Top Ten Most Stereotyped People In the Word

Similar to the most stereotyped places in the world, also by me.

The Top Ten

1 Muslims

It's all Osama bin Laden's fault! Enough said!

Osana bin Laden is to blame!

2 Feminists

Yes, some people go way way too far, but most are just about equal rights. However, sometimes it isn't always equal, as I see books in the library saying "The future is female". That's really sexist and just plain wrong. It should say "The future is equal". I know if there was a book with a title of "The future is male", then it would get lots of hate.

Another idiotic group. Besides what some might say, Feminism is NOT about equal rights. It is about complaining how men are opening their legs on trains and killing men; it is a movement to place women on top and demonize men. They claim that there is a patriarchy, but really, they have it the easiest and society treats them better than men.

Excuse me, but "have it the easiest"? Hundreds of years of repression and persecution, and we "have it the easiest"? Plus, why do you think we want to kill men? Very few people, most of them insane, genuinely want to kill people. (Coincidentally, most of them are men.) Stop whining and woman up. - AngryNerdGirl


No. - Juan-Luis

3 Mexicans

"I like ta-" NO. - Juan-Luis

Not a Trumpster, but...HE NEVER SAID THEY WERE, parrot.

4 Black People


... I can't even... - Juan-Luis

5 Far Easterns

"I am Quong Ching Ping Pong." Kill me now... - Juan-Luis

6 Police Officers

Police brutality is very BIG in America!

"Hands Up-Don't Shoot", we now know that this never happened in Ferguson.
A bunch of liars who wanted an excuse to cause destruction kept repeating it until it appears they actually believe it, which is pretty scary.
Michael Brown was shot in completely legitimate self-defense, and unbelievably, several innocent police officers were killed in 'retaliation" for something that never happened.

Police are no longer out to serve and protect the public; they are no here to control it and shoot whoever gets in their way, especially blacks.

"We shoot black pe-" No, you don't. - Juan-Luis

7 Homosexuals

Apparently all gays are feminine guys who live pink. I actually have a gay character who does like pink, but that's because he just does. Apparently being about who likes pink is gay. Also, at school, people like to call each other gay ( guess my grade ), and I don't understand it. Why is being sexual attracted to the same sex a joke?!

8 White Girls
9 Emos
10 Hipsters

The Contenders

11 Heavy Metal Musicians
12 Teenagers

Yes teenagers are cliched for being bad rude people that do bad things

13 American Southerners

Southerners LOVE their cozy chicken pot pie with their deep fried chicken and their Paula Deen's style macaroni and cheese y'all!

There are open-minded and educated people in the South. Not all of them are braindead inbred rednecks.

14 Metalheads

People think they're satanic, wear tattoo, and have mohawk hair.

15 CIS Males
16 African Americans
17 Asians

My family is Asian and we are not your typical stereotypical Asian family. Sure, my family may do some stereotypical Asian stuff like want kids to be doctors, collect plastic bags, and have high expectations on academics on kids, but we are not "full azn". We DO NOT eat dogs or cats. I hate math and I'm terrible at it. My family are good drivers. We spend a lot of money sometimes and are not mega frugal. We eat at the buffets in the casinos in Vegas and we ABSOLUTELY refuse to waste hours driving to Henderson for a cheap Chinese buffet. We do not go on vacations just to visit the "Asian-friendly" attractions like the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Universal, and Disneyland. Besides those attractions, we also visit places like midtown Manhattan, stadiums and arenas, Six Flags, and NJ boardwalks. We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT let our kids randomly pee or poop in the streets. I do not gamble or drink.

This is just a small sample. There are lots more...

Not all Asians are good at math. I'm Asian and I'm terrible at math.

18 Nerds

I used to fake not being a nerd until someone showed me that nerds were cool 😎 and guess who that was, a nerd!

19 Jocks
20 Bronies A brony is an adult (typically male) fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.
21 90s Kids
22 Americans

I'm not saying this because I'm American, I'm saying this because a lot of Americans are stereotyped. - RiverClanRocks

23 Britons
24 Yuppies
25 Juggalos
26 Geeks
27 Bikers

Bikers LOVE their biking style shorts!

28 Goths
29 Punks
30 Trump Supporters

For good reason - ihatetrump

31 Furries
32 Chinese

My family is Chinese and WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT DOGS! >:(

33 Christians
34 Women
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