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1 Abracadabra

Don't think this song gets enough recognition. Love it!

Abra Abracadabra
I wanna reach out and grab ya
Abra Abracadabra

The one SMB song I don't like. The lyrics are asinine. 'Abra Abracadabra, I wanna reach out and grab 'ya'. Alrighty then... - truckturner

This song just makes me smile. Really magical song.
One of their greatest songs next to Joker and Fly Like an Eagle

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2 Fly Like an Eagle

I love everything about this chill song.
Definitely one of their best

I remember this song from my childhood! :D

This Should Be Second - masoncarr2244

This song is magical

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3 The Joker

One of the greatest songs of the 70s - italiankill

It still a great song, I loved this song since 1974.

Excellent song with happy memories

The best by far. Wild Mountain Honey should be #2. - fireinside96

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4 Jungle Love

Oh my god. Great lyrics. Sooo true everything's better when wet

This is my other favorite Steve Miller song next to Abracadabra. It's a song you can really get into and it's got some kick ass tunes. I LOVE this song. It deserves more credit.

My absolute favorite! It's his cathiest and best song. It has nowhere near enough air play on the radio. - fireinside96

Best Steve miller song ever!

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5 Jet Airliner

This is the best song that they have made so far.

I love this song cause I don't want to get caught up in any of that funky going down in the city

I grew up with the song and I still love it and I'm 50 years old now

This is their best live performance song next to Abracadabra.

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6 Rock'n Me

In my opinion, the best song of many Steve Miller had.

Love this song this one should be up top 4 with the joker fly like an eagle and abracadabra - mneilan

This song is so fun to listen to and sing along
Can't get much better than this!

Love love love this one

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7 Take the Money and Run

Greatest SMB song ever. Every True fan agrees. It has an upbeat tempo, and it is the perfect song for summer.

I would argue, this has got to be up there with Abracadabra. The Joker in my opinion is #3.

One of my all time favorite songs, brings me right back to the most carefree times of my life.

Such a great song rightfully deserved 5th place!

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8 Space Cowboy

Really underrated song, and no it isn't the same as "The Joker". At all. - truckturner

This is Steve's best and most fun song to sing along with. I do indeed hear the similarities with the Joker but, who really cares? Relax, both are good music.

This is the same as the joker

Actually, if you listen to both songs, or at least do some research, they're nothing alike. Two totally different songs.

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9 Serenade

Fantastic song. One of the best of the world. Thank you Steve.

In my humble opinion, this is one of the most beautiful songs ever written by any band, period.

The best steve miller song easily - franklan

Its not just one of the best songs of him, it's the best one..

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10 The Window UListen to Sample

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11 Swingtown

This song gets the blood flowing. It has a mellow tone and hearty beat that gets the party started. It's the wind up and opening pitch that starts the night off right. The Steve Miller Band songs pop visuals of the stories being performed in my head like mini movies. This song gets me pumped up for the great time the night has to offer. The top ten here has the strength in lyrical story telling and musical talent at its finest from The Steve Miller Band. "So, come on baby let's dance! "

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12 Winter Time

This is their most melodic song!

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13 Journey from Eden UListen to Sample
14 Space Intro UListen to Sample
15 Something to Believe In UListen to Sample
16 My Dark Hour UListen to Sample
17 Dance, Dance, Dance

This song is so full of life. Ill I want to do when I hear it is sing along and dance.

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18 The Stake

This Is A Pretty Good Song And Also It Could Be In The Top 10 - masoncarr2244

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19 Wild Mountain Honey

This is my number one Steve Miller Band song! How it ranked so low on this list is hard to understand...

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20 Wide River
21 Mercury Blues

Cruise up and down this road

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22 True Fine Love UListen to Sample
23 Shubada Du Ma Ma
24 Baby's House

The absolute BEST & most beautifully & magnificently spiritually inspired Steve Miller Band song I've ever heard... although Your Saving Grace is of course way up there also. : - )

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25 Livin' in the U.S.A.

Number one Steve Miller song ever

Really? Livin' in the USA...25th? BS

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26 Junior Saw It Happen UListen to Sample
27 Your Saving Grace UListen to Sample
28 Evil

Magnificent building intensity by Stevie Guitar Miller!

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29 Never Kill Another Man

Very underrated song.

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30 Going to Mexico UListen to Sample
31 Your Cash Ain't Nothing but Trash UListen to Sample
32 Quicksilver Girl UListen to Sample
33 Brave New World UListen to Sample
34 Song for Our Ancestors UListen to Sample
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