Top 10 Most Stereotypical Remarks About Females

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1 They like Justin Bieber

I'm female and I hate Justin Bieber.

2 They cry too much

Once, I jumped on the bed and slammed my head on the roof and it was so painful but I was only groaning and saying "OW! " Then when I realised that blood was coming from my head, I started to cry loudly. - Animefan12

Not necessarily, unless it's painful, unbelievably embarrassing, and terribly sad, (like someone you love died). - MontyPython

I don't ever want to get to the point when sad, stops being sad. I'll cry in public with no shame. - keycha1n

I cry when my dad scolds me and I'm male. - Animefan12

3 They like rainbows and ponies

Rainbows are beautiful. And same with ponies/horses. But, I love rain a lot more than rainbows. And I don't watch My Little Pony. - MontyPython

Well, I watch a show with those things ( and I'm a boy! )... - Pony

I love these, but some other girls might not.

4 They hate good music

If anything, females seem more interested than males in going beyond boring rock into what I consider "good" music. - PetSounds

I love swing, classical, classic rock, alternative, grunge, classic pop rock, progressive rock, ext. So I guess that's bad music and Miley Cyrus is good music. - MontyPython

5 They always go shopping

Nah, not really. Sometimes. I did get an awesome Pink Floyd shirt last week though! I'm actually kinda overprotective about it. IT'S MY PRECIOUS... - MontyPython

I hate shopping for clothes, but when someone I know mentions going to the mall, I'm all like, CAN I COME?! I love eating there and sitting by the fountains.

6 They can't drive

Where's the proof? If you get scientists over here to prove it, I'll be satisfied. - MontyPython

My sister drives pretty well

7 They hate guys

Lots of my friends are guys! As a matter of fact I usually get along better with guys then I do girls! I'm not saying that I don't get along well with other girls but I usually get along better with guys for some reason. - RiverClanRocks

My best friends are guys and girls. It's like one big group! - MontyPython

8 They love makeup

What's wrong with makeup? I don't use it because I'm insecure or conforming to the messed up idea of female beauty. I used to be really against makeup and so are a lot of my friends, and if anything, it makes me even MORE insecure to wear makeup in public. I usually only have makeup on when I'm alone. I guess I just like anything creative and expressive. I'd credit a lot of my drawing skills to my talent in makeup artistry too. I wish it wasn't so looked down upon. It used to be my dream job, and its still a possibility for me. - keycha1n

My sister wears a lot, and my other sister hardly wears anything because its too much work and she likes the natural look. I don't love make up, but its fine if you do.

Looks bad, smells bad, tastes bad. Go with natural, it's who you are. Kill the whole damn industry.

I never EVER wear makeup, and I don't see a point in wearing any. - Minecraftcrazy530

9 They can't play video games

I'm female and I like playing video games

I'm a girl and one of the main things I talk about is video games. Kirby, pokemon, minecraft, sims 4, mario, roblox, undertale, exc exc. Also, most of the YouTubers I watch are gamers. I have 3 plushies of video game characters. And I manly draw video games. Heck, I have ocs based on video games. Girls CAN play video games ( and they can like characters like sand or meta knight without be fan girls >-< )

I am great at Skyrim and Super Smash Bros, and I am a girl. But my younger brother says I suck at Skyrim, In fact he says I suck at a lot of things. EVERYTHING except for weighing a lot despite my thinness and Super Smash Bros.

10 Their favorite color is pink

I only like pink if it's for support, like fighting against breast cancer. - MontyPython

I like Aqua better. I'm not a big fan of pink. - RiverClanRocks

I love pink, but a lot of girls hate it.

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11 They're too over dramatic

Oh, someone moved me cup, OH THE PAIN! - DapperPickle

12 They get scared easily

I'm female and I love horror movies

13 They start drama

Live cremation for ending.

14 They think this is a Man's World

In all honesty, we have a long way to go before equality. But is it the best? Equality sounds good on paper, but how would it play out? - keycha1n

15 They're bitchy
16 They're simple-minded
17 They love selfies

I don't usually take selfies. I already know what I look like (but if you take a picture of me, it's fine)

18 They love to cook

Worst stereotype ever, I'm a girl and I suck at cooking and I hate it - Iamcool

19 They like to gossip

Gossiping is mean!

20 Men are better than women
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