Top 10 Steven Universe Characters to Have As Your Profile Picture

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21 Opal

Opal is honestly aesthetically pleasing

OPal is so elegant.


22 Lion

Lion is so cute!

I wish Lion was my pet!

LIon is so flufffy and cute.

23 Connie

Yeah Connie is an awesome character!

24 Peedee

Peedee is underrated but he doesn't do much to be relevant. He's pretty underdeveloped. Steven doesn't hang out with him much, so he doesn't have many friends.

25 Kiki

She needs more episodes.

Yeah she's really cute!

26 Jamie
27 Blue Diamond
28 Centipeetle

She's so cute after Steven heals her.

How is she at the bottom of the list?

29 Andy DeMayo
30 Sardonyx Sardonyx

Lover her.

31 Sugilite Sugilite

She's my phone wallpaper!

Sugilite is a cool one.

32 Frybo
33 Mayor Dewey
34 Mr. Smiley
35 Sour Cream
36 Jenny
37 Rainbow Quartz Rainbow Quartz
38 Mystery Girl Mystery Girl
39 Topaz
40 Yellow Pearl
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