

The State with more love and affection, caring especially the region of Rayalaseema

Most hard working people

Don't mess with Andra people they are fire

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5 Telangana

Best place to live

Telangana specifically hyderabad is indeed the BEST place to live in south India. Its got the best weather,comfortable environment for anyone to adapt easily and most importantly best people I must say. Hyderabad can be home for anyone.

Cannot be 5th

Telangana giving food for young generation by providing jobs as it is no 2 in IT field. How come its in No 5 position.

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6 Goa
7 Punjab Punjab

Punjab is the best it is a home to the best warriors of Indian history like Bhagat Singh

8 Mizoram
9 Rajasthan Rajasthan
10 Mumbai Mumbai

Mumbai is a good place to Live in as all types of people can live irrespective of their economic status. The cost of living is reasonable. I am able to tell this because I stayed in Mumbai more than 35 years. The atmosphere is good with seasonal rains. People are good and Cooperative.It is our Economical Capital

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11 Jharkhand Jharkhand
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