Top Ten Stephen King Novels that Were Adapted to Film

Not a huge fan of Stephen King but even I have to admit that some of his works are incredible and deserved to be adapted to screen. Feel free to add any I've missed or vote for an existing favourite.

The Top Ten

1 The Green Mile

Riding the storm in my mind choosing between The Green Mile and Misery was one hecky-peck of a ride. In the end it came down to which story affected me mostly and The Green Mile won by a few steps short of a mile. Both story and film are a breathtaking look at humanity: it makes you think about yourself and the wonders of the world around you. A tear-jerker that made me weep enough tears to irrigate the Gobi Desert. It really does deserve first place. But the voting isn't just down to me; other users will possibly have their own ideas. - Britgirl

Well said. You have so clearly defined the film that I scarcely have anything to add. I will just offer up I felt Michael Duncan Clarke's performance was exceptional, among many fine performances. For me, it is firmly entrenched in my Top 30 films of all time. RIP Michael Duncan Clarke - Ned964

Probably his most scariest book of all, because it comes to terms with what still goes in in our society - Ang2001

2 The Shining

I've never read a Stephen King novel, so I have no frame of reference to judge the adaption to the screen. I do know there are some great films here, and this is another of my personal favorites. It's the images in this film that will forever impress me, so brilliantly directed by Stanley Kubrick. That the family is in such an isolated location only adds to my anxiety each time I watch the film. I suppose that is a credit to the mind of Mr. King. It's not the shock value shots that really get me, it's a shot down a long hallway, a dimly lit corner, an empty dining room. A fire is going, but everything outside of it feels cold, ominous. The Hotel itself is a character for me. - Ned964

Great movie adapted from a Stephen King book even if King himself hated the movie. - egnomac

This scared me so much

3 Misery

Misery is, I guess, pure psychological entertainment; doesn't really need a lot of thinking about, which is why I placed it at #2. It's brilliantly acted by Kathy Bates and James Caan. The film is marginally better than the novel. It's my favourite psychological thriller film but not my favourite Stephen King film. - Britgirl

4 IT
5 Carrie (1976)
6 Salem's Lot
7 Christine
8 Pet Sematary
9 The Dead Zone

So unfamiliar with Stepen King's body of work I had to go to a list to get some ideas. My gosh, how many books did this guy pen? Anyway, this movie sounds really good - Ned964

10 The Stand

The Contenders

11 Firestarter
12 Silver Bullet
13 The Dark Half

This movie isn't anywhere close to the quality of movies like Misery or The Green Mile, but it's still an entertaining movie nonetheless. Directed by George A. Romero, the same guy who wrote Night of the Living Dead (and may he rest in peace), this movie and the source material it's based off of revolves around a removed parasitic twin of a writer Thad Beaumont; and Thad just so happens to indirectly use the twin as a pseudonym for his writing career, and is forced to put it to rest after his secret is discovered. However, the twin manifests itself and commits murders that Thad is blamed for. A bizarre premise, but it's made up for with a chilling atmosphere and great acting, especially from the main star of the film Timothy Hutton. The only problem is the conclusion of the film, which was disappointing after intense build-up and twists. However, the movie is still enjoyable in its own right. - nerffan8000

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