Top Ten Steps Required for a Korean Reunification

It has almost been 70 years since the division of Korea. Just before the division Kim il-Sung called for a Korea-wide Election, but the american occupied side refused, mainly because they feared a communist victory as all Koreans were loyal to the Korean People's Army which was a revolutionary force during the Japanese occupation and it also helped liberate Korea which was led by Kim-il Sung who was also the Leader of Worker's party of Korea which was the communist party.
The Top Ten
1 Resignation of Park Guen-Hue

Thank god she's gone. - Not_A_Weeaboo

She is a major obstacle as her policies have never been supportive towards the North and despite the North's efforts to improve inter-Korean relations, She has only been plotting conspiracies against the North. The Korean Re-unification seemed near when Kim-Dae jung was the President but now it looks very far. - yatharthb

2 Removal of American influence from South Korean politics

Funding political parties, attempting coup d' etat's and all those things. - yatharthb

3 Withdrawal of all American Soldiers from South Korea

South has Defense capabilities of its own, it doesn't need foreign troops on its land. - yatharthb

4 No more joint military drills with the US
5 Freedom of press to freely praise the North and option to support it

In South Korea, if you praise North Korea, you go to jail. The media is not allowed to praise North Korea in any way, If any political party has pro-North Policies then it also gets ousted. - yatharthb

6 Removal of International Sanctions against the North

Did you know that Google, Microsoft, twitter, Samsung are banned to do business in North Korea... By the US government. Investors in North Korea find it difficult to get their money out of the country because there are very few international banks operating there all because of international sanctions. - yatharthb

7 Removal of false human rights racket against the north
8 No nuclear disarmament talks before the reunification
9 No more fake Defectors
10 Fall of the North Korea regime
The Contenders
11 No Pro-South policies of the US
12 Assassinating Kim Jong Un
13 North Korea updates their language to catch up with the South

North Koreans call ice cream differently and after korea reuniting they would have to change the dictionary. And North Korea is a third world country and is 30 or 40 years behind South Korea so they would also have to update their technology.

14 Have a fundraiser to donate money to the government for reunification

The reunification would cost over a trillion dollars and the government of South Korea should have a fundraiser to donate money for reunification.

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