Top 10 States with the Best Age of Consent Laws in America

In the United States, the legal age of consent varies from 16 to 18 years old. Every state in America has different age of consent laws. None of these are in any particular order, just states that have much more different societal norms of consent (though they're ones I don't really agree with to be honest).

It should be noted that I personally think that people 18 and older should have sex with each other, while teenagers stick to banging other teens around the same age (and I know it's ironic of me saying that considering how I made a list of reasons why older adults shouldn't date 18-year-olds but, that list I made was only meant to point out the negative aspects of what would happen when an older adult dates an 18-year-old, like immaturity or inexperience).

Like I said before, be safe, be legal, and make sure you're not getting anyone (including yourself) in trouble with the law.

The Top Ten

1 18 (Idaho)

Dang you really need to be 18 to have kinky potato 53X? - SoldierOfFortune

2 16 (Washington)
3 17 (Illinois)

If you people really think I'm attracted to kids as young as 17 then you're wrong. The title of this list was Top 10 Age of Consent Laws in America. For some reason admin changed it to Top 10 States with the Best Age of Consent Laws in America.

4 18 (Oregon)
5 16 (Maine)

Most famous for the case where the 39-year old son of Robert F. Kennedy was accused of having an affair with his children's babysitter. He claimed that since the sitter was 16 at the time, it was not a criminal offense, and successfully got off. The case was in 1997, would likely have a different outcome today.

The law does not apply to members of the Kennedy family.

6 17 (Colorado)
7 18 (California)
8 16 (Ohio)
9 17 (New York)
10 18 (Virginia)

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11 17 (Louisiana)
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