Top Ten Most Stereotyped People In the Word

Similar to the most stereotyped places in the world, also by me.

The Top Ten

1 Muslims

They seriously are all idiots! Most are extremist that want to behead people for not being Muslim; the moderates support the terrorist. The reason for this is because of what lies within the Quaran. You see, there is verse after verse after verse insulting non-Muslims and telling them to kill and convert until "all religion is for Allah." Mohammad wasn't mug better, for he was a pedophile and a killer. For any people who are supporting this cult, I demand that you look past the pro-Islam propaganda and into what really lies in the Quran.

2 Feminists

Another idiotic group. Besides what some might say, Feminism is NOT about equal rights. It is about complaining how men are opening their legs on trains and killing men; it is a movement to place women on top and demonize men. They claim that there is a patriarchy, but really, they have it the easiest and society treats them better than men.

Excuse me, but "have it the easiest"? Hundreds of years of repression and persecution, and we "have it the easiest"? Plus, why do you think we want to kill men? Very few people, most of them insane, genuinely want to kill people. (Coincidentally, most of them are men.) Stop whining and woman up. - AngryNerdGirl

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3 Mexicans
4 Black People
5 Far Easterns
6 Police Officers

"Hands Up-Don't Shoot", we now know that this never happened in Ferguson.
A bunch of liars who wanted an excuse to cause destruction kept repeating it until it appears they actually believe it, which is pretty scary.
Michael Brown was shot in completely legitimate self-defense, and unbelievably, several innocent police officers were killed in 'retaliation" for something that never happened.

Police are no longer out to serve and protect the public; they are no here to control it and shoot whoever gets in their way, especially blacks.

Polices are cliched a lot for eating donuts, and shooting people

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7 Homosexuals
8 White Girls
9 Metalheads
10 Emos

The Contenders

11 Hipsters
12 Heavy Metal Musicians
13 Teenagers

Yes teenagers are cliched for being bad rude people that do bad things

14 CIS Males
15 American Southerners

There are open-minded and educated people in the South. Not all of them are braindead inbred rednecks.

16 Yuppies
17 Juggalos
18 Nerds
19 Geeks
20 Bikers
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