Top 10 Stereotypes that Need to Stop

Some of these stereotypes really bug if all people have these personalities. The way these stereotypes are used in media such as
Movies and TV have made us Laugh but they actually can Offend someone. So this list is to show The most offensive Stereotypes that need to stop being used

The Top Ten

1 All boys are perverted, and girls are not All boys are perverted, and girls are not

This is not true. I've heard girls talking about guys dick sizes (disgusting but true) And sure boys may stare at a girls chest while taking to them but...oh my - Adventurur2

2 All girls wear pink and love dresses All girls wear pink and love dresses

This one drives me crazy because some girls iv'e seen wear T-shirts

Yet in sitcoms the little girl loves pink and dreams of being a princess - Adventurur2

3 Women only cook and clean

This is a stereotype that was used in the early 50s yet now women are always scrubing or cooking - Adventurur2

4 All British people are snobs

In every Cartoon I've seen, the meanest characters have a british accent and hate getting dirty and love tea - Adventurur2

5 All black people are in gangs

A racist stereotype - Adventurur2

6 Blondes are dumb

The Dumb Blonde stereotype is getting old
Disney sitcoms use it
The loud house uses it
And now people think "if you have blonde hair, Your stupid" - Adventurur2

7 All fat people love food

This has been used - Adventurur2

8 Gay people are pedophiles

Indeed! There are straight people that are pedophiles. - clusium

They are not And they are not - Adventurur2

9 All rednecks live in trailers

Wrong my best friend is one and lives in a house his family bulit - Adventurur2

10 All black women are sassy

Bratz had Sasha, Kim Possible has Monique and Winx Club has Aisha. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

There are some shy black women - Adventurur2

The Contenders

11 All Christians are nutcases

Just because Someone believes in God doesn't make them a nutcase
I believe in god and I'm sane so don't judge me - Adventurur2

12 Bronies are all fat, sweaty, unwashed, autistic neckbeards that live in their mother's basement

Anti-Bronies Are Disgusting And Mean 95% Of The Time - JPK

The word neckbeard kicks me right in the face - Neonco31

13 Foxes are sexy

This is true
foxes are oversexulized in cartoons
like krystal from starfox - Adventurur2

14 Autistic people are stupid

So not true at all.

15 All Americans are uncultured kinda true since we all care about butts and pop music now sadly ;-; or getting drunk - Adventurur2

16 All atheists are smart and reasonable

wrong - Adventurur2

17 All Muslims are terrorists

Looking at you ISIS, you gave our brothers' and sisters' religion a bad name! - Neonco31

18 All cats are evil

This has been used in many cartoons the cat is mean or annoying or an alien - Adventurur2

19 All spotted hyenas are villains or henchmen
20 Honey badgers are nice
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