Top Ten Steals of the 2018 NBA Draft

These are the biggest steals of the 2018 draft which had a lot of steals.

The Top Ten

1 Michael Porter Jr. Michael Porter Jr.

He fell to 14! 14! He is a once in a preparation player and he fell to 14. I love Porters game and he will shock some people. - 2storm

Easily a top 3 talent when healthy. In a few years I bet MPJ will make all the other teams who passed on him real sorry they did

He had a fall. But that just gives Porter more to prove. He’ll be an excellent player over the next few years. - PackFan2005

He’s going to be like Embiid. Remember when the Sixers picked him a few years ago. Now nobody criticizes that pick. That’s going to be the same here. The teams that passed on him will be real sorry they did in a few years - Randomator

2 Lonnie Walker IV

Walker fell to 18 to the Spurs. He brings a lot of flair to the Spurs and was a player people will be dreaming they picked. - 2storm

3 Hamidou Diallo

Love this pick at 40. I believe Diallo was a late first, but the Nets were able to get Diallo and Dzanan, both were players they were considering with the 29th pick. - 2storm

4 Mohamed Bamba Mohamed Bamba

Fell to pick 6 with Magic while the Mavericks surprised people by getting Dončić. - 2storm

5 Dzanan Musa

Nets got a fall from Muss and got him at 29. - 2storm

6 Collin Sexton Collin Sexton

Great pick for the uncertain Cavs - Randomator

Predicted Sexton to go to the Cavs, but it is still a steal. - 2storm

7 Anfernee Simons

In my opinion a lottery or 15-20 player fell to 24. Major steal. - 2storm

I don’t know about this pick. He’s really an unknown in this draft. He’s going to need time to develop that’s for sure. - Randomator

8 Robert Williams

Major steal at 27 was supposed to be a lottery to mid first rounder. - 2storm

9 Omari Spellman

Great steal at 30 and a great pickup. - 2storm

10 Kostas Antekutompo

Supposed to be a early 2nd rounder, but he fell to the last pick. - 2storm

The Contenders

11 Donte Divincenzo
12 Mitchell Robinson

Goated rn averaging 2.4 block per game and balling out with double doubles. steal of the draft

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