Top 10 Steam Clicker Games

Top 10 Best Steam Clicker Games, By popularity and the game itself.

The Top Ten

1 Clicker Heroes

The most popular Clicker Game on steam, If not overall most popular Clicker Game of all time! it has a lot of futures, Leveling up you're heroes & More! - xRafal

2 Ragnarok Clicker

One of the first Clicker Games, Also Clicker Heroes was based on it. Classic Clicker Game and still popular. - xRafal

3 Adventure Capitalist

One of the best Clicker Games... Has a lot of story in it and updates! The Main cell is to get rich by clicking... - xRafal

Da best idle/clicker game


4 Time Clickers

Takes on new level of Clicker Games! Its very fun to destroy those cubes! - xRafal

5 The Crusaders Of the Lost Idols

One of the newest Clicker Games... It has a lot of strategy and fun in it but also a lot of glitches sadly! - xRafal

6 Insanity Clicker

Def.. One of the scariest Clicker Games! Its very similar to Clicker Heroes but just seems more scary. - xRafal

7 Clicker Guild

A lot of people don't like this game because its pretty easy and becomes boring really fast, But in my opinion its very fun! You can get a lot of money fast and its def... fun to get diffrent loot from chests! - xRafal

8 Sakura Clicker

Sexiest Clicker Game of all time here, Its also very similar to Clicker Heroes style, Has a lot of futures & more! - xRafal

9 Adventure Communist

Adventure Communist is any second game of Adventure Capitalist. Its very the same, You also need to get rich but in any diffrent way, Getting rich by having a lot of food and farming a lot for it! - xRafal

10 Plantera

The only Clicker game on this list you have to pay for. I can't really say anything about it because I played it for just 10 minutes, But it seems like a good game for just this little amount of money, But the other Clicker Games on this list are for free and they are better so yeah. - xRafal

great game

The Contenders

11 Cookie Clicker
12 Crush Crush

why not

13 Kitty Catsanova
14 Realm Grinder
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